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Talking Money June 10th

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 20:47, Jun 10 2006

News of the week including interview with Zach Gowan and TNA Hardcore War Review.
By Timothy ?T- Money? Miller

Timothy ?T- Money? Miller
June 10, 2006

Talking Money!
Welcome back to the third installment of Talking Money! My weekly interview segment. The past couple of weeks I have chatted with indy wrestlers Alicia and ?The Cold Hearted Playa? Danny DeManto. This week I continue with another independent wrestler, but this man has competed in both WWE and TNA in his career. This is a man of courage, and with a huge heart and love for the sport of wrestling. The one- legged wonder Zach Gowen (Tenacious Z) was gracious enough to answer my questions this week! Check out the responses from this 23 year old from Detroit, Michigan who is on the look for a new contract, and is excepting any independent bookings.

Movie: Office Space, Friday, Scent of a Woman, Walk the Line. Those are probably my favorite.
Music Artist: Kelly Clarkson. Straight up, she's the best pop artist we've seen in a long time.
Television Show: The Office and Entourage.
Food: Chicken.
Athlete/ Sports Team: Ben Wallace and the Detroit Pistons.

What is your finishing maneuver? Moonsault and a twisting neckbreaker like the one Sonny Siaki, Goldberg, and Petey Williams used to do.
Why did you choose wrestling for a career? I have no idea. I fucking love it though. Wrestling has taken me around the world and I've done things that I would never have dreamed of doing. Pro wrestling has been awesome to me. It's my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.
If you were not wrestling, what would you be doing? Probably graduating college and looking for a job.
Who were your heroes growing up? Barry Sanders was a big one. Shawn Micheals, Hulk Hogan, and Mick Foley.
What is your dream match? Somoa Joe.
What was it like for WWE? For TNA? What were the differences? WWE was great money and great exposure but I was never realy comfortable there. I was green as grass and made a lot of mistakes too. What are you gonna do? Learn and move on ya know? TNA is alotta fun. Very relaxed, comfortable, family-like setting.
Who is your favorite opponent? What is your favorite match? Chris Candido. In May 2004, I worked in Massachusets for Chaotic Pro Wrestling (I could be wrong on the name of the pormotion). The match was me and Tough Enough Jonah vs Candido and ??? (damn, i forgot his name, he's in OVW now). Really easy match but probably the most fun I've ever had in the ring. Everything clicked....it was awesome.
What was your favorite all- time match? Wargames 87
What is your greatest wrestling moment? Going 20 minutes with Jimmy Jacobs about a month ago. I stepped out of my comfort zone and absolutely excelled. One of my favorite matches of all time. Jimmy said that it was one of his best matches ever. That was the first time we've ever worked and I've been his biggest fan for a while so that meant alot to me.
What do you want to accomplish in wrestling? I want to get another contract. No doubt.
How did you train to enter wrestling? Who did you train with? Truth Martini broke me in in 2001.
How difficult was it to get into this business on one leg? Not very. I've been competiting in competitive sports all my life. I've had one leg since i was 8. The human body is an amazing thing. The way it can adapt and adjust to any and all situations is quite fascinating.
How did you feel about your initial entrance to the WWE? You went right to work with Hulk Hogan, Brock Lesnar, Vince McMahon, and Stephanie McMahon? How was working with them? It was amazing. Surreal. Looking back (hindsight is 20/20 of course), it might have not been the best way to book me. I mean, after you work with Vince, Hogan, Piper, and Brock...where do you go from there? It's all downhill man. My idea was basically to be the new 1-2-3 Kid. But I was fucking terrible back then. Way too green to be in that company.
What is up with your "new" t-shirts? Where can you buy one of those? Hell yeah, cheap plug time! Go to my myspace to check em out www.myspace.com/zachgowen. It has all the instuctions on there.

Word Association:
1) Vince McMahon: Intimidating
2) Stephanie McMahon: Beautiful
3) WWE: Awesome company to work for.
4) TNA: Awesome company to work for.
5) ECW: Was a huge fan of the product, looking forward to see what they're gonna do with it now.
6) Hulk Hogan: Coolest guy ever
7) Roddy Piper: Funny
Matt Hardy: Tremendously smart
9) AJ Styles: Amazing athlete, so much fun to watch and work with.
10) The Big Show: Super nice man.
11) Triple H: Best wrestler in the world
12) Ric Flair: One of my all time favorites
13) Shark Boy: Funny guy, very talented.
14) Samoa Joe: We'd have a great match
15) Christian Cage: Very talented, very nice.

