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Highs and Lows of RAW

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 01:44, Aug 17 2005

by The Blue Blood

Highs and Lows of Raw


Shawn Michael's Segment: A great way to kick off the show. He is not?t a good singing the lyrics of O? Canada. But he can sure cut a great promo. I was there live. I live about an hour away from there in Vermont. I couldn?t hear myself talk that is how loud people were saying you screwed Bret. Then he started talking about how he screwed Bret starting to really pissing off the crowed. Then he started to challenge him. Then Bret?s music hit it blew the top off the building . Then nobody saw him. I was even a little ticked. Then he got on the subject of Hulk Hogan saying he is going to do the same thing to him as Bret. Hogan music plays with a smaller pop. Then nobody came out again. Then he started to say there?s nobody in the industry that can touch him and Hogan?s and Bret?s limos wouldn?t have arrived yet. Then he starts to sit down. Saying there?s know realistic bone in Hogan's body. Shawn then wonder?s if the crowd teaches there children that bad language there chanting. Then Shawn said if Hogan had any doubts ask Bret. I willing think its won of Shawn?s greatest promos. I even thought he was going to hump the Canadian flag but he is to Christian for that.

Eugene Invitational: Ren? Dupree has great looking sideburns. I?m going to grow my out some day. It wasn?t much of a match. Just a tie up. Then Angle came in threw Ren? Dupree out of the ring. Then beat the crap out of Eugene. I think it?s a good way to help build up the feud before they go at this Sunday. Hopefully Angle will go over in the match since he challenging for the WWE title in Unforgiven.

Eric Bischoff from Canada Segment: I thought this is a really funny segment. Since every one gets cheered in Canada if there from Canada. Between Chris Jericho saying there?s many differences between eastern and western Canada and Eric Bischoff telling them telling Carlito is from southern Canada. I got a good laugh.

Hurricane, Stacy, and Rob Conway: Also thought this was great segment. Hurricane going out with Stacy why can't it be me.

Edge vs Val Venis: I thought this was a good match. Kind of one sided towards Edge. But Val Venis got enough offense to make the match good. Edge did really save the Matt Hardy feud with that promo last week. But I wish Matt Hardy would of made a run in today or some sort of appearance today.


Hurricane vs Rob Conway: The crowd was dead in the match. I wish that they would scrap the Con Way gimmick and have him reform La R?sistance with Ren? Dupree. It would help the tag division. But that is not happening soon. The match was okay. There both good workers especially Hurricane. Good thing they didn?t have his waste of a partner Rosey fight. It would have been horrible.

Hulk Hogan vs Kurt Angle: It was very fast match. I can?t really judge it. But it looked okay even though he had trouble going up for the angle slam and the back suplex. By judging by this match I still think he can get carried in a match.

Diva Search: I was thinking where I would put this in the middles are the lows. Thankfully its over. But who they picked was the hottest girl there and looks athletic enough to in the ring so I put the diva search here.


Big Show vs The Heart Throbs: Just a squash match. A few cool spots like the double choke slam. Also its not a good way to help the tag division. Watch them win the titles a week from now. Even though I didn't like it. But the crowd was in to the match.

John Cena vs Carlito Caribbean Cool and Chris Jericho: Not a good way to go in to Summerslam by having Cena beat not one but two people and won of them his opponent at the PPV. There trying way to hard to create the Eric Bischoff John Cena feud to the Vince Mcmahon Steve Austin feud. We already know John Cena will be put in a feud with Kurt Angle. Hopefully when Chris Jericho is done with this feud he will be put in a main event feud with someone. Carlito needs to start branching off in to a other feud with someone for the intercontinental title like a Hurricane or Tajiri.

I give this addition of raw a thumbs up.

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