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Interview Recap - Scotty 2 Hotty

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 05:43, Feb 01 2008

By Neal Jones

Scotty 2 Hotty was the guest on the In Your Head show hosted by Jack, One Inch Biceps and Barbie Richards at http://www.inyourheadonline.com .

Scotty is welcomed to the show and lets everyone know he will be at the UWF show February 1st at the Bill Ellis Convention Center in Wilson, NC along with other superstars like TNA's Kevin Nash, Robert Roode, Awesome Kong, Abyss, James Storm, Petey Williams and many more please visit http://www.uwfusa.com for more information.

Jack asks about Scotty?s match with Caleb Konley at the show. Scotty says he has never wrestled him before and isn?t even sure who he is. He believes Caleb was in DSW at one time. Jack follows up asking if Scotty would have been motivated to really show what he had if back when he started a veteran said he had never heard of him. Scotty says yes he would, and remembers wrestling Bob Backlund early in his career at 19 years old. Scotty says the best way to learn is to wrestle guys who have been other places.

Scotty talks about starting in WWF when he was still in high school when he just turned 18. Jack asks if the kids saw him on TV then. Scotty says it was cool, he didn?t tell anyone at first but people saw him. Wrestling was in a lull at the time, so it wasn?t a ton of people watching. Scotty says anybody in wrestling?s dream is to be in the WWE.

Jack asks who were his biggest influences were. Scotty says Owen Hart and Shawn Michaels. He took a lot of his moves and look from Shawn. He was always a fan of the smaller guys, and it showed him you didn?t have to be a giant. When he met Shawn and Marty Jannetty for the first time he realized they were bigger than what he thought. Scotty thinks Shawn?s style really opened the doors for guys like Rey and the Hardy Boyz to have WWE careers. Scotty adds the Hardy?s are also a lot bigger than what people think.

Caller Brian Jones asks Scotty why Brian Christopher never used the name Lawler. Scotty thinks most people know anyway, but he isn?t sure maybe Brian didn?t want to ride his father?s coattails. Scotty thinks all the fans in Memphis knew, and JR and Lawler always made jokes on RAW about it.

Scotty says he and Brian meshed and had fun together in the ring right away starting with the Too Much days. Jack brings up seeing them live at the Cape Cod Melody Tent and doing mock gay spots, one in particular where they landed in a sodomy type pose. Scotty says the guys like Steve Austin would line up backstage to watch the spot.

Jack asks if he prefers being a heel or baby face. Scotty says it was much preferred being the face. They?re big run came as faces as Too Cool.

Jack asks if he ever thought the pairing with Rikishi would work. Scotty answers ?nope? and remembers the night they came to them about it and he thought it would never work. It was instant though that he knew they had something special. Scotty thinks the fans then weren?t so worried about the technical aspects, they just wanted to have fun. Scotty thinks the internet has taken a lot of the fun away, by eliminating the element of surprise.

OIB asks if anyone refused to take the worm. Scotty says it was the opposite, when it was big people were requesting the move. Scotty says it was a safe move so people would rather take that than a superplex.

Caller Dustin asks Scotty why he isn?t working for TNA, since he lives in Orlando. Scotty says he ahs never been in talks, he doesn?t know why. Dustin asks if Scotty would ever go back to WWE. Scotty says never say never, he left on good terms, and he is happy now with his family and working a few shows a month. His back and neck are shot, and it?s a crazy schedule. He doesn?t know now that he is older and being away from his kids if he could do it.

Scotty says he wasn?t sure why he was released, they said it was a creative decision. Everything is cool with them, they called him back 4 months later for the RAW Anniversary show. Jack asks if Scotty would want to work behind the scenes in WWE, Scotty says not really, those guys get it from both the wrestlers and the office. He?d be more interested in helping set up buildings to run, he?s talked to them about it.

