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Family in Wrestling

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 07:48, Aug 20 2005

by Wacko Bob

For those who have been wrestling fans for years and know the history of the business. You will know about this curse that I'll be talking about.

Kids of legendary Wrestlers and Promoters seem to always look for there free pass into the business that made there parents a lot of money. And a lot of them also go into it because there Father thrust in on them to do. For the most part lyes in the truth about where this issue will show its meaning and historic facts about Wrestling and Family.

Through out History when you see a promoter you will see there kid. With a promoter running there region to be the success that it is always will have its flaws. Where inside the promoter who takes care of there stars in there region they will do more for there son. Always pushing them to the top and always surrounding there shows around them.

Texas and World Class Championship wrestling with the Von Erich's would have to be the best place to start this point. Fritz Von Erich started out as a successful wrestler but when he saw the hot spot that Texas was with wrestling he jumped rite in to it buying that promotion. With him came his kids and all would become top players there. Even though guys Like Chris Adams would achieve there main sauces the Von Erich boys would become gods there. And most of that would be do to the fact that there father would Solely work with them and let the booker work with the rest. Names like King Kong Bundy, Rick Rude, The One Man Gang and Even the Freebirds would make it there, but it was all about his boys. There is a bad point too! All the boys had there demons that would be ignored too. From keeping things out of the press Fritz would pay off reporters to keep there boys from being exposed when they got into trouble. The end result would have talent leaving to go elsewhere and lesser names coming in. And in the end World Class would fall with the Death of the Von Erich's happening and there names becoming big events.

Another Promotion that would also see this was the once high profile AWA run by legendary Vern Gagne. He would put himself over as the champ and would feature in son Greg a lot. Greg would never be a would champion but would be featured in big matches with some of the best wrestlers ever. Stars like Hulk Hogan, Rick Martell, Jerry Blackwell, Curt Hennig and Nick Bockwinkell would be involved in feuds with him or as partners in tag teams. Greg Gagne was a small guy but did have talent but did not have the heart to want to be a wrestler. Featuring him mite not be the thing that caused the AWA to go under as the AWA let the old guys run the top spots too. But His push would make fans lose Interest too.

Stu Hart and Stampede wrestling would go the way of the Von Erich's and Wold Class with his kids too. All would be on top there and name stars like JYD, Bad News Allen, And others would get fed up with Brothers like Keith, Bruce, Bret and Owen would get the top spots and wrestlers would resent it, Even the fans too. All the Harts where talented wrestlers but were not the only ones there. Stampede would fall and Vince McMahon would buy Stu Hart out.

Promoters are not the only ones too look at here. Bookers are to blame as well. Dusty Rhodes aside from putting himself over in Florida and in the NWA he would also feature his son Dustin when he booked for WCW. He would receive a lot of flack for it along with Bill Watts for pushing his not ready son Eric like he did.

When you get stars who like there father get into the business some will be successful some won't the best case for sauces that deserved it would be guys like Ted Debiase and The Funks. But Guys like David Samartino and Mike Graham would be guys the fans would not care as much for and there careers would end very early. Mike Graham's case though he would not wrestle all the time as he would do other things behind the seems for his father in Florida.

As we look at things today with The WWE and NWA TNA. We see this case again. Jeff and Jerry Jarrett owners on TNA with Jeff on top there all the time. And fans like us hating it. And in the WWE with 3 outta 4 McMahon's always on camera and Triple H married to Stephanie always on top there. This is all getting the fans to see how predictable wrestling is in North America and give for more negative feedback then positive. Even though the make others look good its always there names you will here about. With wrestling on the decline this is not the way to go in a lot of peoples eyes and lots of them have turned wrestling on for this reason.

Could families be responsible for this decline and even cause wrestling to be over? Time will tell if this is the kiss of death for this sport.

opinions are welcome to this issue!

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