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Too Stupid To Die's Zacharias Holmes

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 21:34, Dec 28 2016

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Viral video sensation Zacharias Holmes of "Too Stupid To Die" asking him exactly why he does what he does!
- parents' thoughts
- ER visits
- animal poop to the face
- nut shots
- Jackass
- Roman Candles to the face
- rat traps and thumbtacks
- setting yourself on fire
- paint guns to the face
- injuries and more!

Then Jack and Incher took some calls and went over the week in wrestling including:
- Smackdown
- favorite moments of 2016 in wrestling and IYH
- tons of insanity...mature audiences only!

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William Kent

Joined: Jan 03 2017
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23:16, Jan 03 2017

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Joined: Jan 14 2017
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04:46, Jan 14 2017

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Joined: Jan 20 2017
Posts: 1

03:53, Jan 20 2017

Download Viral video sensation Zacharias Holmes of "Too Stupid To Die" asking him exactly why he does what he does! parents' thoughts - ER visits - animal poop to the face-nut shots Jackass Roman Candles to the face rat traps and thumbtacks setting yourself on fire paint guns to the face injuries and more!

Last edited at 03:55, Jan 20 2017


Joined: Feb 16 2017
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09:23, Feb 16 2017

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