Myspace: www.myspace.com/zachgowen
Upcoming Events: check my myspace calendar.
Any other comments for your fans: Thank you very much for the support. You guys are the best. Support indy wrestling!

Now that TNA has reached the northeast, do you guys believe TNA is going to make a challenge for WWE? Let me know at tmoneydaman69@msn.com.

TNA: Hardcore War from Philadelphia?s New Alhambra Arena (ECW Arena)
Orlando?s Total Non- Stop Action pro wrestling arrived in the northeast on Friday June 9, in the house that Heyman built. That is right, two weeks before Extreme Championship Wrestling returns to the ECW Arena, Jeremy Borash turned the bingo hall into the TNA Arena for this magical night of wrestling. This very hyped event lived up to its naming, Hardcore War. To kick the night off, Jeremy Borash came out to excite the crowd telling them how long he has waited to perform at the ECW arena, bringing his new style of wrestling out of the Orlando area. Borash proceeded to introduce TNA?s newest knockout Christy Hemme, who is as beautiful in person as she is on television. After seeing the energetic Hemme, the crowd was ready for some Total Non- stop Action.

The opening bout featured ECW alumnist Simon Diamond, who came out to a gracious ?Welcome Back? chant from the very humble Philadelphia wrestling fans. Simon Diamond of course wrestled in Philadelphia?s original version of ECW. Simon followed the chant with a promo on how bad the new ECW will be, which most fans did not disagree with. The cult favorite Shark Boy was his opponent on this evening. Diamond looked injured and a little out of shape for his match, but was it was pleasing to see him wrestle as he built his name at this building. Shark Boy upset Simon Diamond. This was an ok match, but compared to all the other matches, this was one of the more disappointing ones.

The next match followed with an X- Division match up that stole the show. New Jersey based competitor Jay Lethal was set to take on ?The Original Playa from the Himalaya? Sonjay Dutt. In a match with various near falls, and reversals, aerial art was also on display. At one point Jay Lethal was in the front row when Sonjay Dutt dove over the railing on top of Lethal. Lethal defeated Dutt by pinfall. Hopefully Lethal can some more air time soon because he was very impressive.

David vs. Goliath was on call for the next match. ?The Monster? Abyss made his way to the ring, with chains and all. His opponent, ?The Giant Killer? Brother Runt (representing Team 3D), who came out to various ?Welcome Back,? ?Spike,? and ?You?re a Dudley? chants. This was truly ?Hardcore War.? Abyss threw Spike, I mean Brother Runt, into the crowd for him to be bodysurfed. After a vicious chair shot, Brother Runt?s forehead was busted wide open. Abyss eventually went under the ring and brought up his bag of tacks. Bleeding excessively, Brother Runt had his forehead rubbed into the hundreds of thumb tacks, angering the lightweight. After beginning a comeback, Brother Runt found himself in the clutches of ?The Monster? Abyss who gave him the Blackhole Slam into the tacks for the victory.

Jeremy Borash then announced that this match had not been announced. This would be the first TNA TNA match. Christy Hemme came down to referee the bout between Gail Kim (who had to endure chants of ?She?s a crackwhore? and ?Slut?) and the beautiful Traci Brooks. The crowd was not into this match at all. The only highlights were when Traci pulled Gail Kim?s pants down, Traci ripped her shirt off, and Christy took her shirt off. Very disappointing match.

Out came ?The King of the Mountain? Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett came out trashing ECW and ECW fans, including the infamous ?Hat Guy.? His opponent was none other then ?The War Machine? Rhino. Before the match was even started all the heat was not on Jarrett. Nor was it in on Rhino. It was on TNA referee. And former WWE head official, Earl Hebner. The ?You Screwed Bret? chants echoed in the arena. Earl replied with something along the lines of, nothing happened to me. The crowd fired back with ?You Got Fired!? Rhino then got on the microphone and said he would have joined in, but ?I got fired too!? In a pretty entertaining match, Rhino wound up hitting Jarrett with the Gore after a failed guitar shot to pick up the victory. After the match, Rhino discussed his contract offer to ECW or his new contract for TNA. After saying how much he loves ECW, Paul Heyman, Tommy Dreamer, and even how Vince McMahon took care of him and his family after neck surgery, Rhino decided his heart is with the young TNA company.

