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XjasonX Shoot

Posted in Fan Shoot Interviews by Jack at 06:18, Aug 04 2007

Conducted by the Flea

Flea; What is the highest number of sisters from one family he has burned through on his sexy voyage ?
Jason; hmm?I fooled around with twins in a Chinese buffet parking lot, but everyone fooled around with them?although megan and Nicole hold a special place in my spank folder?oops I?ve said too much
Flea;Very well put.
Jason; you have no idea flea?they were cute little things?but they were messed up?

Flea; Who was your favorite member of the 4 Horsemen?
Jason; Easily, Arn Anderson...he was awesome?describe Arn Anderson in one word: AWESOME
F; I'm with you on that. AA was the man. How about your favorite AA feud?
J: Hmm?I loved his feuds against dusty, and I enjoyed his run in the dangerous alliance?I actually met Arn when I was 8 and I have his autograph from that meeting?
F; You're one up on me.

F; What guest on IYH were you most nervous to talk to ?
J; Honestly?Tully, and it showed in my question?he?s a wrestling god, he was a horsemen?it?s quite intimidating..
F; I agree. It was quite a moment talking with him.
J; That it was?I was honored?but I still feel bad for wording my question terribly?
F; We all get nervous.

F; Trolls or ogres?
J; Ogres?they can help you build a house?they are big and strong?trolls they have fucked up multi colored hair and that weird smile on their face that looks like they might try to molest you?
F; Yeah, Trolls suck. Ogres all the way.
J; I know a guy who is nicknamed the ogre?haha

F; Favorite IYH moment?
J; Do I have to name one?
F; You must under the laws.
J; I would go with the Headies?it was an awesome episode, and was completely hysterical
F; I also loved that one. Which award was your fave?
J; I enjoyed XT and Eltnafan getting feud of the year?and casino man stole the show?

F; Last good meal you had?
J; The last time we had meatloaf at my house?my dad makes a mean meatloaf
F; What's his secret?
J; I have no idea?it might be the breadcrumbs he uses?or the fact that he makes a special sauce for it

F; Favorite IYH interview?
J; Hands down George South?I don?t think any since then have been half as informative
F; That dude could talk. He could give Cornette a run for his money.
J;That he could?oh man?I?d love to see those two meet for lunch?they?d come in at noon and leave at midnight?haha

F; Favorite Dr. Who?
J; The one where the max headroom guy disrupts the signal in Chicago and gets spanked by some broad whose arms you see and nothing else
F; I'm sorry. We were looking for Tom Baker on that one.
J; Never really got into dr. who?sorry?

F; If you could tell someone not familiar with IYH one reason to become part of the community what would it be ?
J; for all the tomfoolery and shenanigans that take place, well that and the atmosphere of having semi-serious wrestling discussions that tend to go off in other directions for humors sake
F; On the subject of that, top 3 posters that can sidetrack any conversation?
J; Norrin, Slarti, and Ducky?but it?s all for a good cause

F; Your favorite BBQ place?
J; Bulls Bar-B-Q at Citizens Bank Park?where else can you eat BBQ and meet a baseball legend
F; Where's that? I'd go there tonight.
J; It?s in philly where the phillies play?

F; Dream guest for IYH, who has never been on before ?
J; Either Kevin Von Erich or Raven
F; Great choices
J; i?d love to hear raven on IYH?that would be an event

F; T or A?
J; have you seen my girlfriend? HAHA?I like both personally?I want it all?MUWHAHAHA?if I had to choose A?sometimes T gets in the way, where as A?A is always fun?now if we are talking about Test and Albert?I would take Albert because he?s being utilized very well in Japan right now?where as Test looks skinny and frail
F; The A is of course the correct answer.
J; Awesome?a tight little tush, or some junk in the trunk?you can never go wrong
F; You and me need to visit Santo one day.

F; Shaved or landing strip ?
J; I also like both?Variety's the spice of life. I like a wide selection, although if you are a redhead?I want something down there to verify if the carpet matches the drapes?it?s only necessary
F; I'm not a readhead.
J; I?m glad you aren?t flea?haha
F; I feel I've been bamboozled.

F; Best hair on the message board?
J; Barbie for his Chris Jericho like locks
F;I'm down with that.

F; What is your favorite prime number ?
J; 19 it was my number in soccer
F; Also Bernie Kosar's #
J; I?m glad to be in good company
F; The best. I have his jersey.

F; Your favorite moment in calling in to IYH?
J; Anytime I could help with the witty banter, particularly during the ?aftermath? episode where, we were discussing my cold as iceness?made me laugh?and I?m sure others as well
F; Excellent
J; I plan on using that story with some more humor in my eventual stand up comedian career

F; Jack or Flea ? who would you rather have dinner with ? (Remember who's conducting this shoot. )
J; uh?Flea?we?d have to go for bbq
F; Oh hell yeah!

