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WWE RAW 1/10/2011 Recap

Posted in Wrestling Reviews by Jack at 23:52, Jan 10 2011

By: Bob Colling from http://wrestlingrecaps.wordpress.com/
(Over 770 shows reviewed including, WWE, TNA, ROH, WCW, ECW and other independent companies!)

World Wrestling Entertainment presents RAW
Date: 1/10/2011
From: Nashville, TN
Announcers: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

RAW opening video

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome everyone to the show as the WWE World Tag Team Champions Santino and Kozlov come down to the ring.

Kozlov and Santino are attacked by Nexus. Santino and Kozlov are dumped to the floor as CM Punk grabs a microphone. Punk puts over Nexus as being the most dominating force the WWE has ever seen. Punk claims that Nexus is even stronger now. Punk mentions that he took Cena out by himself two weeks ago. Punk notes that John Cena will make an appearance tonight and hopes that Cena will give a farewell speech. Punk believes that Cena?s days are over while his are just beginning. Punk?s initiation as the new leader of the new Nexus will happen tonight. Punk says that the other members of Nexus need to pass their initiations to make Nexus a stronger force. Otunga speaks on behalf for everyone as being honored for the initiations. Punk turns his attention to Michael McGillicutty first. Punk tells Mike that he needs to be on the receiving end of one of the beatings. Husky Harris distracts Mike as Otunga delivers a spine buster and Slater plants Mike with a leaping face jam. Harris comes off the ropes delivering a back splash. Justin Gabriel heads to the top rope and nails Mike with the 450 splash after a delay. Nexus put Mike on Punk?s shoulders and Punk nails Mike with the GTS! Mike is dragged out of the ring and carried to the back by the other members.

Opening Contest: Alberto Del Rio defeated R-Truth by count-out: Truth blocks a right hand and works on Rio with a few boots and right hands in the corner. Rio stops Truth with a atomic drop and connects with a lung blower for a near fall. Rio mounts Truth with several right hands.. Truth ducks a clothesline and connects with a head scissors takedown followed by a right hand and clotheslines Rio over the top to the floor. Rio?s announcers distracts Truth on the floor and helps Rio get a count-out victory. DUD
After the match, Del Rio cuts a promo about his destiny, which is winning the Rumble and going to Wrestle Mania. Del Rio says the fans know nothing about their culture but rather know all about their music, which is bad! Del Rio tells his announcer to sing. Rodriquez has a difficult time seeing after being punched by Truth and does a funny job at singing.

Cole and Lawler hype up a match between John Morrison and King Sheamus happening later on tonight!

After highlights of Lawler being attacked by Miz two weeks ago, the announcers discuss the Miz before the RAW General Manager sends a message to Cole. The GM says that they support Michael Cole despite Cole being a overall bad person, basically. Well, the GM was kidding about that. The GM heavily puts Cole over in every way, much to the disgust of Lawler. Lawler cuts Cole off and says he got a message from the WWE Universe. Lawler asks Cole to shut up! Lawler calls Cole a coward and Cole tells Lawler if he touches him he will be fired. Lawler slams the computer shut! Well, Cole gets another message. Cole announces that Jerry Lawler will team with Randy Orton to wrestle WWE World Champion the Miz and Alex Riley later tonight!

Backstage, CM Punk tells the Nexus that Michael has passed with flying colors. Punk has a whip and says that Husky is up next. Punk tells Harris he will take three lashes from everyone in the locker room. Punk tells Harris to remove his shirt, which he does. Otunga whips Harris three times, followed by Gabriel and Slater. Harris is held by Slater and Gabriel as Punk whips Harris eight times with the whip. A close up of Harris?s back is shown to close out the segment.

Second Contest: WWE United States Champion Daniel Bryan/Mark Henry defeated Tyson Kidd/Ted DiBiase: Bryan and DiBiase start off the contest. Bryan with side headlock and dropkicks DiBiase in midair as DiBiase attempted a leapfrog. Bryan with a flurry of right hands in the corner until DiBiase dumps him to the floor. Kidd gets a cheap shot on the floor behind the referees back. DiBiase covers Bryan back in the ring for a near fall. Kidd tags in and works on Bryan with several shots in the corner before tagging out to DiBiase who kicks Bryan in the midsection. Bryan with a few elbow strikes and a clothesline to knock DiBiase down. Henry gets tagged in and cleans house with a few clotheslines. Henry misses a big splash in the corner and is met with a double dropkick from his opponents. Henry clotheslines both Kidd and DiBiase. Henry connects with the World?s Strongest Slam and pins Kidd. ½*
After the match, Bryan celebrates the win with the Bella Twins.