After a short intermission, ?The Canadian Destroyer? Petey Williams of Team Canada made his way to the ring for more X- Division action. He was set to face former ECW alumni Jerry Lynn. Lynn was flying through the air like his olden days. Lynn even powerbombed Williams onto the apron of the ring from the outside, seemingly injuring Williams? back. Even though his back was injured, Williams still applied the most devastating finishing move in wrestling today, The Canadian Destroyer. Lynn might have tweaked his neck after this move that made the whole arena go ?Oh!? After the match, Lynn thanked the fans for believing in him when many promoters would not.

Now it was the time for the TNA: Hardcore War main Event. The X- Division Title was on the line as ?The Fallen Angel? Christopher Daniels took on ?The Phenomenal? AJ Styles. They were set to face the champ, the undefeated ?Samoan Submission Machine? Samoa Joe. This was one of the greatest matches TNA has ever produced. Samoa Joe dominated, and proved why he is undefeated. Joe is a little bit bigger but has the agility and speed of both Styles and Daniels, which was truly amazing. The moves and quickness that Joe can pull off was phenomenal. Daniels did his usual talented moves, as AJ showed his aerial display in full effect. These three guys could fight night after night and I would sit there and watch. AJ was injured in the match as he kept grabbing his jaw, and then started bleeding out of his nose. Samoa Joe locked up AJ Styles and made him tap for the victory. Daniels went into the ring to check on Styles after the match. Out came the TNA Tag Team Champions America?s Most Wanted. After clearing the ring of Styles and Daniels, AMW trashed ECW and the fans getting to the point of their open challenge. The lights went off in the arena, when they turned on, there was Kip and BG, The James Gang who continued the assault on the arena. Eventually, Team 3D was shown on the big screen saying how they could not make the event but would kick all their asses if they were there. Then Brother Ray said ?look behind you.? Through the crowd came Team 3D. Brother Ray did a hilarious promo on the James Gang and AMW for a good five minutes till the street fight started. The ring could not contain these guys. BG James and ?Cowboy? James Storm threw Brother Devon into the crowd, right at my feet. Then we lost all action. Eventually, Kip James, Brother Ray, and ?Wildcat? Chris Harris were about three feet away from where I was sitting. Brother Ray chopped Harris and took Kip James away with him. Harris stood next to me and said ?Ow, that hurt? as he grabbed his chest. The fight continued until Brother Ray told all the fans to throw their chairs into the ring. All the fans obliged, as did I. Team 3D announced themselves the winner. A fan in the crowd tried to challenge Brother Ray, but Brother Devon was ready to go this time. Nothing came of it, but Devon would have massacred that boy. Team 3D called AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels down to the ring. Brother Ray said that these guys are the future of professional wrestling. After that, AJ and Christopher said that Team 3D always said that ECW was like a family lockeroom, and to them, TNA is like a family. (Zach Gowen also said that in his interview I did with him!) In between, Brother Runt came down with his contract from WWE to wrestle at One Night Stand and he ripped it up in the middle of the ring.

Overall, TNA was very, very, and I stress very impressive. The feel was great, the action was intense, and they lived up to all expectations. When can fans start buying tickets to the next show?

The Wrestling World has lost yet another legend in the sport, John ?Earthquake? Tenta. Tenta was an entertaining giant in sports entertainment. He debuted in the WWE as ?Canadian Earthquake? teaming with Jimmy Hart and Dino Bravo. Earthquake feuded with Jake ?The Snake? Roberts, The Ultimate Warrior, and Hulk Hogan. Tenta then teamed up with another 400 pound monster, Tuboat. Tugboat changed his name to Typhoon and the team became known as ?The Natural Disasters.? Earthquake eventually left WWE for WCW where he became Avalanche. WWE argued that Avalanche was too close to Earthquake, so Tenta entered ?The Dungeon of Doom? and became The Shark. In 1998, Tenta returned to WWE under the mask as Golga, a member of the Oddities. Tenta had been fighting bladder cancer, and thought he had beaten it until he died on Wednesday. The wrestling world will never forget John ?Earthquake? Tenta.

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To contact Timothy ?T- Money? Miller:
E- Mail: tmoneydaman69@msn.com
Website: http://mysite.verizon.net/vze7v89d/
MySpace Account: www.myspace.com/tim_miller
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