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Interview Recap - JJ Dillon November 2005

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 19:00, Nov 05 2005

By Neal Jones

JJ Dillon was the guest on In Your Head Wrestling Radio this Wednesday. Which can be heard every Wednesday LIVE at 6 PM Eastern on http://www.inyourheadonline.com with your hosts Jack, Barbie Richards and the O.I.B. and now also on http://www.audiowrestling.com

Jack welcomed JJ back on the show.

JJ talks about managing Tully again at The Tribute to Starrcade show November 19th in Spartanburg, SC, vs Dusty Rhodes with Magnum TA. For more information please visit www.carolinachampionshipwrestling.com . JJ says he's really looking forward to being back in a hot spot for NWA back in the day. JJ puts over the promoter Tony Hunter for putting together a great promotion.

Jack brings up Tully Blanchard's point on the Horseman from last weeks show. That the fans made the Horseman and the company got behind it. JJ agrees and says that's why they are still talked about today.

JJ talks about wrestlers who were over with the fans but the promotion never got behind them for whatever reason. He believes the fans are the ones who ultimately decide what they want to see.

Jack and OIB tell everyone to buy Wrestlers Are Like Seagulls, his autobiography, at www.jjdillon.com JJ talks about being proud of reading the comments on his book, by both fans and people in the business.

IYH fan Bob from Florida calls in asking about his time in Florida, and wanted his thoughts on John Studd. JJ says he knew Big John since early in his career from Canada. JJ says in was an honor to manage and work with Studd. Bob also asks about Chris Benoit becoming world champion. JJ says he always had great respect for Benoit. Going into the match they heard of the demands from Chris, Eddy, Shane Douglas and Saturn. Bill Bush knew not to give in. JJ said the thought going in was maybe Chris would realize there was still an opportunity for him if he stayed. But he respects his decision to leave, and still thinks he's one of the best ever.

Barbie asks about the later Horseman groups. JJ the original Horseman will always be something special, and Luger fit in well. He thinks the group with Windham was the best group talent wise. JJ thought multiple changes were not good for them. Jack brings up "the magic 3 years" in his JJ's book. JJ thinks in the later years it was just a way to try and get over wrestlers by putting them in with the Horseman.

JJ talks about the mini division. Jack says in his book JJ talks about enjoying the midget wrestlers. JJ says the lay of the land was different then. He compares them to the Harlem Globetrotters, as something you can enjoy once or twice a year, but not every week.

Jack brings up having one promotion, and if the talent burns out quicker seeing the same guys every week. JJ said its always been a talent driven business. That the fans always crave something new. When they had territories they could move around, and the cream always rose to the top. And before you got to the big time you had to prove yourself in other places first. JJ says its not a knock on Indy wrestlers today. But you cant learn to be a main star working once or twice a week. JJ says he thinks its why these fan fest shows do so well.

OIB asks who had the weasel suit first, JJ or Bobby Heenan. JJ says Heenan did it before him. But nothing is original in wrestling. JJ talks about seeing things popular in another company or area and using it somewhere else.

JJ talks about it being hard when you come back to the same town every week to come up with new ideas constantly. Jack brings up how well Carolina Championship Wrestling does being in the same area.

Barbie brings up last week's interview with Tully. And asks if he agreed that the Horseman made the baby faces. JJ agreed to a point, but also said NWA had great talent on the face side.

Jack asks about the lost art of the baby face, that was brought up by former guest Ricky Morton. JJ says part of it is people writing the shows who dont understand wrestling.

Jack brings up the "look" that JJ talks about in his book. JJ says if you listen to everyone, there's a recurring theme. That there is a sameness to all the WWE wrestlers and product now. JJ says if a program is so well post produced it loses some of its uniqueness and reality. JJ says the unexpected has been lost in wrestling.

OIB asks if Terry Garvin ever found out the rib JJ pulled on him, as mentioned in JJ's book. JJ said he would like to think Terry went to his death bed with out knowing it was JJ.

Jack asks if John Laurenitis is the scapegoat for Vince's decisions. JJ says hes not there so cant speak entirely. But based on JJ's own experiences being the head of talent relations, Vince always had say in all decisions. JJ said Vince always takes credit for everything good, and passes the blame for everything bad. JJ thinks the truth lies somewhere between, because Jim Ross who had the job for a long time never got the same kind of heat.

