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Ric Flair: The Death of a Legend

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 02:24, Mar 16 2008

by Duane Jones

Normally I try not to take wrestling to serious. I realize I?m in love with a fake sport. I think on some level the sheer silliness is what attracts me to it so much. But for only the second time in my life professional wrestling has pissed me off. Wrestlemaina will probably be Ric Flair?s last match. Let?s hope it is.

At Wrestlemania Ric Flair will be facing Shawn Michaels in a career threatening match. The story line is not there. I?m not saying it?s bad, I?m saying it is not existent. Apparently Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels are buddies. However Michaels will end his good friends almost 4 decade career before he would lie down for three seconds. Every week they buddy around blowing each other and I?m sick of it.

This is Ric Flair we are talking about he isn?t anybody?s friend. When Ric Flair was in the Four Horsemen he was the leader, when he was in Evolution Triple H made sure we knew Ric was the man. Ric Flair is the greatest of all time he is not Shawn Michael?s boyfriend. I want to see Ric Flair tell Michaels he doesn?t know how much his boots cost but he?d be ashamed to wear ?em.

Ric Fliar is a lot of things but is not a good decent guy. He didn?t get the NWA title by hugging Harley Race. He beat his ass in a cage. He didn?t invite Sting into the Horsemen just because he thought he was a swell guy. He turned on his ass. When Arn Anderson his best friend of 20 years dared to question the Nature Boy he got his ass kicked. Ric Flair is a man who has wrestled his own son. This is a man who called Eric Bischoff a son of a bitch on live TV. Yet WWE would have us to believe that this man is Shawn Michaels pal. That he is going to lose his last match to someone he would be ok losing a match.

This is Ric God Damn Flair he is not ok losing a match to anyone! He is a 16 time World Champion he doesn?t like to lose. My personal feelings about Shawn Michaels aside he is the wrong guy to be in this match. What I?m about to say may be controversial but I don?t give a damn about Ric Flair having a great match as his final match. I want to see the dirtiest player in the game.

I want to see him insult somebody. I want to see him handcuff his self to the ring post and strip. I want to hear about how much his suit cost. I want him to scream, I want him to whoo because he means it not because it?s in a fucking script. I want low blows; I want blood streaming down his face with tears in his eyes.

If Ric Flair is not the best of all time he is the best heel of all time. This is it the final curtain and we get a sad beaten old man. This man spent his career as a champion he should be going for the title. They have two neither one of them means anything. Give one to Flair or at least let him go down trying to be champion.

But if it can?t be a title match here are a few scenarios I would like to see. I realize most of these are impossible but all you can do is dream. Flair vs. Cena. Cena should have been given the belt at No Way Out and Flair could be the heel chasing the belt at Mania. Imagine the promos these to could give on each other, Old school class vs. Hip-Hop it would be great. Flair vs. HHH. At least he has some history with Hunter. He has no history with his best buddy Shawn. Flair vs. Shane Douglas. I would love to see these two beat the living hell out of each other. It would be awesome if Douglas beat Flair. I can see it now. Douglas with blood all over his face looks down on a beaten Flair and spits on him. ?Give me a fucking mike? he would say. He would grab the mike and say ?Now Flair is dead.? I would rather see that then a fucking love fest between Flair and Michaels. Flair vs. McMahon. Let Flair fight for the people against McMahon only to be screwed by HHH.

What I?m trying to say is that I would rather see Flair involved in an angle with real emotion. That?s what his career was about emotion. When Ric Flair says something you believe it. I would rather see the man humiliated in his final match then have it be about nothing. He took humiliation in WCW he can handle it.

But I guess I?m wanting too much out of the WWE. Why would Ric Flair?s last match need to mean anything. Affterall 14 of those World Title are NWA/WCW belts.

But to me Ric Flair means something. To me he is wrestling. Ric Flair makes me believe in myself. When Ric Flair talks about flying leer jets, and riding in limos it makes me think dreams can come true. This man is the best of all time. He is a 12 time world tag team champion, a former US and Intercontintal champion, and a 16 time world champion. He deserves better than this. Kids who didn?t grow up in the 80?s and 90?s well just think of Ric Flair as the old man who wouldn?t get off TV. It?s a real shame. Congratulations Ric on you retirement you deserve it. I want to Thank Ric Flair for a great career. I will always remember how great the Nature Boy was and is.

Because of this I?m done with WWE. I don?t think they are an evil coraption, I don?t mind that they want to sell sex, If they want to have everyone wrestle the same style that?s their business but this Is Ric Flair he deserves better.

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07:29, Mar 16 2008

Sing it from the mountain tops brother. Sing it.

I wanna see Flair call someone "FATSOOOOO" one last time.


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10:25, Mar 16 2008

Yes Rick Flair ist one of the best ever, I agree with you.
I don´t agree that WWE is doing anything wrong since they started Flairs last storyline.
Flair is treated very very respectfully and they make it clear that he is one of the best ever even he was not a real WWF/E star like Hogan...
Flair was allowed to beat many wrestlers in the last weeks even if they would have need a win more than Flair to finally come over.
The biggest stars bow down to Flair even HHH and HBK, what do you want more from Flair and WWE? Enough is enough, Rick is not believable anymore in the ring since years, he should have retired for years. OK he still can deliver a good much but he is not believable anymore and that is not good.

Now he has the chance to wrestle the true BEST in the business in Shawn Michaels and on top at Wrestlemania and they will steal the show. Rick will loose and end his great career will come to an end and it will be a MOMENT which will be very touching for every fan.
What do you want more?

Shawn had such a great career too and for me did overcome Flair even in 97/98. Shawn become so good in the ring that no one could touch him and he even overcome the GREAT Rick Flair as a heel. In 92-95 Shawn was a great heel but in 97-98 he reached the top of the mountain so Flair can be happy to wrestle
THE-BEST in his last match.

Like Jim Ross said in the HBK DVD-Docu, Flair and Shawn are the best. To me Flair is very much on top of every list because he was in this business for so many years and Shawn because he could wrestle and talk like nobody else.

So, I´m happy about the Match Shawn vs Flair at Wrestlemania and you should be too.


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12:52, Mar 16 2008

What makes you think for certain that this IS Flair's last match? Could we possibly be seeing Flair turn on Micheals at Wrestlemania, and seeing "Slick Ric, The Dirties Player In The Game" make one more heel run for the World Heavyweight Championship?

Yeah, you're probably right, it ain't gonna happen, but I can always dream.


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09:02, Mar 17 2008

I would not which or dream for it because it is about time for Rick to take of his shoes. He still can be a manager for a good young talent, OK he will always steal the spotlite or it would be hard for the active Wrestler but none the less, it would be a great package with Flair in his corner.

It would be very stupid to let Shawn lose this match and ask yourself who would be a worthy opponent? To me, only Taker and HBK are worthy enough to put Flair in retirement.

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