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Great American Bash Post Show

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 21:39, Jul 20 2008

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We went over the Great American Bash match by match, Due to technical difficulties this show may not be up to typical IYH standards. Enjoy !!!

Ted Dibiase

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 23:11, Jul 16 2008

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We were joined by "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase. We went over his book "Ted Dibiase: The Million Dollar Man", his time in Mid South, WWF, WCW and more. Working with Dick Murdoch, Eric Bischoff, Virgil, The Ultimate Warrior, Harley Race, Terry Taylor, Vince McMahon and many others. We also talked about his son Ted wrestling for WWE and his upcoming appearance in Charlotte, NC August 14-17th.. For more information on Ted Dibiase and how to get his book along with ticket information on the Fanfest please visit:

In the post show we discussed RAW, the John Cena JBL car incident, CM Punk's championship reign, the upcoming Great American Bash PPV, ECW with Mark Henry and Tony Atlas and much more !!!

Victory Road Post Show

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 23:29, Jul 13 2008

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Jack and Oneinchbiceps reviewed the TNA Victory Road 2008 PPV match by match along with callers Slartibardfast and Andre. Listen now for our immediate reaction to the show !!!

Brian Danovich Guest Host

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 23:20, Jul 09 2008

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Jack, Oneinchbiceps and Barbie Richards were joined by special guest co-host "The Spartan Swinger" Brian Danovich to go over the wrestling news of the week. We took calls and discussed WWE Monday Night RAW, WWE Smackdown, TNA Impact and more. Kurt Angle's blind dates, Kofi vs Burchill feud, Tony Atlas on ECW, Mickie Knuckles aka Moose's leg breaking and much more of the week. The loss of identities in wrestling today and what guys could benefit froma gimmick/story. All this and cheese fries !!

Chris Hamrick

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 06:07, Jul 03 2008

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HUGE 2 hour interview with Chris Hamrick telling many rib stories and so much more. A must listen interview !!

In the post show we revied RAW, CM Punk winning the championship, Kofi Kingston, Dibiase & Rhodes, Mark Henry as the ECW Champion, Jim Ross's speech, Night of Champions PPV, the glass table powerbomb from TNA Impact and much more !!!

Maxx Payne

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 00:08, Jun 26 2008

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We were joined by Maxx Payne who talked to us in depth about his career for nearly 2 hours. We went over his amateur wrestling background, breaking into the business, WCW and WWF. working with Sid, Brian Pillman, The Nasty Boys, Mick Foley, Bill Watts, Eric Bischoff, Kevin Sullivan and more. A detailed recap of the infamous scissors incident with Arn Anderson and Sid, and the squeegee story. Working in WWF as Man Mountain Rock, why he left the business and so much more !!!

In the post show Jack, Incher and Brian Danovich took calls and went over RAW. We talked about the Draft, the supplemental draft, Smackdown, Al Snow's appearance in TNA and the big Vince McMahon angle from RAW !!!

Chris Cruise '08

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 22:36, Jun 18 2008

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We were joined by the returning Chris Cruise. We went over the upcoming NWA Legends Fanfest in Charlotte, NC August 14-17. We talked about the Hall of Heroes Dinner Banquet, the Bruno Sammartino and "Superstar" Billy Graham Q&A that he will be hosting. WCW All Nighter, working with Mean Gene Okerlund, Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross and more. Chris went over his thoughts on Hulk Hogan, TNA, Mike Tenay, Adamle and much more. For more information on the Fanfest and seeing legends such as Ric Flair, Superstar Billy Graham, Ted Dibiase, Thunderbolt Patterson, Bruno Sammartino and many more please visit:

We also went over HHH and John Cena's promo on RAW, Vince McMahon's Million Dollar Give-Away, Lance Cade's new push, Carlito's comments on HHH, Kane vs Big Show, Mark Henry, Michael Hayes' demotion and Jack and Incher had a massive falling out that could cost them their friendship when OIB crossed the line. Listen now !!!

