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Interview Recap - Dustin Rhodes

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 21:40, Jul 30 2007

By Norrin Radd

July 25th, 2007 IYH Dustin Rhodes Interview Recap
by Norrin Radd

Dustin Rhodes, formerly Goldust in World Wrestling Entertainment, was the guest on the July 25th, 2007 edition of the In Your Head radio show hosted by Jack, OneInchBiceps, and Barbie Richards at http://www.inyourheadonline.com.

Dustin was there to promote the NWA Legends Fanfest August 10-12th in Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information visit http://www.nwalegends.com. Dustin was also there to promote his recent debut and his upcoming appearances in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. For more information visit http://www.tnawrestling.com.

Dustin let everyone know that it was a pleasure for him to be on In Your Head and to be appearing at the upcoming NWA Legends Fanfest. He said that many fans from the Jim Crocket Promotions era in Charlotte are suppose to be there along with the many many wrestling legends of that time in professional wrestling. He also said that it?s an honor for him be billed near the top of the Legends Fanfest along with Tully Blanchard, who he will be facing in Tully?s final match, with JJ Dillon and Baby Doll in his corner, at the event in Charlotte.

Host Jack asked Dustin if he ever thought when he was a kid watching his father, ?The American Dream? Dusty Rhodes, wrestle Tully Blanchard that one day he would also be in the ring with Blanchard. He said definitely not and that it was truly an honor. Dustin said that this match will be one of those matches when you think of legendary people you wish to work with during your career that Tully was definitely one of those dream collaborations.

Jack also mentioned that this match was being billed as Tully Blanchard?s last match. Dustin said that that makes this match just that much more special, and that he?s also a little nervous and very excited about it.

Dustin mentioned that they?ll be a signing and photograph session for Dustin Rhodes and Goldust at the upcoming Legends Fanfest.

Jack asked Dustin if he gets more requests for Goldust autographs or Dustin Rhodes, or if depends on which part of the country he?s in. Dustin said it kind of depended on where he is and that also most of today?s generation of young wrestling fans don?t know him as Dustin Rhodes.

To further his point, Dustin mentioned that when he and his brother Cody inducted their father into the WWE Hall of Fame, they introduced him as Dustin Runnels and his brother as Cody Rhodes, as if he weren?t a member of the family. He didn?t know why they did that except that it seemed like one of Vince?s ways of sticking it to someone.

Jack mentioned that when Goldust first appeared in the WWF it took him a moment to realize that it was Dustin Rhodes, even though he was a fan of his from his NWA days. Dustin jokingly said it took him a while to realize it too, and that it took him some time to figure out the Goldust character.

Dustin noted how hard it is for anyone second of third generation wrestler to follow in the footsteps of their fathers and try to make their own mark in the business and he was very proud of the fact that he was able to do something that was ahead of it?s time and accomplish something new and groundbreaking with Goldust. He gave much credit to Savio Vega for helping him establish the character and get it over, and he also spoke of being voted the #1 Heel in wrestling that year.

Jack asked if Dustin thought Savio Vega was an underrated worker, and noted that Savio was also who Steve Austin was working with when the ?Stone Cold? character intially took off. Dustin said that he felt that Savio was one of the best workers in the business and that he had just seen a couple of weeks ago in San Juan, Puerto Rico when he was there to wrestler Apollo. He said that he and Savio hugged when they met and spoke for hours while he was there.

Dustin then told a story of how Savio helped get the Goldust character over while they were performing in Madison Square Garden in New York City, how Savio would tell him to rub against him and do things to him to incite the crowd. He said they sold it out the next time they came back to the Garden with it.

Dustin then spoke about what he had planned in TNA and that it?s going to be something psychologically intriguing and great storytelling. He said his first real appearance is just a sit-down interview with Mike Tenay with him as Dustin Rhodes, that they filmed 5 minutes that would be edited down and that it should be very exciting.

Caller, Jason, informed Dustin that even though he?s a younger fan that his favorite stuff of his was during his time in WCW as Dustin Rhodes. He then asked Dustin what it was like to have fans come up and tell him that he?s one of the best wrestlers to never hold a world title. Dustin said he had never had any fans come up to him and say that to him until just now, but that it felt good and he appreciated it with all his heart. Jason then asked Dustin what it was like to be in multiple War Games matches in WCW. Dustin then spoke of being in War Games with Steve Austin, Barry Windham, and Arn Anderson. He said War Games was his father?s creation. He also said he didn?t like the Elimination Chamber.

