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DOOM:Starring The Rock Movie Review

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 21:51, Oct 23 2005

By Slartibardfast

How can a movie with a weapon called the ?Big Fucking Gun? disappoint an action movie lover like myself? I didn?t think it was possible, but unfortunately Doom found a way.

Let me start off by saying this movie was not bad. The acting was adequate, the storyline was adequate, the special effects were adequate, in fact there was nothing in this movie that was poorly done. However, when you shell out $8+ for a ?top of the line? Hollywood Sci-Fi spectacular, and all you get a glorified Sci-Fi channel movie of the week, you just can?t help but feel as if you?ve gotten the shaft.

There is a saying in show business: ?Always leave them wanting more.? however in order to do that, first you have to give them something they want. What we wanted was a movie that captured the essence of the Doom games. Instead we got a few guys with guns running through an abandoned factory shooting at monsters. In fact, you could change the name of the movie to something else and you wouldn?t have to change a single scene or line of dialog. This movie could have just an easily been Resident Evil 3, Quake, or Rocky Goes to Monster Town. It?s so generic that it seems that they just slapped on the Doom name right before they released it. Sure there is a weapon, and a few monsters from the game in the movie. They also decided to throw game fans a bone and include a first person shooter sequence near the end. But make no mistake about it; this movie is as vanilla as they come.

I wanted to like this movie, given that it was supposed to be based off of the Doom games, I should have liked this movie. But this movie was not based off of the Doom games; it?s a generic ?military team shooting at monsters? movie. The same kind you can see on ShowTime or the Sci-Fi channel at 10:00PM on a Saturday night, (albeit Doom has better special effects). Save your $8+ and wait for this to come out on DVD. When it does wait for 10:00PM on a Saturday night to roll around and then watch it, that way you?ll get just what you?re expecting.

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PPV Star

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06:14, Oct 24 2005

Yeah, where was my bunny head twisting off scene? I thought the Rock was good. It turned into Street Fighter at the end though.

Good review Startibardfest, I´ll agree with everything you said.

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World Champ

LOOT: 11485
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18:17, May 26 2014

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21:16, Jul 14 2014

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23:37, Jul 16 2014

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08:20, Feb 07 2018

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