Al Snow

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 21:50, Jun 11 2008

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We were joined by Al Snow late into the show and we went over his trainees, how he feels about seeing them make it in the business. The origins of the Pepper the Dog angle, wrestling vs sports entertainment, his time as European champion, the Head Cheese team, comedy in wrestling, ECW and the new ECW and much more. For more infomarion on seeing Al Snow in person June 21st in Totowa, NJ along with many other superstars please visit:

In the preshow we went over RAW, the million dollar give away, ECW, Hulk Hogan on Larry King, Hogan's grill burning down homes, Linda Hogan banging a 19 year old, WWE going to TV PG from TV 14 and more. We also gave away a button in the first week of The IYH Button Bonanza and we witnessed Jack's mental break down as he went off on the fans.


Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 23:15, Jun 08 2008

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We recapped the TNA Slammiversary PPV moments after it went off the air. We went over match by match, then gave our views on the TNA product in general. We ended with a rant on the current love of women's wrestling that's been sweeping the IYH message board. We took calls from the fans to get their views including Presidet Bill Clinton !! And we called out Guest3746, who turned out to be a punk turkey.

Larry Zbyszko 08

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 01:03, Jun 05 2008

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IYH returned to Larryland for Larry Zbyszko's 4th interview on the show. We went over his new autobiography "Adventures In Larryland" that he wrote himself without a ghost writer. We also talked about his time in the WWWF, Bruno Sammartino, Vince McMahon Jr, the infamous 8th chapter of the book, the man with golden boots, Kevin Sullivan, Arn Anderson, women's wrestling, WCW, TNA and much more.

The IYH crew also recapped WWE One Night Stand, RAW, ECW and TNA Impact. We talked about who the next main event RAW heel could be, the upcoming TNA wedding and much including an exclusive on OIB shaving his back hair.

Brian Danovich

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 01:23, May 29 2008

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We were joined by "The Spartan Swinger" Brian Danovich. We talked about his time on the Indy scene with Dean Visk. Their look and personality that set them apart from small unathletic looking guys who wear black trunks and no ring gear. Working with Les Thatcher, Bill DeMott, The Miz, Boogey Man and more. His injuries and botched surgeries. His love for the wrestling business and crazy hats. His time on Tough Enough and his thoughts of the show and his planned come back to wrestling or entertainment. All this and much more as Brian sits back and has fun with the IYH Crew.

GQ Money was on next to review the XPW Cold Day In Hell show from Saturday. We talked about Pogo the Clown, Sandman, New Jack's speech, Sabu, Vampiro vs Kaos and his big match with Angel the Hardcore Homo. GQ reveals he swerved IYH about his leg injury and also talked about the fan's overall enjoymant of the show.

In the post show the IYH Crew went over RAW. The RAW Announcement, the debut of Ted Dibiase, TNA Impact, previewed WWE One Night Stand, Nick Hogan's tapes, RAW's low ratings, Santino vs Cousin Sal and much more in this epic edtion of IYH.

Jack also made several huge announcements to shake IYH up at the end of the program.

Vampiro vs. Kaos

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 23:19, May 21 2008

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In this very chaotic episode of IYH we see Vampiro show up late. Kaos then calls in for an impromptu interview. Kaos trash talks Vampiro for no showing, disrespecting him and IYH and having a big head in general. We also go over XPW and WSX with Kaos. His memories of Rob Black, GQ Money, Supreme, Jesus Aguilera and more. Wearing the TV title while he wrestled, the need for another wrestling company and much more including his preparation and predictions for his upcoming match with Vampiro at XPW cold Day In Hell.

We were then joined by Vampiro who had a war of words with Kaos live on IYH. Then we went into an interview Vampiro about his days in WCW, WSX, XPW and working with ICP, The Misfits, Sting, Great Muta and more. His current status with the Guardian Angels, his return to wrestling and much more.

