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Interview Recap - Homicide

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 16:46, Feb 11 2006

By Neal Jones

Homicide was the guest on www.inyourheadonline.com this week. He can also be seen live this Sunday on TNA's Against All Odds live on PPV.

The hosts greet Homicide from Times Square. He informs them Homicide is a character and he's not killing people. He goes into how he came up with the name, his original was the Latin Terror. Homicide talks about his younger days and being a legit ganbanger. Homicide says he felt weird having kids chant his name at some indy shows and overseas. He's been using the name for 10 years and the name stuck, he would like to change it and if anyone had an idea to contact In Your Head.

Homicide starts talking about the Yakuza in Japan. Homicide says he was sued to dealing with the mafia and gangbangers, so he knew how to talk to them. He says the Yakuza were great guys to hang out with, they took him out for sushi and liked to talk about tattoos. Homicide says everyone has done bad things in their life, and he has done things he should be locked up for. Homicide says he has changed his life and tried to be a good person now.

Homicide talks about learning some new skills in Japan. Jack asks if it is hard working in front of the Japanese crowd. Homicide says yes, and he was really nervous the first time. Comedy wrestling is really over right now in Japan. Homicide compares the crowds to the USA, saying Japanese fans are much more respectful.

Barbie asks if there is anyone in Japan he'd like to see in ROH. Homicide brings up the Dragon Kid from Dragon's Gate. He also mentions Masawa, Masahiro Chono Kobashi and other Japanese stars. Homicide says the Dragons Gate talent will rock the house in ROH.

Jack asks what style he prefers. Homicide likes doing many different styles. He enjoys doing technical high flying and lucha, but most of the promoters want him to do only Brawling.

Homicide says he'd love to be the X Division champion in TNA someday. He talks about wanting to bring the battles he's had in the past with Samoa Joe to TNA.

Barbie asks if the influx of TNA talent have sparked the X Division in TNA. Homicide says he doesn't like the code of honor deal, he believes Konnan was the guy who brought the cruiserweights to the USA.

IYH fan in the chat room asks what Homicide thinks of Low Ki leaving ROH. Homicide says its bad for the fans of Low Ki, and bad for his Rottweilers team. Homicide mentions Low Ki is his student and hopes he shows up in TNA again, maybe with the LAX.

TNA Against All Odds PPV is brought up, this Sunday. LAX will wrestle the James Gang. OIB asks who came up with the LAX name. Konnan did, they think wrestling needs more latinos in wrestling. Homicide brings up former great Latino stars such as Pedro Morales and Eddie Guerrero.

Jack brings up WWE using Eddie Guerrero. Homicide says he hates it because Eddie deserves much better. He talks about meeting Eddie and he was a great guy who overcame bad things he did. Homicide says the Guerrero family cant like hearing about Eddie burning in hell on TV, but it's all about ratings. Homicide goes into a story of Eddie giving him advice when they met on the Indy scene.

Homicide thanks Konnan for bringing him into the LAX team in TNA. Homicide remembers studying Konnan and the Gringos Locos for years. He says Konnan is a legend and his mentor.

Jack asks if Homicide still ahs heat with Corino. He says yes there is real heat. They don't like each other but he does respect Corino. Homicide still wonders if Corino didn't catch him on a dive on purpose, so he would get hurt. Homicide says he wants to hurt Corino really bad. Homicide says he wants to finish the feud but it has to be at ROH. And one will either leave the business, or they will shake hands and put it away.

Jack asks about the 6 sided TNA ring. Homicide it is very different and he has to learn how to use it. Homicide says it was great for TNA to bring it to the USA, and the Wrestling business needs something unique.

Homicide is really excited over the new TNA timeslot. Homicide says TNA is really picking things up and bring wrestling back up. They need to bring back the old school fans, and the new fans with the younger stars. Homicide talks about all the guys wanting to go out and bust their ass.

Barbie asks if TNA wants him to change the name of his finisher the Cop Killer. Homicide says he has no problem changing it.

Jack asks what Homicide thinks when people compare him to New Jack.Homicide says he used to really hate it. Homicide says New Jack is another mentor of his, but he felt it was calling himself a want to be. Homicide remembers beating up a fan once for calling him a New Jack want to be, but he's calmed down about it. Homicide puts New Jack over for being an original and bringing the urban culture to the wrestling business.

Homicide tells one of his favorite road stories when he first drank tequila including CM Punk, Nasawa and Samoa Joe and peeing, which has to be heard to do it justice. Homicide also talks about road stories with CM Punk that he can only tell in person not on air.

Barbie brings up next week's guest Colt Cabana. Homicide says his own son love Colt, even though they were feuding against each other. Homicide feels bad when he kicks Colt's ass and then he has to hear his son cry over it. Homicide says Colt deserves to be in WWE. He hopes Cabana comes to TNA, because he will be a big star when he hits national TV.

Homicide thanks his fans and tells them to check out TNA, ROH and Jersey All Pro. And tells everyone to check out TNA Against All Odds, because LAX is going to do bad things to the James Gang.

IYH was also joined by "It's Still Real To Me, Damn It!!" David Wills, of the infamous wrestling video that has been all over the internet. He talked his recent found fame, the real story behind him crying on tape, ribbing, and his personal views on the wrestling business.

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