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Hall Of Fame 2007 - Slartibardfast

Posted in IYH Fan Hall Of Fame by Jack at 21:46, Sep 14 2007

The next inductee into the IYH Hall of Fame Class of 2007 is Slartibardfast.

A long standing member of the IYH message board is also a regular caller and chat room participant. Slarti can normally be seen hanging out with the "Voices in Your Head" crowd on the IYH message board. Slarti shows the importance of the off topic nature of IYH, with his often humorous posts about non wrestling related news often about new gadgets and the world of sci fi. Slarti unlike some at the IYH board rarely participates in flame wars or insults which brought him a Heady Award for Baby Face of the Year in 2006.

Slarti's love of IYH has led him to several columns on the IYH website. The IYH PPV recaps by Slarti are often the most informative and entertaining PPV recaps on the net. Slarti has also taken it upon himself to give IYH fans live PPV play by play on the IYH message board, where all fans can read what is going on and interact with their thoughts as well.

For all Slartibardfast has done for IYH, and for his passion for IYH the show and message board, we here at IYH thank him with this honor. Welcome to the IYH Fan Hall of Fame Class of 2007 Slartibardfast.

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21:54, Sep 14 2007

Often humourous ? Did he write his own induction ? Wakka wakka.

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04:18, Sep 15 2007

No, I didn't write my own induction, but I will say that that was the best $5 I ever spent!

Well secluded, I see all...

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05:27, Sep 16 2007

Well done Slarti

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18:28, May 25 2014

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03:23, Jul 24 2014

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00:06, Sep 19 2014

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