XPW Cold Day In Hell
Saturday Night, May 24 2008
Aviation Park
Redondo Beach, CA


GQ Money

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 12:56, May 17 2008

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GQ Money of XPW was our guest this evening. GQ went over his upcoming match with The Hardcore Homo Angel at XPW Cold Day in Hell. His memories of XPW, working with Rob Black, Kaos and the Enterprise. We also talked about his time as Fabian Kaelin in WSX. We talked about why his run in TNA was so short lived, among many other controversial topics in this nearly 2 hour interview. We wish GQ a speedy recovery in his recent calf injury.

For more information on XPW's Cold Day in Hell Saturday Night, May 24 2008 at the Aviation Park in Redondo Beach, CA please visit:

For information on WSX and XPW on DVD please visit:

Please visit GQ's official website for many cool videos and more at:

In the preshow Buck and Jack talked about TNA Impact, WWE Smackdown and RAW and we welcomed the new British co-host Basil Boothroyd to the Fever. So listen now ya bums !!!

Terry Funk : The Filthy Funker

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 22:37, May 14 2008

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Terry Funk was the guest tonight and dubbed himself The Filthy Funker for the evening with IYH. Terry went over his match at ECW's One Night Stand with Tommy Dreamer vs Mick Foley and Edge. Foley's proposed angle where Funk would take a bite out of Vince McMahon's ass. His music career with Jimmy Hart in Japan. His infamous barbedwire match with Sabu. XPW and ECW stars The Gangstas, Raven, Homeless Jimmy, Johnny Webb and more. Jack offers The Funker some merchandising ideas and a whole lot more in this nearly 90 minute interview including The Funker's upcoming guest referee spot in the Sabu & Homeless Jimmy vs Raven & Johnny Webb match at XPW's Cold Day in Hell. For more information on XPW's Cold Day in Hell Saturday Night, May 24 2008 at the Aviation Park in Redondo Beach, CA please visit:

For more information on joining the Funk U DVD Club where you get 5 FREE DVD's and a new release DVD at half price each month please visit:

In the post show the IYH Crew take calls and go over TNA Sacrifice, RAW, Jeff Hardy's return and Steve Regal as GM. Then OIB goes over his dream in a must listen edition of IYH.

Orlando Jordan

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 19:52, May 09 2008

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We were joined by Orlando Jordan in a special interview all the way from Italy. OJ talked about his upcoming match June 25th in Barcelona vs the return of the Ultimate Warrior. Orlando talked about what this match meant to him, his plans on retiring the Warrior, Warrior coming back after so many years and more. OJ also talked about wrestling in Japan for New Japan and all over Europe for NWE. We talked about his time in WWE with JBL in the Cabinet, his US title reign, Mark Henry, Rey Mysterio and others. Training with "the Soulman" Rocky Johnson, what it takes to be a pro wrestler and if he would ever come back to WWE. Racism in wrestling. OJ talked about NWE's stars such as Juventud Guerrera, Black Pearl, Rikishi and many others. Orlando talked about if his controversial lifestyle and Warrior's outspoken political beliefs will clash June 25th in their big match in Barcelona.

For more information on this match, how to get tickets and more on Nu-Wrestling Evolution please visit:

For more information on Orlando please visit:

Outback Jack

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 21:59, May 07 2008

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We were joined by Outback Jack of WWF 80's fame. We talked about his entering WWF, training in Canada, Stu Hart and the Dungeon, The British Bulldogs and his opinions on The Dynamite Kid. Jack told his memories of the day Rougeau punched Dynamite Kid, working with Frenchie Martin, Killer Khan, his Wrestlemania III Iron Mike Sharpe match and others. His planned tag title reign with Hillbilly Jim that never came to be, Jesse Ventura, Bobby Heenan, The Bushwackers, The Ultimate Warrior, The Slammy's, Vince McMahon and much more. We also talked about why he left, his famous vignettes and what he is up to now.

