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IYH Live Tonight 7:00 PM EST !!!

Posted in News by Jack at 05:03, Oct 09 2007

Click for the run down of the show.


Live tonight In Your Head returns to it's new time slot Tuesday evening at 7 PM Eastern. Please join us for the live show, chat room, interview and your calls!!!

We'll be going over the ROH Driven PPV, WWE No Mercy and all the wrestling news of the week, and hell this is IYH you'll get a heavy dose of whitty banter non wrestling related. Maybe even an anti-TNA rant, ya never know.

At 7:30 we will be joined by "The Man Who Put ROH on PPV" G-Funk president Ken Gelman. If you have a question for him about ROH on PPV including the current Driven and upcoming PPV's please call in between 7:30 and 8:00 PM Eastern.

If you want to talk to us about some wrestling topic then call in during the final half hour of the show 8:30 to 9:00 PM Eastern.

508 644 8503

Skype jacknoff in last segment only, not while the guest is on air.

All month long we will be giving away a FREE Rey Mysterio mask for you to go trick or treating, backyard wrestle, wear at a live show or hold up a bank in !!!

So this Tuesday heat up the spoon and open a vein for a near lethal shot of 100% pure grade A IYHness !!!!!

And don't forget we're antisocial a-holes and you can no longer hear us on other websites so come to WWW.INYOURHEADONLINE.COM can't remember the website ? Get an IYH URL tattoo and win yourself a free IYH button and 5/8 of a prize point !!!!!


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