F; Woman with the shapliest legs you've ever seen?
J; I dunno?that?s another tough one?I guess I would say that broad from who framed Roger rabbit, or lita ford circa the runaways
F; Jessica Rabbit. I like
J; Who didn?t like her?I also forgot scarlet johannson?she is very cute?and she?s my age?
F; Good actress.

F; Should Yam rename his wife Sweet Potato ?
J; sure why not?spice things up?a little spiciness never hurt a relationship
F; Mrs. Yam, you know what must be done.
J; haha

F; What scares you the most?
J; Gnomes?they are fucking creepy with their ability to just stand still like that all the time?oh and travis having children one day?that?s scary as well
F; Spookiness!
J; You have no idea?I caught him doing in the backseat of his car already?I still make up with night terrors from that incident?
F; You're shooting too much.

F; Does Jason like Sweet Potato Pie ?
J; I love sweet potato pie?it?s the most perfect pie that I can buy for less than 100 bucks?
F; Egads!
J; I was young and desperate?what can I say

F; Who was MVP of Superbowl 3?
J; Some people will say that it was Joe Namath?those people are wrong?it was actually it was his severe case of Venereal Disease that he acquired the night before the big game as part of a ritual of his where he would have to find the most diseased ridden homeless woman in the town they were playing in?although he never was with the same homeless woman twice?Which is why is career wasn?t longer
F; Yeah but he did look bitchin' in that mink coat.
J; That he did?and the panty hose as well

F; Would you rather be stranded on Island with Barbie or Incher ?
J; incher his tree climbing abilities would come in handy to fetch food, while I?m fighting off savages with my amazing ability to act like I can?t see them
F; Great answer! That scores bonus points
J; awesomeness

F; Favorite heel tag team?
J; The midnights?come on now?second would be the freebirds (they would be first but they were cheered just as loud as the VE?s)
F; That'll get you extra time in the bonus round
J; Even better?I want some fast money and no whammies

F; Do you prefer Psycho Jason or Undead Jason?
J; Undead I could be a zombie then
F; Zombies are the way to go.
J; That they are?vampires are also cool?
F; I smell a WYH shoot...

F; How many lovers including one night stands have you had?
J; 6 for going all the way, I?m in double digits for making out and fooling around?but I?m too lazy to count that high
F; That's okay. I'll add 2 just in case of drunken blackouts.
J; Well I haven?t had a drink since I was 18 and became straight edge so you don?t have to worry about drunken blackouts on my part?hahaha
F; 8 it is.

F; Of all the people you've ring announced for, who is your favorite?
J; Probably Rockin? Rebel cause he made me laugh my ass off before I went out to announce his match
F; How so?
J; Just cracking jokes?nothing unusual?I also enjoy announcing my friends in the business?as when I?m doing their intros I also make sure I do them a little better than everyone elses.

F; Best high flyer of the modern era?
J; Kevin Nash is there any argument there?Seriously that?s a tough question?I?m not into high spot matches, so that narrows the field down significantly, because most of the high flyers are merely just spot wrestlers, and I?m a meat and potatoes fan?I want some psychology in my matches?wow?everyone I could think of being a good high flyer doesn?t do much psychology?Mike Quackenbush?he?s great at what he does
F; That works
J; Flea you have to check out quack?he?s a true comic book nerd, and he?s a fantastic wrestler
F; It shall be done.

F; Coke or Pepsi?
J; I personally love RC Cola, but out of those two Coke?it?s no way near as sweet as Pepsi?
F; Damn skippy!
J; Blah?I only drink pepsi If I have to

F; Who did your favorite clothesline?
J; Another tough question?Hansen was the guy who made it lethal, yet Kojima and Homicide are doing wonders for it in the new millennium?Hansen?his is tough to beat just because he was blind and didn?t see how he was hitting the guy?
F; I'll tell him at the fanfest.
J; Sweet?Hansen is one of my heroes

F; Boxers or briefs?
J; Boxer briefs perfect comfort
F; Sly answer
J; I love boxer briefs?the boys are always just right?never too snug

F; If you could do it all again would you change anything?
J; Nope?I wouldn?t be the person I am now if I didn?t do the things I?ve done?
F; I'm down with that

F; Shirts or skins?
J; It depends on the sport and who is playing?I don?t want to watch men?s basketball with their shirts off, but I do want to watch women?s volleyball with their shirts off?
F; That'd be the only way I'd watch
J; We?d have to have some bbq as well

F; Favorite Walkie call in moment.
J; When he bestowed upon me the money in the bank
F; I like that

F; War or peace?
J; War is normally fought to gain peace, they are essentially one in the same?
F; Logical

F; Last good book you read?
J; Controversy Creates Cash?
F; Favorite part of the book?
J; Reading about his night on raw, and how all the boys were completely shocked when uncle eric came walking through the locker room

F; Water balloon or squirt gun?
J; Water Balloon, you can attack like a ninja with one of those?
F; Ever think about becoming Jason the aqua ninja?
J; No?I don?t know if?d be a good ninja I?m as stealth as dusty rhodes
F; He's pretty light on his feet for a big guy.