Jack asks how Scotty?s neck and back is feeling now. Scotty says it feels great right now, nothing worse than any wrestler has. In cold weather his lower back bothers him sometimes. Scotty says it wasn?t one move that caused any injuries, it was just built up over time. A lot of it is form his early career when he was young taking moves through tables and big suplexes from guys like Saturn. He tries to tell young guys not to do those moves now, but he remembers when he was that age he didn?t listen to older guys advice either.

OIB asks which gimmick Scotty prefers Too Much or Too Cool. Scotty says Scott Taylor was never on a video game or had an action figure.

OIB asks who taught who how to dance Rikishi or Scotty. Scotty says he can?t dance now, definitely Rikishi is a better dancer. Scotty reveals the origin of the worm, he used to do it in break dancing as a kid. He never thought it would become his meal ticket later in life. Jack asks if Lawler added a lot to the popularity. Scotty says for sure.

Jack asks about Too Much leading to a gay wedding. Scotty says that is true, the first time he met Stephanie was when she pitched it to Vince. He thought maybe down the road they could say it was all a rouse, but Brian wouldn?t do it. When they didn?t do it they ended up riding behind DOA with pink helmets on.

Scotty says he was disappointed The Hip Hop Hippo didn?t last longer. They did it a couple times and the crowd liked it then it just ended. Scotty says Albert is doing really well in Japan right now and he will be back in WWE some day and huge.

OIB asks about Scotty?s match with Dean Malenko. Scotty says people ask him all the time about their match at 2000 Backlash. Scotty didn?t realize at the time, but people still remember it and the 10 man tag from RAW.

Jack plugs the big UWF show this Friday in North Carolina for more information visit http://www.uwfusa.com Scotty says Hermie Sadler is a great guy to work for. He stacks the cards with TV guys, and good Indy talent. You see both TNA and WWE stars, plus he keeps the shows the right length not going to over midnight like so many Indy?s do.

Scotty puts over Team Macktion, he says it?s a matter of time before they are on TV. Scotty says he doesn?t see too many guys on the Indys he sees as being WWE/TNA talent. With so many developmental leagues WWE grabs them up quick if they have potential.

Jack asks if Scotty was surprised there was no follow up to his match with Dean Malenko at Backlash. Scotty says they were cruiserweights, they were afterthoughts in WWE. Scotty talks about being in the first WWF light heavy weight division. Jack asks if being labeled a cruiserweight is bad. Scotty says it is but at least it gives guys that size a job. Scotty says he wasn?t sure what is up with the Cruiser Weight division now. Jack says the last champion was Hornswoggle. Scotty says just like he said it?s an afterthought.

Jack asks if Scotty was surprised he wasn?t on TV more. Whenever he saw him on dark matches the crowd would really pop big for him. Scotty says yeah, he doesn?t know what it was. He Didn?t have any enemies but he didn?t have that one guy in his corner to go to bat for him. Scotty says it was frustrating, he would get a big reaction and think he would be on TV but then he?d get nothing.

Scotty says it was fun being on the 15th Anniversary RAW show. It was a special show, but it was kind of confusing since they just released him 4 months ago.

Jack asks if Scotty does the tag team with Brian anymore. Scotty says no, he has fun doing the singles thing.

Caller Alex from Philly says Scotty is his favorite wrestler. He asks what Scotty?s favorite match was. Scotty says the 10 man tag man on RAW vs. the Radicals. As a singles, the Dean Malenko match from Backlash 2000.

Scotty says his myspace is www.myspace.com/scotty2hottyworm if any fans want to leave him a message or see where he will be.

Scotty says he and Brian were 2 different people outside the ring and went their separate ways, but inside the ring it was magic.

Jack plugs the UWF shows this Friday and Saturday at the Bill Ellis Convention Center in Wilson, NC along and to visit http://www.uwfusa.com Scotty says Hermie goes for quality not quantity. His shows are about 2 hours, not all night, fans don?t want to sit there all night.

Scotty thanks the IYH Crew, and hopes to see everyone at the show.

You can listen to the full-length interview at http://www.inyourheadonline.com and new episodes Wednesdays at 8 PM EST, next week with ?The Raging Bull? Manny Fernandez and ?Juvi? Juventud Guererra.

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