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Interview Recap - WWE Diva Search J. Kim

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 03:16, Sep 16 2007

By Neal Jones

IYH WWE Diva Search Finalist J. Kim Interview Recap
by Neal Jones

J. Kim, WWE Diva Search Finalist, was the guest on the September 12th edition of the In Your Head Wrestling Online show, hosted by Jack, One Inch Biceps and Barbie Richards at http://www.inyourheadonline.com

To vote for J. Kim go to www.wwe.com/divasearch or text JKIM to 44993

J. Kim is welcomed to the show on her 21st birthday. Jack mentions what better way to spend your birthday than to talk to IYH.

J. Kim talks about how she got involved with the Diva Search. She was approached about it in Hawaii, and she almost missed because she was having her finals in College. WWE kept pursuing her and she tried out and is so glad she got to go and made the top 8. She says there were 53 girls in the casting narrowed down from over 1000. She was very honored to be in the final 8, since all the girls had some appealing about them.

Jack asks what makes J. Kim different. She says she has noticed most of the girls aren?t very tall, and she is half Asian, and a really tall Asian girl at 5?10??. She says a lot of the girls haven?t done anything athletic in their lives, and you have to be athletic to be in WWE. She is an athlete, and had an track scholarship at Clemson University.

J. Kim says she wants to pursue an in ring wrestling career if it?s offered. She?d like to go to training camp even if they don?t want her as a wrestler, she thinks its useful to know. J. Kim says she came into this to be a wrestler, all the other girls are using it as a stepping stone to something like a singer or an actress, but she wants her career to be a wrestler.

J. Kim talks about growing up a wrestling fan and watching it with her whole family. She loves all the wrestling fans, who are nuts, there is so much energy and you get sucked into the wrestling world. WWE is such a mix of athleticism, story lines, looks etc. It?s a mix you don?t find anywhere else.

Jack asks what female wrestlers she looks at to pattern her style after. J. Kim says she wants to be different and not cookie cutter. She mentions Candice Michelle approved so much and she is a Cinderella story since she was cut in the Diva Search and now she?s the champion. She?s also looking at Beth Phoenix right now.

J. Kim says her family was for her pursuing a wrestling career. Her family watch RAW and were so excited for her.

Jack asks who her favorite wrestler was, J. Kim says she was a big Bill Goldberg fan. J. Kim says she didn?t pay attention to the interviews she watched the physical wrestling.

Jack asks if women?s wrestling gets enough credit. J. Kim says Candice Michelle and Melina deserve all the credit they can, and deserve more. Some don?t belong in the ring, but overall if you work hard you get respect. She thinks Women?s wrestling in general deserves more respect.

J. Kim says her biggest moment was making it into the final 8. WWE sees something in her, and even if she doesn?t win she is going for a WWE career 100%.

Jack asks if there is competition among the girls. J. Kim says they get along but in competition mode you want to win and don?t care who your friends are. She hit?s the switch harder because she has an athletic background.

Incher asks if there is anyone she would like to slap. She says yes but she wont name names.

J. Kim says the directors went around the room saying the girls would be better at face or heel. When they got to her they said she could go either way as a Babyface or Heel. She thinks it would depend on how they develop her as a character.

Jack asks if she has thought of any gimmick for herself on TV. J. Kim she has thought iof a few ways to go. Some say she should play on her Asian heritage, but she grew up in the South and has a bit of a Southern accent. Jack suggest tagging with Jimmy Wang Yang. J. J. Kim also mentions her military family, and using that as part of her on air character.

Jack asks if J. Kim has a boyfriend. She is engaged, Incher says Jack is sad now. Jack asks if he is intimidated by all the big guys she will be around. J. Kim says he is very supportive of what she wants to do.

Incher asks a question from fan ?Jeff Hardy Lover? if she was a tomboy and the most romantic thing someone has done for her. J. Kim says her dad always wanted a son, and her older sister was very girly, so she was a definite tomboy and into sports. J. Kim says when she was proposed to was the most romantic thing, and said ?next question, this is personal guys?.

They talk about Hornswaggle being Vince McMahon?s son, J. Kim found it very funny and entertaining.

Incher asks a question from fan ?ELTNFan? is she has wrestling training. She doesn?t but she used to wrestle in the backyard on her trampoline doing body slams etc with other kids.

J. Kim says there haven?t been any ribs played on her or the other girls yet.

J. Kim says they aren?t told in advance who is eliminated or what the next competitions are. She says once it gets down to the top 3 the Diva Search will go live on RAW. Right now it?s all online at http://www.wwe.com/divasearch
Jack asks if her birthday being on 9-11 is bittersweet. J. Kim says it puts everything into perspective, and makes her appreciate her family, and opportunities she has in this country so much more. She also remembers all the people who helped out after the tragedy.

The IYH crew thanks J. Kim for coming on and asks her why they should vote for her. J. Kim says if you want a diva to kick butt, and who isn?t there to be in Playboy or be a singer but to be in the WWE then vote for her.

You can listen to the full-length interview along with the Brad Anderson interview at http://www.inyourheadonline.com and new episodes every Wednesday at 8e/9c PM including this week with ?One Warrior Nation? and coming soon Chris Jericho.

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