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Interview Recap - Jimmy Hart

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 05:05, Dec 06 2008

by Neal Jones

In You Head Online Wrestling Radio interview with The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart hosted by Jack and Oneinchbiceps ! To hear the full Interview head on over to http://www.InYourHeadOnline.com

Jimmy Hart was welcomed back to the show as an announced special guest. Jimmy talks about the Charlie Daniels charity event he is a part of annually in Tampa.

Jimmy talks about the huge show this Saturday with Reid & David Flair with Ric Flair in their corner vs The Nasty Boyz with Jimmy Hart and special referee Hulk Hogan.

December 6th
Vance High School
7600 IBM Road
Charlotte NC

For ticket information which includes regular priced tickets for the event plus VIP passes which include autographs and pictures with Jimmy Hart, The Midnight Express, Rock N Roll Express, Nasty Boyz & Ric Flair please visit:

Hart talks about how this is such a special event being in a small arena and where you can be up close unlike the mega arenas.

Jimmy talks about how Hulk got involved in this show as a favor for Ric. He isn?t getting paid and even paying his own flight there.

Jack asks what this show means to Jimmy personally. Jimmy talks about guys like Jerry Lawler still doing the high school shows for not only the extra money but being up close and personal with the fans and having fun.

Jimmy talks about the short lived time when he was a manager for Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan in WWF right after Bobby Heenan was hurt.

Jack asks about Hulk Hogan getting a heel reaction in Charlotte. Jimmy says Hulk is doing it as a favor for Ric, so it would be like booing Ric. Jimmy talks about Ric being the guy who suggested to Eric Bischoff about bringing Hulk to WCW. Jack mentions that story is on the Ric Flair 13 shoot interview from www.highspots.com

Jimmy says a lot of guys stay away from wrestling in their home towns because people see them in every day life. So this is a special thing since he is kicking off Reid?s career in Charlotte.

Jimmy talks about the Rock N Roll Express vs Midnight Express match o the show and the first time in 20 years Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane are together as the team. Jimmy talks about all the history between them and him, dating back to Memphis and Jimmy helping with the R&R music. There will also be many young up and comers on the show.

Jimmy talks about the VIP pass where everyone can get their pictures and autographs as well.

Caller Kix asks about the beginning of RAW and how they were in smaller arenas and taped, and if he saw RAW becoming so big. Jimmy said he joined WWF 25 years ago, has been on 9 ½ Wrestlemanias, video games, action figures including the new Rhythm and Bruise 3 pack. Jimmy knew it was something special and anything Vince gets behind is successful.

Jimmy talks about the Gentry?s and meeting Jerry Lawler in Memphis. He talks about meeting Terry Boulder (Hulk Hogan) and Jerry telling him he?d never make a dime in the business. Jimmy then managed Hulk Hogan vs Lawler in Memphis before he went to WWF.

Jack and Jimmy talk about the big men in wrestling history like Big John Studd, Earthquake, Typhoon and King Kong Bundy. Jack asks if Butterbean has what it takes to make it in pro wrestling full time. Jimmy says Butterbean is so good, and he would have fit in great in the Hillbillies in the 80?s. Jimmy talks about judging Butterbean on Hulk Hogan?s Celebrity Championship Wrestling.

Jimmy talks about the overseas deals CCW has picked up on CMT. Jimmy isn?t sure if there will be a season 2, because the celebrities are getting beat up pretty good in season 1.

Jack mentions the recent IYH Eric Bischoff interview where he said he would like to make a new wrestling promotion, and if Jimmy would like to be a part of it. Jimmy says wrestling will always be in his blood.

Jimmy talks about the Legends of Wrestling WWE game that will come out right before Wrestlemania this year.

Caller Jesse calls asks if Jimmy?s career was influenced by the Gentry?s. Jimmy says it was luck because he went to school with Jerry Lawler who was doing a wrestling album. They hit it off because they were the only 2 who didn?t smoke pot or drink.

Jimmy says WWE/WWF and Vince McMahon made his career. If he had stayed in Memphis he wouldn?t be around today. He was so happy to be part of Wrestlemania 1-9, and the Hall of Fame. Also he is proud to do the legends things on WWE 24/7.

Every year before the WWE gave out plaques for the Hall of Famers, this year they gave out rings. They went back and gave all the previous hall of famers rings as well. Jimmy will be wearing the ring in Charlotte.

Jimmy talks about the feuds between Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan fans. Saying some fans love Ric and hate the Hulkster while others say if it wasn?t for the Hulkster wrestling wouldn?t be where it is today. Jimmy says this is Hulk?s way of paying Ric back for bringing him into WCW.
Jimmy mentions buying things for XWF from www.highspots.com and the DVD you can buy of the shows. He talks about not only the legends they had but guys like AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Lo Ki.


