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Highs and Lows of RAW

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 03:58, Aug 25 2005

by The Blue Blood

Highs and Lows of Raw


Shawn Michaels' Promo: He cut a other really good promo. His string of promos have really good lately. Its even more amazing that Chris Masters cut a good one on Shawn Michaels. Hope fully this is not a feud that goes to ppv and if Michaels can?t carry Masters through a good match on raw nobody can.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Kurt Angle: A excellent match as you expect from these workers. Shelton needs to get put in a feud with Kurt Angle at some point in the in the future. A good time would be around the Royal Rumble. Shelton at first needs to be put in some more lower card feuds to build him up.

Carlito's Cabana: It is Ric Flair country so it was a good place to return. Carlito getting the rub from Flair is good. If this leads to a match for intercontinental belt I hope Carlito goes over. Flair doesn?t need it and if he does over I hope it a short reign like a one week one.

John Cena vs. Chris Jericho: A good way for Jericho to go out in a good match. He I thought is was great the way Bischoff fired him getting thrown out by security. Then there is a built in feud right there Jericho vs. Bischoff feud. But more in likely the creative team will forget about it by then. Cena looked good in this match. I hope Cena will learn something in these matches.

John Cena and Kurt Angle Feud: This was a good transition from one feud to another. I wish again that Cena will learn some more from Kurt Angle. I remember all there matches in the past all of them have been a good. So it will be a good match. I hope something doesn?t happen in the storyline to screw up that end up though.

Lance Cade and Rupert Murdoch: I like this new tag team and its gimmick. I think it going to really help the tag team division on raw. I never been a big fan of Lance Cade in his promo ability. But it look like he really improved in that during his time out.


Big Show vs. Gene Snistky: I?m even surprised that I am putting this here. But I am. Big Show some people don?t like him but I do and he carried Snitsky through a okay big mans match. They kept it short to though which is good. I?m not a big fan of this feud continuing though.

The Diva Search Winner Segment: I thought it was a okay segment. They freshened up the women?s division and Michelle looked great in that segment. There was no real point in it though. Just to beat up on Ashley.


Kerwin White Segment: Poor Chavo they put him in a white racists gimmick and he is not even white. Soon there either are going to trash the gimmick soon I hope and not trash Chavo in the next string of releases

Gene Snitsky Foot Fetish: This is just plain freaky. I couldn?t figure out how they could make Gene Snitsky but they did. This a thing that I hope creative team forgets.
Rob Conway vs. Matt Hardy: I have no clue how the wwe creative can screw up this feud that was written for them but they did. Matt Hardy jobbing out to Rob Conway is a tragedy. Matt Hardy didn?t even sell the injury right. I wouldn?t be surprised if we see him on Heat after this feud.

I give this addition of raw a thumbs up. Thank You for reading.

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