Backstage, the Big Show is walking to the ring.

The Big Show?s music hits and out comes the Big Show for a promo. Show thanks the General Manger for allowing him to come on the show. Show quickly mentions Wade Barrett and how he is going knock Barrett out this Friday on Smackdown. Show lets every single superstar know that he is going to the Royal Rumble and win the match because he is serious. Show gets cut off by CM Punk and Nexus. Otunga is sent to the ring for his initiation, apparently. Otunga slaps Show and just waits for Show to attack him. Show big boots Otunga and sends Otunga to the floor. Show tosses Otunga over the announcers table and chops Otunga! Show scoop slams Otunga on the floor as the Nexus watch on at the top of the aisle way. Show sends Otunga into the ring steps before rolling Otunga back into the ring. Show connects with the choke slam and the knockout punch to end the segment.

A video highlighting last weeks match between Miz and Morrison is aired.

Third Contest: King Sheamus defeated John Morrison: Sheamus with a side headlock takedown to quickly start off the contest. Sheamus backs Morrison into a corner but Morrison delivers several right hands Morrison comes off the ropes but is met with a knee lift to the midsection. Sheamus with a few knee drops and a gut buster for a near fall. Sheamus works on Morrison by choking him over the middle rope before taunting the fans. Morrison with a few right hands but is quickly stopped by Sheamus with a clubbing blow. Sheamus works on Morrison with a modified bow and arrow with his knee on Morrison lower back area. Morrison comes off the ropes with a rollup for a near fall. Morrison attempts a backslide but Sheamus blocks it. Morrison with a few clotheslines and a boot to Sheamus jaw. Sheamus kicks Morrison in the midsection a few times to regain control of the contest. Sheamus tries to pick Morrison up but is met with a boot to the face. Morrison attempts the Starship Pain but Sheamus shoves Morrison over the top to the floor as RAW goes to commercial. Sheamus has kept control with a chin lock but Morrison is making his way to his feet. Morrison battles out with a few right hands but Sheamus stops the momentum with a power slam for a two count. Sheamus drags Morrison to the apron and nails Morrison with several elbow strikes. Sheamus covers Morrison back in the ring but only gets a near fall. Morrison tries to kick Sheamus but fails and Sheamus goes back to a chin lock. Morrison hammers away on Sheamus in the corner. Morrison avoids a splash in the corner but misses a springboard kick. Sheamus charges towards Morrison but is dumped to the floor. Morrison attempts a slingshot cross body but is kicked by Sheamus in midair! Sheamus drops Morrison gut first onto the ring steps before sending Morrison back into the ring. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Morrison falls back down. Sheamus crotches Morrison on the top rope but Morrison is able to drop Sheamus throat first onto the ring post. Morrison rolls back in and delivers a knee strike to win the match. *¾
After the match, Morrison celebrates his win.

A video highlighting the initiations of Nexus that have happened on the show.

Backstage, CM Punk has two kendo sticks. Punk tells Gabriel and Slater that they are going to beat each other up with the kendo sticks until Punk tells them to stop! They are very hesitant to do it so Punk tells them if they aren?t in they are out. They stop and look at Punk while holding the kendo sticks. Punk wants them to hit him. They don?t. instead the drop the sticks and walk out of the locker room. Punk is left smiling.

Jerry Lawler is standing in the ring and puts over how important his introduction to the WWE Hall of Fame was to him. Lawler introduces the first inductee of the 2011 class which is? Shawn Michaels! A video of Michaels is shown. Michaels will be inducted on April 2nd in Atlanta, GA. Shawn Michaels music hits and out comes Shawn Michaels! Michaels enters the ring and is greeted with a HBK chant once his music ends. Fans start to chant ?one more match? which Michaels shakes his head no at. Alberto Del Rio music hits and comes down to the ring to cut off Michaels. Rio goes over the multiple nicknames that Michaels has been given over his career. Rio tells Michaels that people use to cheer Michaels and that they now cheer him. Rio is the present and future of WWE. Rio considers Michaels history. Rio repeats that he is going to win the Rumble and then the WWE World Championship. Rio will be called Mr. Wrestle Mania. Rio does one of the most obvious set ups for the sweet chin music and gets nailed with the super kick to close out the segment.