In the post show we went over RAW, women's wrestling, Rowdy Roddy Piper, TNA's Deuces Wild Tournament, TNA beating WWE in ratings in Australia, Khali's claims that wrestling is real, Kurt Angle's new Candid Camera type show and much much more !!!

Ivan Koloff

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 22:12, Apr 30 2008

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In the first hour we went over RAW, Trevor Murdoch singing which eld to the OIB's own rendition of the song. ECW and Mike Adamle's walk out. Mick Foley taking over for Coach, and WWE's bashing of Coach on air. Ken Kennedy's face turn and upcoming feud with King Regal. King Regal shutting off RAW. WWE letting Balls Mahoney and Dave Taylor go and much more !!!

In the 2nd hour we were joined by The Russian Bear Ivan Koloff. We went over his time with WWWF and NWA. Working for Vince McMahon Sr and the Crocketts. Winning the title from Bruno Sammartino, the possible plan for him to be the one to drop the title to Hulk Hogan instead of Iron Sheik. His time with Nikita and much more. Ivan also talked about his upcoming induction into the NWA Legends Hall of Heroes. For more information on the NWA Legends Fanfest and The Hall of Heroes Dinner Banquet August 14-17th in Charlotte, NC please visit:

For more information on Ivan Koloff and his book "Is That Wrestling Fake : The Bear Facts" please visit:

In the post show we went over Backlash's 2 main events of Edge vs Undertaker and the Fatal 4 Way.

Dean Visk

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 23:07, Apr 23 2008

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We were joined by former WWE developmental wrestler Dean Visk. We went over his time in HWA and working with Les Thatcher. Dean talked about the importance of "the look" in wrestling, the welness policy, charisma and drawing fans into the match over in ring work. Dean talked about OVW, working with Cornette, Al Snow, Nigel McGuiness, Chet Jablonski, Matt Morgan, Kenny Dykstra and more. We also went over rib stories, the proposed tag team with The Warlord and the altercation with Ted Dibiase that led to Dean's release from the WWE. All this plus his thoughts on TNA, ROH, working in Japan, The Ultimate Warrior and much more !!!

In the post show Jack and OIB went over RAW including the King of the Ring Tournament. "The new voice of ECW" Mike Adamle. Jack's disdain for women's wrestling. Michael Hayes' altercation with Mark Henry and his suspension. Rhaka Khan's heat with TNA. Beth Phoenix vs Mickie James. And in the finale OIB gave a heartfelt rant on TNA Impact.

Listen now !!!

Stay Strong Taz

Posted in Audio Archive by Oneinchbiceps at 20:23, Apr 16 2008

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Jack was out with the flu, we wish him well. Oneinchbiceps and Barbie Richard went over the Lockdown PPV. Call ins by Andre, Riren, Brian Jones, Astro Creep, Dwayne and Walkie. Tons of topics discussed including Mike Adamle ?The new voice of ECW?, Taz?s mental health. William Regal vs Randy Orton. Listen now!!!!

John Cena, Sr.

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 22:24, Apr 09 2008

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We were joined by Johnny Fabulous. We went over the New England Indy scene including NWW, ECCW, BTW and MWF. We talked about being an oldschool heel manager, getting heat, the future of his new find Big Business, Fabobucks, his son John Cena, Samoa Joe, The false TNA rumoe, Wrestlemania XXIV and working with Randy Orton on RAW.

For more information on Johny Fabulous' appearance this Saturday night in Attleboro, MA please visit:

For more information on Johny Fabulous' appearance at Webster Town Hall in Webster, MA for East Coast Championship Wrestling please visit:

We also discussed RAW this week, an epic TNA Lockdown PPV preview, the 4 way main event at Backlash, London & Kendrick, Cade & Murdoch, OIB's proposed gimmick for Jesse and Festus and much more !!!

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