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Interview Recap - Greg the Hammer Valentine

Posted in Interview Recaps by Tyler at 10:05, Aug 18 2005

by Neal Jones

Greg The Hammer Valentine was this weeks guest on In Your Head at www.inyourheadonline.com. Greg The Hammer Valentine was welcomed to the show, he joined us to promote the upcoming NWA Legends Fanfest this weekend August 19th to 21st - for more information visit www.nwalegends.com .

Greg says this is the 3rd convention he's been to in Charlotte. He will be wrestling on Sunday at the Legends Fan fest.

Greg talks about getting the name the Hammer from the way he wrestled. Giving the big slaps, and chops.

Greg talks about having a match with Flair again to see who gives the hardest chop. He says Flair had a hard chop, but Ric would block it when he got chopped. Greg says Ron Garvin was a tougher man, and never blocked anything. Garvin and Tito are 2 of his favorites because they let him beat on them.

Greg talks about Benoit being a throw back to the old style. He'd like to wrestle Rock, Angle, Stone Cold, HHH in WWE currently.

Greg talks about being able to have a good match with Rey Mysterio. Saying they put all the flyers vs the flyers now, but a good bigger guy could have a great match with Rey or other small flyers.

Greg talks about staying busy on the indy scenes. And liking to wrestle guys who wont try and hurt you. Greg talks about having to take care of yourself. And that some guys are intimidated by him. He likes to wrestle guys who are used to being in the ring with him. Greg talks about the difference between working stiff and trying to hurt guys.

Greg talks about getting RVD started on Indy shows.

Greg talks about his seminars, he has one coming up in the end of September. Talking for 2 to 3 hours with young wrestlers. Helping teach them the psychology. Greg the seminars are great for guys coming in since there isn't territories anymore.

Greg says the guys jumping around so much is the biggest problem he sees from them. They need to slow it down and tell a story. Greg says the guys can do moves now he never dreamt of doing. They just lack psychology.

Greg talks about not letting the crowd dictate the match.

Greg talks about how Vince changed the business. He thinks the business was better off when it had more competition. The guys could learn more if there were more territories. WWE will always be the #1 place to go. But they need a place to learn. They can't learn in a gym or only wrestling once a week. Greg says more regional shows on their own or ones made by WWE would be great for the business.

Greg talks about working with Roddy Piper. He loved wrestling with him. He says they beat the hell out of each other for 4 years. And were happy to go to the WWF at the time. Greg talks about the dog collar match being on the new WWE DVD. Greg talks about the quality of the DVD's and that a new audience can see them.

Greg talks about seeing his new action figure out. He says its a great compliment. Also being on the legends video games and the WWE video games. Greg talks about being reintroduced to the newer fans which help them on the Indy shows.

Greg talks about wrestling Tito Santana. He loved wrestling him, because the fans would feel sorry for him. And Greg would be mean and nasty. And the matches would really get over.

Greg talks about being managed by Johnny V and Jimmy Hart. He loved them both.

Greg talks about the Bulldogs being his favorite tag team to wrestle against. He didn't like the Killer Bees or Rougeau Brothers. He liked the US Express.

Greg talks about the Bulldogs playing ribs on guys. Greg tells a story of them ruining Outback Jack's hat and shaving his eyebrows after slipping something in his drink. Greg talks about Joe LeDuc going to a bar one night, who Vince had told to not go to a bar, drinking beers with the Bulldogs. Greg said if you went out to drink with the Bulldogs you were in for trouble.

Greg talks about Ric Flair. Saying he cant repeat most of the Flair stories. Greg says the one about Terry Funk going around naked in the streets with his cowboy hat and boots on were true. Greg talks about always being late with Ric Flair for the shows, they would travel by limo.

Greg talks about road travel being worse in NWA. And when WWF went national there were so many flights.

Greg talks about being surprised when they split him and Beefcake up. He thought they could of put the belts back on them. Greg says they were a tag team that could sell out arenas.

Greg talks about the small feud he and Beefcake had. He says Brutus didn't want to do it, and Greg did.

Greg talks about the New Dream Team with Dino Bravo. He says nothing against Dino but he didn't like the team professionally. Greg says looking back he wished he gave it a better try. But he was burnt out from trying to start over and help another new guy.

Greg talks about feuding with Garvin. He remembers both chests bleeding from the stiff chops. Both were old school and wanted the arena to believe they were really beating each other.

Greg talks about his father Johnny Valentine. Greg remembers people saying Johnny would get goose bumps when he would get hit hard.

IYH fan The BlueBlood asks what it was like growing up with a legendary wrestler as a father. Greg says it was tough at first because it was big shoes to fill. Greg talks about his dad, Wahoo and Flair really helping him out when he was starting out.

IYH fan the Flea asks who the stiffest guy he ever wrestled was. Greg says Wahoo.

IYH fan Casinoman asks about teaming with Honky Tonk Man. He says it was fun acting like he was singing. But he hated the black hair, and he was a serious wrestler.

Greg talks about turning baby face in WWF. Greg says it wasn't much of a turn. He says if he knew then what he knows now it would of been much better. But the timing wasn't right.

Greg talks about the Hall Of Fame. He said the reaction was great. He really enjoyed it. Greg says the wrestlers were respectful. And a lot of them were marks to him, which he appreciated.

Greg talks about talk with WWE over an angle with Randy Orton.

Greg talks about his short run in WCW. Greg says Dusty Rhodes brought him in and was high on him, but Billl Watts took over and they never got along. And then coming back years later under Bischoff. Greg says he never had good luck in WCW, they were very clique orientated.

Greg talks about TNA. He says he never had any talks with them. He never saw TNA as making it. But is glad they have a new TV deal. And hopes they have a shot at it. He likes a lot of the guys who work there. But they need to get rid of the 6 sided ring.

IYH fan Bob from Florida asks how he liked tagging with Tommy Rich in the AWF. Greg says he enjoyed it, he wasn't sure because Rich had never been a heel, but it turned out good.

IYH fan Glenbo asks about the front face bump. Greg says he stole it from his dad. His father would do it in a bar for example. He learned from his dad how to do it, and used it in the ring.

In closing Greg tells his fans he really enjoys the Fan Fests. They are a lot of fun. He has always been a serious wrestler. And he now has come out of his shell, and likes to meet his fans now. And he is glad they appreciate the old school guys.

Greg will be appearing at the NWA Legends Fan Fest , more information is available at http://www.nwalegends.com and check out www.inyourheadonline.com for interviews with Stan Hansen, Ricky Morton and Ox Baker who will also be appearing at the Fan Fest. And join us next week for
General Adnan Alkaissey.

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