Backstage, Alex Riley is talking to WWE World Champion the Miz, who isn?t paying attention. Miz mentions what he has done in the past two weeks but all of that doesn?t matter because Randy Orton won a cage match. Miz feels that fans should be talking about him because he is the champion. Miz?s problem is that people do not give him respect no matter what he does. Miz wants to hurt Lawler and Orton tonight. Miz prevents Riley from saying his catchphrase because he only says it when he gets the job done.

Michael Cole is standing in the ring saying we will be joined by John Cena. Cole gets cut off by CM Punk who is standing on top of the tron! Punk tells everyone that they are done talking about John Cena and that this is the CM Punk show now. Punk credits Otunga, Michael and Harris as being strong enough to join the Nexus. Punk is prepared to do the same for them. Punk?s initiation is the ultimate sacrifice. Punk hope it proves that he WAS a member of Nexus and WAS the leader of Nexus. Punk asks if he should dive off the tron, which the fans want to see happen. Punk puts his arms out but has one more question. Punk asks how gullible the people are. Punk is wearing a harness and has two people spotting him. Punk jokes what kind of idiot jumps off the tron. Punk insults the fans as being sheep and mindless. Punk laughs at the fans. The three qualified Nexus members walk out to Punk?s music. Punk also enters the ring and continues his promo, laughing. Punk calls anyone that thought he was going to jump off the tron stupid. Punk says he is mentally superior and declares himself the leader of the new Nexus. Punk tells the fans he got rid of John Cena. However, John Cena shows up, via satellite. Cena calls Punk tasteless and gutless. Cena insults Punk and says Punk is wasting everyone?s time. Cena reminds Punk that he said he was going to get his hands on everyone in Nexus. Cena hasn?t gotten his hands on Punk yet. Punk isn?t afraid of Cena. Cena wants Punk to prove it by wrestling him next week in a match. Punk accepts the challenge. Cena tells Punk that if he is provoked he is the most animalistic person Punk has ever met. Cena assures Punk he will get dealt with. Cena says this isn?t about t-shirts or arm bands but rather Cena kicking Punk?s ass! Punk is furious to end the segment!

Main Event: Randy Orton/Jerry Lawler defeated WWE World Champion The Miz/Alex Riley: Riley and Lawler start off the main event. Lawler goes after Miz and is attacked by Riley from behind. Riley beats Lawler down with several right hands and tags out to Miz. Miz hammers away on Lawler but Lawler drops Miz with a punch and rams Miz face first into the announcers table as they take this to the floor. Lawler sends Miz shoulder first into the ring steps as well. Miz with a eye rake and Riley tags in only to be back dropped. Orton tags in and uppercuts Riley several times in the corner. Riley blocks a backdrop with a boot and tags in Miz. Mix runs into a clothesline and is stomped by Orton a few times. Lawler tags in and jabs Miz several times. Lawler continues to work on Miz in the corner with punches until the referee pulls Lawler away. Miz nails Lawler with a big boot and mounts Lawler with left hands. Miz snap mares Lawler and keeps control with a sleeper hold. Lawler elbows out and is sent into the corner where Miz connects with a running clothesline as RAW goes to commercial. Riley controls Lawler with a chin lock until Lawler gets out of it and Riley misses a spear in the corner hitting the ring post as a result. Lawler knocks Riley down with a right hand and makes his way over to Orton. Lawler tags in Orton but Miz distracted the referee. Miz gets a few cheap shots in on Lawler and knocks Orton off the apron. Miz attempts the Skull Crushing Finale but Orton comes in and hit?s the RKO! Lawler covers but Riley breaks up the count at two. Orton gets the legal tag and clotheslines Riley a few times followed by a snap power slam. Orton with a headlock backbreaker on Riley and plants Riley with a elevated DDT. Orton signals for the RKO but turns around to see Miz trying to enter the ring. Orton is distracted and Riley tries to grab Orton but is met with the RKO! Orton stares at Miz who is standing on the apron. Lawler gets tagged in and leaps off the middle rope connecting with a fist drop onto Riley as Orton stares at Miz. Lawler covers Riley and picks up the win. **
After the match, Miz grabs his championship and slowly heads to the back as Orton stares at Miz. RAW comes to an end with Orton staring at Miz from the ring.

