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The Wrestling Underground: Violent Behavior Review

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 16:57, Apr 14 2006

By Slartibardfast

The Wrestling Underground: Violent Behavior PPV Review

The Wrestling Underground series returns once more, (after what seems like a several month layoff). As in the past, the show will consist of a number of taped matches taken from various wrestling promotions. The show is hosted and announced by Scott Hudson, who kicks thing off in his usual highly caffeinated style. There is not much in the way of production values here, just a static backdrop with heavy metal music blaring in the background. After the briefest of introductions we are taken to the first match.

Match 1 - Kevin Sullivan vs. Pit Bull # 2 Gary Wolfe
Yes that right, Kevin Sullivan is still wrestling. I haven?t seen him since he lost his ?Loser Leaves Wrestling? match with Chris Benoit several years ago. He looked to be in reasonably good shape for a man of his age, and I must admit I was looking forward to seeing him in action again. I didn?t feel that way for long. Though Kevin looked the part, despite his age, it quickly became obvious that Kevin?s athleticism left him long ago. Though he limited himself to the most basic of moves, (mostly punches, kicks and chair shots), he moved so slowly and stiffly in the ring that it was obvious he just can?t ?go? anymore. Kevin?s lack of mobility and age seemed to take a little out of the Pit Bull?s game as well. There were several awkward moments where it seemed that either Wolfe was making an extra effort not to injure Sullivan, or Sullivan just didn?t have the strength, timing or agility to keep the action flowing properly. The match wasn?t horrible, but it definably had a ?take it easy, slow it down, and don?t hurt the old guy feel?. It was nice seeing Kevin again, and he didn?t totally embarrass himself, but I must admit his performance made him seem to be little more than a nostalgia act. In the end, Wolfe won the match by low blow and retained his 3PW championship belt. This one just isn?t worth paying for. If you want to see Kevin Sullivan, I suggest you find some tapes from his Dungeon of Doom days and relive his glory years.

Match 2 ? Missy Hyatt & Rockin? Rebel vs. Jasmin St. Claire & The Blue Meanie
Well what can I say about this one? Jasmin stripped down to a bra and thong, (which seemed to be half of the point of having the match in the first place). The end of the match featured a heel turn in which Jasmin abandoned The Blue Meanie in favor of Tod Gordon and Annihilation, (though I?m not sure why you would feature a match with storyline development when the PPV is just a collection of random matches). As for the match itself? well like I said Jasmin stripped down to a bra and thong. This entire segment was just a waste of time.

Match 3 ? Justin Credible vs. Terry Funk
This was the second match of the card to feature a ?veteran? of the ring. Fortunately Funk has retained far more of his skills than Kevin Sullivan. That?s not to say that Funk looked like a 20 year old out there, but he moved and bumped well enough to keep the match going at a realistic pace. There wasn?t much wrestling here as both men brawled their way through the match, even fighting all the way up the stairs to the bar area of the 3PW arena. There were a few major bumps in the contest, (Funk getting knocked down a flight of stairs, and Credible being pile driven through a table), but unfortunately Funk wasn?t able to pull either off cleanly. Overall the quality of the match was only fair. The end came when Credible hit a side kick to win the match and the 3PW championship. Once again, I just don?t think this is a match anyone should have to pay to see.

Match 4 ? Sabu & Tod Gordon w/ Annihilation vs. The Sandman & Bill Alfonso
Much to my surprise this match started with Sabu and Sandman doing a little mat wrestling, however it wasn?t long before Sabu returned to his hardcore roots, and let the nearby chairs, tables, and ladders do the talking for him. The Alfonso/Gordon portion of the match was very small, (in fact most of it was cut out), instead the two mainly stayed out of the way, coming in the ring to try for, or to break up pin attempts. Sabu and Sandman worked a good hardcore match that saw Gordon pinning the Sandman, after Sandman received ?the chair shot of betrayal? from his partner Alfonso. This was the first good match of the card, and the show is almost over. Whatever comes next had better be dam good if this show is going to be saved.

Match 4 ? Raven vs. The Blue Meanie
Can Raven and The Blue Meanie put on the sort of stellar match this show so desperately needs? How should I know? Instead of a match, we get several minutes of mic work by Raven and a called out Gary Wolfe. Granted the two played well off of each other and gave good promos, but who buys a PPV to listen to promos? Eventually the promoters threw us a bone and had raven hit Meanie over the head with the mic, followed by an Even Flow DDT, in what turned out to be a 10 second, match. WTF?

I think you can deduce my opinion of this show from my reviews of the matches, so rather than spend more time voicing my disappointment, I will instead list some of the other PPV programming that is available this month. I imagine any of these shows would be far more entertaining and a better use of your money that this PPV.

Ultimate Fighting Championship 59
K-1 Premium 2005 Dynamite
Naked News TV

If you would like a review of Naked News TV, please send $9.95 to IYH care of the Slartibardfast PPV Review Fund.

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