Jack asked why WWE hasn?t done a War Games match since buying WCW. Dustin said most likely because they?ve got the Hell in the Cell, and the Elimination Chamber, and that they probably think War Games would take away from those.

Dustin also said they?d probably have to explain it to the fans like they did when his dad recently had a Bull Rope match with Randy Orton since most haven?t seen one in a long time or have never seen one at all.

He then talked about his brother Cody working with Randy Orton. He said that if he?s going to continue to work with Randy for a while like he?s been doing then he?ll have to learn fast and that Randy Orton knows psychology and is able to teach. He also said that his brother should be able to get over since he has a great look and looks like a ladies? man. He then harmlessly poked fun at his brother?s choice of green tights, calling them the ?Green Hornet? tights. He said he has Orton?s body but he?s 21 and is still filling in to his body.

Jack asked what it was like to induct his father into the WWE Hall of Fame. Dustin said it was an honor to it for his dad. He spoke about how well Cody did at the Induction ceremony and how nothing could top the experience of the three of them together for that moment.

Dustin then told a story from the Hall of Fame induction of how his dad pulled a rib on William Shatner by sending him on a wild goos chase to find Jerry ?The King? Lawler.

Dustin and Jack both shared stories of William Shatner not being the most pleasant person.

Caller, Swax1, asked Dustin if his recent appearance at the ECW Arena was his first. Dustin said it was. He said the match went early because of a new doctor ending the match because of the blood. Dustin said it had that atmosphere that people speak of.

He then spoke about working with Sabu and how unorthodox his style was. He then spoke about how he was told the next day that the match he had had with Sabu was going to be voted as one of the matches of the year, and how he couldn?t believe it since he felt the match terrible. He said it was an OK match. All the matches on the show were loaded with gimmicks, but he and Sabu were able to get over with their ring veteranship.

Dustin said there is no wrestling business without the fans. He said the fans love them, and he loves the fans and appreciates them from the bottom of his heart.

Jack asked if it was ever difficult to speak to the fans about the business and talk about things concerning the inner workings of it. Dustin then spoke of working in the days of kayfabe. He also spoke of the dying traditions like talking Carny. He also attributed some of the problem to many new guys being brought up so soon and thrown onto television simply because Vince McMahon sees something in them.

Dustin spoke of psychology and how you never stop learning, and how not to play into the hands of the audience. He also talked about in front of a crowd and always trying to make the nonbelievers into believers of what you?re trying to do in the ring.

Dustin talked about working with Snitsky and Trevor Murdoch. He said Trevor Murdoch hurt a different part of his body every night.

Caller, ElTNAfan, asked he was hesitant of uncomfortable with doing the Goldust character when he was first approached with it. Dustin said he had been fired 8 months earlier and then Vince McMahon called him and said he had a character that he thought he would do well in it. Dustin said he really didn?t question it all. He said he wasn?t uncomfortable with it at all.

Jack asked if he got more heat in the South doing the character. Dustin most of the heavy heat was in Canada, the Northeast U.S., and his home state of Texas. Alabama and Florida stood out, but nothing was as brutal as the Northeast.
ElTNAfan, asked what it was like to wrestle in the Tokyo Dome, working in front of such a large crowd who are so quiet and respectable. Dustin said they?re very different than the U.S. fans, very respectable, and that it was harder that way.

An unintelligible caller asked about Goldust no-showing an event in New Jersey last year. Dustin said that was probably a promoter who he called to let him know he was sick and wouldn?t be able to make it and the promoter smeared him on the internet.

Caller, Riren, said that he loved his tag team with Booker T and asked what it was like working with him. Dustin said it was the best. He said he Booker are like the Odd Couple, and it was hilarious and entertaining. He said they had to give them the belts because they were the hottest thing on the show at the time.

Caller, Brian, asked how they decided how the order was decided for the entry into the War Games matches. Dustin said it was pre-planned like every year, usually two heels against a face to start, and then whoever your hottest guy would come in, etc.

Jack plugged the NWA Legends Fanfest once again, and Dustin said let?s take some more callers.

Jack asked a question from the chat room about GTV and whether it was suppose to be Goldust TV, and Dustin said it was. They kept it around after he left though like some sort of voyeur camera. Jack said he heard rumors that Vince Russo wanted it to related Tom Green.

Jack asked if he got along with Vince Russo and Dustin said he did. He then spoke about his interview Mike Tenay on TNA, and that he?s on the same page as Russo on the vision of what they?re going to do in TNA together with his new character. He said much of what he did as Goldust came from Vince Russo. Dustin said he very thankful for Russo going to bat for him in TNA and bringing him on board.

