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Fanfest-Rick "The Model Martel"

Posted in TJ's Toons by Jack at 19:44, Sep 05 2006

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07:55, Sep 10 2006

Wow... good drawing of that 6 pack lol

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21:59, Sep 11 2006

Martel was built like a superhero back in the day.

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11:49, Sep 18 2006

He wasn't at first, but then he went away for a few months and came back looking like a ripped bodybuilder. It's funny how these things can happen so suddenly. I think he stole Hulk's vitamins.

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05:52, Sep 24 2006

He was all muscle mass back in the AWA.
He got mad ripped in WWF

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20:06, Dec 13 2012

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19:19, Mar 05 2013

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00:19, Apr 08 2013

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