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Interview Recap - Jon Moxley

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 01:19, Nov 13 2010

By: Dustin P.

On the November 10th edition of InYourHead Jack and Barbie sat down for a rare interview with Jon Moxley. Moxley appeared on the show courtesy of Dragon Gate USA, whom currently have a PPV (titled "Untouchable" available on premiere cable systems everywhere, and an internet PPV (titled "Bushido:Code Of The Warrior" on gofightlive.tv further information about both shows can be found on dgusa.tv

Moxley commented on his I Quit match with Jimmy Jacobs. He was pleased with how the match turned out and discussed how they decided to take a more psychological approach to the match instead of opting for "senseless gore."

Moxley was asked about working with Jimmy Jacobs. He commented that the two hadn't wrestled each other prior to their encounters in Dragon Gate USA but remarked on their chemistry saying "it felt like I wrestled him a million times." Moxley cited the reason for this being the two sharing the same mind state and similar psychology.

Moxley comments on his Chicago Street Fight from the "Untouchable" PPV saying that it was "much crazier" than his I Quit match with Jimmy Jacobs, stating "there was much more going on."

When asked about his promo process Moxley explains that sometimes his promos are spontaneous, but ideas often come into his head during the week. He likes relating real life situations to his promos because it makes things feel "not as forced." He likes to make sure he expresses genuine emotions and isn't simply "playing a character."

Moxley credits a promo from IPW's Insane Intentions show as being the kickoff to his current style. Moxley explains he didn't have a clear grasp on who his character was, but opted to simply be himself. He hesitated to address his real life story because he believes that when something is said in a wrestling promo it's assumed to be fake.

Jon was asked about working with Bryan Danielson and if there were any restrictions as to what he could do in the ring or in promos. Jon responded that the only thing he couldn't do was being on Pay Per View. Jon was pleased with Danielson allowing and encouraging him to address Danielson's WWE's run in promos. He was also very impressed by his effort in the match and everything he was willing to do.

When asked about returning to Chikara Moxley explains that it isn't out of the question, but his run in Chikara was never intended to be a long term thing. He praises Chikara for providing a unique atmosphere and doing something that isn't seen anywhere else in wrestling. He praises Mike Quackenbush for creating "a whole style, and legion of guys who wrestle that style."

When asked about working with Homicide, Moxley says that it was cool, but it was only a preview for Evolve's November 20th show in Ace Arena in New Jersey. He enjoyed wrestling Homicide and looks forward to doing it again. He goes on to compliment Homicide for being real.

The Bob Colling asks about working with Cody Hawke in HWA. Jon credits Cody for teaching him how to work in an "oldschool-ish but awesome way." He says he actually didn't like his cage match with Cody because he didn't feel like he should have won the match.

When asked about training with Les Thatcher, Jon says Les originally hated his guts. Moxley explains that he was "a real fuck up" when he started training, but Les respected him once he realized that Jon was actually serious about being a wrestler. Moxley also shares a fun story about Les partying with Terry Funk.

Moxley discusses how he got the "Street Dog" nickname. He explains he said it in a promo one time, and that it began to follow him after that promo. Jon states that he hates that nickname so please stop announcing him as such.

When asked if his promos have ever offended any wrestlers or promoters he says he's sure they have. He mentions that he tries not to tare down people in promos because it makes you look bad if you lose to someone you've torn down in a promo.

Mr. Moxie asks about Moxley's thoughts on Sami Callihan. Moxley says he's a hell of a wrestler and he's coming into his own. "You're going to see good things from him in the next year" Moxley says.

To hear the 50 plus minute interview with Jon Moxley in it's entirety be sure to check out www.inyourheadonline.com and be sure to check out the archives for interviews with the likes of Gabe Sapolsky, Mick Foley, Terry Funk, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, and many more.

Read more: http://inyourheadboard.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=pmview&view=1&id=95038#ixzz159Gz2Bi4

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