Dustin said the next Pay-Per-View will be the debut of what he?s going to do in TNA.

He was asked if he thought TNA did a good job of mixing established stars with the newer younger guys that people may not have heard of yet. Dustin said he thought so. He said he was glad guys like Sting, Angle, Christian, and the Steiners, and that guys like AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, and others. He said he doesn?t think they have any guys that shouldn?t be out there doing it and looking like crap.

Jack spoke about seeing a TNA house show in Cape Cod, and Dustin said that it?s good that TNA is running more house shows and that they need to.

Dustin also said they?re real close to going to 2 hours soon as well. He said that Dixie Carter and Panda Energy have worked hard and stood behind TNA and they?re getting closer and closer to breaking through.

Dustin spoke being backstage with Billy Gunn (Kip James) at one of the most recent shows and watching the X-Division guys climbing and jumping around and falling on their heads and getting up like it was nothing. Jack asked if when he sees that kind of stuff if he tries to talk to those guys about not doing such crazy moves in the rings. Dustin said he could give them advice on timing, but they?re wrestlers in their own style and that he could never do that sort of things. He said they know when they make mistake because he can hear them talk about it and that it?s their domain.

Jack mentioned that Christian, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe will also be at this upcoming NWA Legends Fanfest. Dustin said they?re great guys and that he recently got to talk to and get to know Samoa Joe a little bit better at the last few shows and that he?s a really good guy and a great worker. Dustin also gave great praise to Christian, and AJ?s work, as well as Rhyno, Sting and many others.

Co-host Barbie asked a question from Buck in the chat room. He asked if he felt that Goldust was the beginning of the Attitude Era in the WWF. He said that he did. He said he wasn?t saying it with a big head, but that he honestly felt that Goldust set the standard for everything risque that they do now. He said he was very proud of that.

Dustin said he was very proud of his accomplishments in the business and that he appreciates what he?s accomplished along with all the fans, and that it?s a tough business.

Caller, Bob, asked if he felt the professional wrestling business was harder now with the road schedule or if it was harder when his father started. Dustin gave an example of how crazy the travel can be. He said you get use to it.

Dustin spoke of having his truck repossessed and having to get a car.

Bob also asked if his father was on the road as much as he is now when he was growing up. Dustin said he wasn?t sure, his parents got divorced when he was young and he lived with his mom at the time and couldn?t really say. He said he knew his dad traveled heavily when he was working in Florida.

Finally Bob asked if it seemed weird that Vince McMahon has embraced his brother Cody like he has recently and that his dad is there in WWE, but that he?s now in TNA. Dustin said he could say he hates Vince McMahon all day, but that when the Chris Benoit tragedy occurred Vince did the right thing by having an empty arena. He said he lost respect for Vince when he continued the show after the tragedy of Owen Hart though.

He said he?d love to be in the ring with his dad and brother.

Jack asked what he thought about comments that he?s read that Vince McMahon for whatever reason has always refused to call him Dustin Rhodes, but has decided to call his brother Cody Rhodes. Dustin said he doesn?t even really think about it, that his brother?s been given the chance to carry the football and he needs to concentrate on not dropping it.

Dustin then reiterated the importance for him to wrestle Tully Blanchard at the NWA Legends Fanfest and once again thanked the fans.

Jack asked if he goes there are sort of a fan, getting to see a lot of the guys again. Dustin said definitely.

Jack then asked a question from Casper in the chat room. He asked whose idea was the Seven character in WCW, and if he would have liked to have continued. Dustin said that the Seven character was his creation, and that it was inspired by the movie Dark City. He spoke about working on the music with Jimmy Hart and wanting to float to the ring and being a kind of boogie man kind of character.

Dustin and Jack then spoke about the movie Dark City. Jack said he enjoyed Dark City more than The Matrix. Dustin said he liked Matrix: Revolutions.

Dustin told the In Your Head gang to introduce themselves at the Fanfest and they?ll have a beer together. Jack informed Dustin that Incher unfortunately doesn?t drink. Dustin joked he would buy him a milk.

NWA Legends Fanfest August 10-12th in Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information visit http://www.nwalegends.com. Dustin was also there to promote his recent debut and his upcoming appearances in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. For more information visit http://www.tnawrestling.com.

Check out the actual interview in it?s entirety at In Your Head radio and join the show live every Wednesday at 8e/9c pm at http://www.inyourheadonline.com.

Also check out Norrin Radd on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=NorrinRadd01.

If you use any of this please credit: Norrin Radd & http://www.inyourheadonline.com

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