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Interview Recap - Mick Foley 2010

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 23:12, Oct 20 2010

By: Bob Colling from http://wrestlingrecaps.wordpress.com/
(Over 480 shows reviewed including, WWE, TNA, ROH, WCW, ECW and other independent companies!)

Mick Foley joins Jack, OIB and Barbie Richards this week on IYH. For full audio please visit www.inyourheadonline.com

Foley?s newest book ?Countdown to Lockdown? is now available for purchase. Foley talks about Alex Shelley coming up to him at Bound For Glory telling Foley he enjoyed the match. Shelley told Foley literally five seconds before his match against Generation Me. Shelley really enjoyed the open letter about the deaths in wrestling.

Jack asks Foley if he was surprised about Michael Cole plugging his book on RAW. Foley was told prior that the book was going to be plugged.

Foley mentions his first months in TNA how he noticed that Don West overstates the obvious. Foley makes it clear that he loves West as a person.

Jack brings up Foley?s promo with Ric Flair leading into Bound For Glory a few weeks ago and how he felt it was the best promo in TNA this year. The promo is surely one of Foley?s favorite memories.

Foley doesn?t know when their will be a ?post McMahon era? for the wrestling business. Foley doesn?t see McMahon slowing down. He doesn?t have any idea when McMahon plans on getting out of the business.

OIB asks Foley about his match with Kevin Nash. Foley talks about his son calling me and asking if Foley could see. Foley believes he and Kevin Nash did a good job at actually having people believe that Nash was trying to cost Foley his sight.

Foley believes that shows at the Impact Zone is both a ?blessing and a curse?. Foley notes that it is not always the best environment.

Foley talks about getting to see Amy Dumas and Lilian Garcia recently. Jack mentions that Amy Dumas actually asked him to ask Foley what Foley thought of Dumas.

The story Foley tells about Amy is when Foley was distraught if he had given up a pet to abusive family and Amy was there to keep him comfort until Foley found out that the dog wasn?t his.

Mick Foley didn?t have much time to spare this time around, but assures the IYH crew that he will have some new material out to plug.

For full audio please visit www.inyourheadonline.com

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