Jimmy says his friend Johnny Fairplay called him for tickets to the show with Hogan and Flair. People are flying in from other states and countries for it.

Jack asks if the show will be taped for Ric?s reality show. Jimmy isn?t sure if he is or not. Jimmy talks about how well Hogan Knows Best and Brooke Knows Best has done. Jimmy talks about CMT?s CCW doing so well for the CMT channel. Jason Hervey and Eric Bischoff are really hot producers right now with 3 or 4 shows out.

Jimmy talks about producing so many theme songs from The Quebecers, The Rougeaus, HBK?s Sexy Boy to Hulk Hogan?s WCW American Made theme and the NWO Wolf Pac theme.

Jimmy says he got the Mouth of the South name on a radio show with Andy Kaufman. Andy wasn?t talking like he usually did, so Jimmy talked a lot to cover for him, and the radio DJ dubbed him the Mouth of the South.

Jai asked if Jimmy was there when Michaels sang Sexy Boy. Jimmy said he was, and Shawn did a great job. It was originally sang by Sherri, then when she left Vince wanted Shawn?s voice on it instead. Shawn did it in 2 takes. Jimmy sticks up for Shawn?s decision to always keep the sing even when people have tried to get him to lose it.

Jack asks about the rumors of Vince McMahon not being happy with him being part of CCW. Jimmy jokes he will plead the fifth. Jimmy said he has always made sure to get WWE?s permission before doing anything. It was the biggest thrill for him to get called up to WWE, and he would never say anything bad about WWE or Vince. They gave him his name, home, car and his big chance.

Jimmy talks about the importance of wearing colorful clothes. Dick Clarke told him in the Entertainment business if you dress like someone in the audience you will be someone in the audience.

Jason asks if it was ever frustrating with the Rougeau Brothers never becoming tag team champions. Jimmy says the team was phenomenal, they knew how to cheat and double team behind the ref?s back. Jimmy talks about the All American Boys theme being intentionally written to get heat from the fans.

Jason also asks about working with Lawler and Andy Kaufman. Jimmy says he learned so much from Lawler and Jarrett. Jimmy says a lot of the Andy stuff in Memphis isn?t seen anymore today, he was there for longer than just a few matches.
Joe asks other than Sexy Boy what were some of Jimmy?s favorite themes he did. Jimmy says Jimmy Snuka, The Repo Man, What a Rush for LOD, Koko B ware, Hart Foundation, Hulk?s American Made, Brutus Beefake, the Glamour Girls, The Mountie and all of Honky Tonk Man?s.

Jack asks if there could be a best of Jimmy Hart music CD box. Jimmy wishes they would put out a best of WCW themes. Jimmy says his Macho Man and Elizabeth? s wedding song they still use in other weddings. Jimmy says a lot of people don?t know but before he started doing the themes they couldn?t be put on albums, just played on the shows.

Jimmy plugs the big show in Charlotte again with Hulk Hogan as special ref and Ric Flair and Jimmy in the corners of Nasty Boyz vs Reid & David Flair. Jimmy also plugs Highspots for a great place for masks and DVD?s.

December 6th
Vance High School
7600 IBM Road
Charlotte NC

For ticket information which includes regular priced tickets for the event plus VIP passes which include autographs and pictures with Jimmy Hart, The Midnight Express, Rock N Roll Express, Nasty Boyz & Ric Flair please visit:

Jimmy thanks everyone and informs everyone top never trust a midget !!

Remember these are just a few highlights to hear the full uncut interview head on over to www.InYourHeadOnline.com and don't forget to tune in every week 8PM Eastern, this week's guest XPW?s White Trash Johnny Webb, Other guests who are scheduled to appear include Kevin Sullivan, Rock Riddle, The Yeti Ron Reis and many more so be sure to check out InYourHeadOnline.com for all of your In Your Head Wrestling Radio needs. Don't forget to also check In Your Head's 3 Year Archive which includes interviews from Kenny Dykstra, Bill Golbberg, Honky Tonk Man, Paul Bearer, "Goldust" "Black Reign" Dustin Rhodes, Bruno Sammartino, Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho, Mick Foley, Samoa Joe, Sunny and many more that's InYourHeadOnline.com

You can also leave questions for the upcoming guests on the Message Board at http://inyourheadboard.proboards27.com/index.cgi and you can also subscribe to the latest In Your Head Podcast at http://iyh.blogspot.com

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