Barbie asks if JJ knew about Jerry Jarrett's dealing with WWE. JJ says nothing Jerry does surprises him, Jerry is an innovator and been around wrestling for a long time. To stay current you have to change with the times. JJ thinks Jerry must be frustrated to talk with WWE. JJ thinks its a loss for TNA, when they dont utilize Jerry Jarrett.

IYH fan Rick from wrestlingradio.net calls in. He talks about the WCW 6 pm Saturday night time slot, and if something will ever come back. JJ says fans talk to him today about planning their Saturdays around watching wrestling on Saturday. Jack compares it to modern fans and Monday night.

JJ talks about the thought of another Monday Night War. JJ says the outcome will always be the same. You only have a short term gain going head to head. It eventually turn out the same as the WCW vs WWE war did. WWE is in it for the long run, and will never go away. JJ thinks going head to head is constructing your own demise.

JJ says promotions put too much emphasis on beating WWE. And Eric Bischoff was obsessed with what RAW was doing while Nitro was on. He says you must be aware of the opposition, but to concentrate on making your own product the best.

Jack asks about Bischoff working for WWE. JJ says hes not surprised, because he has a lot of talent as an on air character. Jack asks about not having Eric and Vince feud. JJ says Vince will never do something that isn't his own idea. JJ says hes always asked why the Horseman were never brought together in WWE. And WWE wouldn't acknowledge something they didn't create.

OIB asks if he would buy a WWE Horseman DVD. JJ says out of principle he wouldn't buy one but would watch one. Jack asks if he would be part of it, give interviews for it. JJ says nothing against working minimum wage, but he would flip burgers before working again for Vince McMahon. But if he was the guy who was in the way of the other guys getting a pay day, that would be a tough decision. JJ just doesn't want to deal with Vince face to face.

JJ talks about the new DVD's. He thinks the main reason Bret Hart came back was so his legacy wouldn't be ridiculed on a DVD. No one had ever humiliated Vince to the degree of Bret Hart did. JJ says WWE keeps bringing back legends to get every mile out of them. JJ says Bret wants to be remembered fondly, and didn't want to be in the same boat as Warrior. Where Vince could present the history however they wanted. Jack says before Bret was going to come back the title was "Screwed: The Bret Hart Story" now its "The Best There Ever was...". JJ laughs and says well I cant say it better than that.

IYH Fan Slartibardfast asks if any manager now could run a stable like the Horseman. JJ says there isn't many managers now to answer the question. JJ talks about Bobby Heenan at a fan fest question and answer, who explained what the true role of a manager was. That just like the wrestlers each manager had their own personality.

Jack brings up from JJ's book the belief that if you weren't a player in WE you couldn't be a big star, and asks if that's why Eric didn't push certain guys who weren't from WWe. JJ says its more that Eric couldn't see talent. He had guys like Jericho, Austin, Foley etc but just didn't see their talent.

JJ talks about Eric's hatred for Ric Flair. And talking about wanting to break him with legal fees. JJ said a chill would just come over the room. JJ thinks it created a support for Ric Flair over Eric, because he came off as a poor human being and business man.

JJ finishes off with a story about Andre the Giant from his book. And talks about having team spirit when you work for WWE or WCW, and seeing other guys as outsiders when they come in.

JJ tells everyone to come see them in Spartanburg, SC November 19th. At the Tribute to Starrcade show, more info at www.carolinachampionshipwrestling.com JJ enjoys seeing the fans now, when he can be more open with them and they can share memories. JJ also tells everyone he does not charge anything extra for signing his autobiography from www.jjdillon.com

The IYH Crew thanks JJ Dillon for being on, and he thanks them for having him.

These were just the highlights of an hour long interview with JJ Dillon. Please visit http://www.inyourheadonline.com or http://www.audiowrestling.com to hear this entire interview in FREE audio. And listen to our full archive section of other TNA Stars, and Legends of Wrestling. And join us this Wednesday for our next LIVE show, interactive forums, call ins and interactive live chat room.

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