F; Death trade one current wrestler to bring back a dead one. Decide!
J; who I would trade Randy Orton for Curt Henning, hands down
F; Consider it done. I'm tight with Riren the necromancer.

F; AC or DC?
J; It?s hot I?ll go with AC?
F; Diplomatic

F; What famous monster would you like to see Duckman battle in the future?
J; Mothra or that thing the power rangers used to turn into
F; Mothra works
J; I love Japanese monster films?they rock
F; Duckman is the mayor of monster island.

F; Wind or solar?
J; Solar, use the sun for more than skin cancer
F; Better tan Hogan or Flair?
J; They both have an odd color of orange brown?but I?ll go with Hogan for the tan head

F; Dish,Crusher Chris or Walkie?Who has the highest pitch?
J; Walkie no doubt about it?chris and dish are still kids their voices will change?walkie is a special case
F; That he is.

F; Would you rather wipe with sand paper or newspaper ?
J; newspaper it will give me something to read at the same time
F; The booty cam comes in handy. I'll have a tough time topping that this Christmas
J; Haha

F; Favorite wood ?
J; oak?it?s sturdy
F; Nice grain

F; Will you ever remove that big ass Phillies logo from your sig?
J; I already did
F; Freakin' Golgo!
J; I now have Nintendo style Hansen clotheslining the hell outta abby

F; If you had a Djinn and he offered you a wish, what would you choose?
J; To make sweet passionate love to the chick from paramore?
F; A simple wish
J; She?s so damn cute, and she?s a redhead?a dangerous combo

F; Do you fear intimate contact with midgets or dwarves?
J; No?I think it would be funny?
F; They bite. Be careful
J; I saw?we got travis a midget adult film for his birthday a few years ago?you could say he is the snow to my foley

F; Best big man ever?
J; Vader, although Bam Bam Bigelow was quite good as well
F; Oh yes
J; Albert is doing well in japan?so he?s in third

F; Were you scared when you first got pubic hair?
J; No?I was scared when I coughed one up because my girlfriend at the time was not into the whole shaving thing?what was I thinking
F; Hmmmmmm.
J; It was rather traumatic

F; Favorite promo guy on RPG?
J; Old hoss
F; I agree.Yours are quite good as well
J; Thanks?I?ve struggled to keep that intensity?so I?ve been making myself the straight man to travis off the wall behavior
F; It's been the golden age of RPG this year.

F; What's your favorite Kevin Bacon film?
J; Animal house
F; Naturally

F; Maltese Falcon or Casablanca?
J; Casablanca?I?m a softy
F; Nothing wrong with that

F; What is the happiest time of your life and why?
J; When I didn?t have herpes but the person beside at the time did?
F; Yowza.
J; Actually I made that up?I can?t pin point one moment?but I still say the summer of 2002 was the best summer I ever had?it was the last time myself and my friends were all hanging out at the same time?now we all live in different places and have our own lives?but that summer was the best

F; Sexiest valet evah'?
J; baby doll, she was a perfect 10
F; Are you going to the fan fest?
J; I wish?but I am too poor and I don?t have vacation time just yet

F; How do you go about building a half monkey half robot killing machine ?
J;did you ever see that movie cannibal holocaust it would start that way, but I would put the brain in a robot, and I would teach it Spanish, because most of the United States speaks it, and then I would teach it to give speeches that make no sense, and dress It up like ross perot, and have it run for president, and then the fun would begin?I?ve said to much?
F; Perotmonkey android! Brilliant!
J; Yes it is?do you want some stock in it

F; Favorite breed of dog?
J; Yorkie?the fucking adorable?although German Shepard?s are second
F; Cats?
J; I love pussy?oh cats?yes I love cats?they are freaking awesome?

F; World Class or AWA?
J; World class, even when it was bad it was still exciting?besides the pay offs were great and they barely left dallas
F; I'm with you.

F; Favorite Ice cream flavor?
J; Peanut butter swirl

F; Flintstones or Simpsons?
J; Simpsons circa 1989-1998
F; Better boss Mr. Slate or Mr. Spacely?
J; Slate?he wasn?t as miserable as spacely?

F; Single most memorable match?
J; For me it would be Savage winning the belt at wrestlemania IV, it?s one of the things I can look back on and remember why I still watch today
F; Awesome

Flea; Favorite Ron Hexe song?
Jason; Andre was big yeah yeah yeah?he was not small no no no

Flea;Well done Jason.
You've scored 16,436 and have a chance in this weekends big drawing for cash and prizes.
Thank you sir.
Jason; Thank you flea?I enjoyed this, and it was a pleasure?

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