End of show

My Take: I can sum up the first hour as being very boring. If it weren?t for the Nexus segments, it would have been a complete and utter waste of my time. However, Punk delivered some very good segments with the Nexus as they were entertaining, I thought

I don?t see why Del Rio couldn?t have just gone over R-Truth like he did last week. If they are going to fo in a direction where Del Rio gets a lot of wins by cheap count-outs then that is going to suck.

Remember when people were thinking Tyson Kidd was going to feud with Daniel Bryan? Yeah, so much for that. That is a shame, too. I really think Kidd and Bryan would have some entertaining matches. Where is Jackson Andrews by the way? They already dropped that character?

Morrison/Sheamus was boring in my opinion. I just couldn?t get into it. Glad that Morrison won the match but for a guy who won the KOTR, Sheamus has been losing a lot of big matches.

I?ll assume that Gabriel and Slater are turning baby face? I don?t have a reason to care about that. It?s been three weeks and the Nexus is already breaking up. That is ridiculous.

Michaels entering the HOF is a good choice. I really hope he doesn?t have another match though. I always consider HOF guys to be retired forever and to never comeback. Hopefully Michaels is in for the long haul with his retirement. I didn?t like how obvious Del Rio made the super kick set up look, that bothered me.

I strongly doubt their will be a match between Cena and Punk next week. I don?t see it being anything more than a beat down on Cena or something of that nature. Just an attempt to get a boost in the ratings.

The main event was also boring and pretty uneventful. It?s always obvious that Riley is going to eat the pin in these tag matches. I don?t know what else to say about the match, honestly.

Overall, if it weren?t for CM Punk?s promos this show would be complete and utter garbage. Last weeks show was good, but this week it was just as bad. Thumbs down for this weeks RAW.

Thanks for reading.

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Incognito Braces As A Modern Teeth Straightening Method

A beautiful smile is always appreciative. People with poor or misaligned teeth can make his or her smile more striking by using dental brace. Dental braces are the devices needed to align the position of the teeth with regard to the persons bite. Womens Puma Michael Schumacher This is a wonderful way to correct your teeth according to your teeth alignment. Its really a wonderful innovation in the orthodontic science.

Incognito braces are a way of moving the teeth or straightening the teeth to improve their appearance. They also help in the long term health of Womens Puma Fluxion II the teeth, gums and jaw points. Undoubtedly, visible orthodontics treatment at later stages in life can dramatically improve your personal appearance and self esteem. At Womens Puma Pace Cat 691 the same time, improving the health of your teeth and gums is equally important. Now crooked teeth and a bad tooth can contribute to gum and bone loss, tooth decay, abnormal wear of the tooth enamel Womens Puma Mesh Running and surfaces. Headaches and jaw joint pain.

Incognito Womens Puma Fur Womens Puma Fluxion braces are very popular these days. These are often used to correct malocclusion or the misalignment of teeth or the incorrect relation between the teeth of two dental arches. This is true that braces are not for the kids only. Tooth alignment can be changed at any age if your gums and bone structure are healthy. Now professional orthodontists offer a variety of treatments that are designed for different age groups. It is ideal for using for youngs adults also.

Most of the professional dentist uses new techniques and appliances that reduce discomfort levels, decrease the frequency of visits, and shorten treatment time. In addition it may allow you to choose from several options. Your options may include metal braces, translucent braces or transplant aligners that can be worn at night to improve mild cases of misaligned teeth.

In addition, some patients have upper teeth that stick out which make them look like a rat or a rabbit. It looks really bad on the face. However, with the help of visible orthodontic treatment you can make the teeth normal. These unsightly prominent front teeth which are more likely to be damaged can be moved back into the line. This is really innovative in the field of orthodontic treatment. In some patients, the way their upper and lower jaws meet can make the teeth look unsightly and will lead to an Puma Shoes incorrect bite. If this happens, it Mens Puma Cabana Racer II LX can put strain on the jaw muscles and can cause jaw and joint problems.

Incognito braces are now becoming more and more affordable with the increasing number of dentists. There Mens Puma Trionfo Tour SF Womens Puma Tour Cat are different kinds of dental braces from where the patients can choose their own. The most common is the silver or stainless braces. There are also gold braces, clear braces, lingual braces. So this depends on you. All you need to pick one for your teeth. The only thing to remember is that braces work the same.

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