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Interview Recap - Ron the Truth Killings

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 08:14, Aug 14 2005

by Neal Jones

Former NWA World Heavy Weight Champion Ron Killings was the guest on www.inyourheadonline.com promoting the TNA Sacrifice PPV for more information visit www.tnawrestling.com

Ron talks about the match at Sacrifice, he and Konnan vs Monty Brown and Kip James. And what will happen with the 3LK tag team after the PPV match.

Ron talks about tagging with Konnan before BG James came into TNA. And then forming the 3LK.

Ron talks about the shoe spot from Konnan. And how Konnan started it in Puerto Rico. He knew it would get over big.

Ron talks about loving the vignettes when they started.

Ron says he likes the Nashville crowd better than the Orlando. He likes the Orlando one too. But the Nashville crowd was a dedicated crowd.

Ron talks about being very excited over the Spike TV Deal. He said there's no way they can go anywhere but up.

Barbie brings up the internet and sheets talking about TNA not going to make it a year. Ron says even Vince McMahon did some stuff to hurt TNA in the beginning.

Ron talks about wanting to do some more songs with 3LK in and out of wrestling.

Ron says he loved Vince Russo. He was one of the smartest writers in the business. He'd be a great asset now for the business.

Ron says Russo was behind the name change to The Truth Ron Killings. He says the name change was great for him.

Ron says a lot of guys were surprised at his mic skills in TNA.

Ron says he was a fan until his teenage years of wrestling. He loved the Road Warriors, Ric Flair and Magnum TA.

Ron says it was the #1 opportunity in his life when he won the NWA belt, being the first African American champion.

Ron talks about having more mic time when they get on Spike.

Ron talks about a friend of his who used to do his air brushed t-shirts. And hes thinking about taking his character back to that look.

Ron says he was alright with the name change because no one can copy right your real name.

Ron says he hated the name they gave him in XPW. He says federations do that so they can own your name.

Ron talks about being trained by Manny Fernandez. He taught him psychology and the basics. He says he was an awesome guy.

Ron talsk about wrestling AJ Styles in NWA Wildside early in his career.

Ron talks about going to Memphis under a WWE developmental deal. He learned the most at Memphis. Jim Neidhardt, Steve Regal and Tracey Smothers were his trainers.

Ron says he was friends with BG James/Road Dogg so he didn't get ribbed by the other guys.

Ron says he was surprised they let him go so fast. WWE told him they had nothing for him.

Ron says a lot of the recent guys let go by WWE, TNA could use. They just shouldn't take everyone because a lot of the current TNA guys busted their butts for the company.

Ron talks about feeling proud to be in TNA, since he was there since the beginning and its grown since.

Ron talks about thinking about leaving the business when he was let got by WWE. And pursuing his music business.

Ron talks about a new CD and site coming up in a month or so.

Ron does some free styling rhymes for In Your Head.

Ron talks about Scott D'Amore taking over as booker. He thinks hes good for the business. Ron talks about Dusty Rhodes. That TNA needs a new mind that can change with the times. Ron talks about the pick up truck filled with hay as their office.

Ron talks about the TNA locker room. He compares the TNA to WWE locker room. He says its night and day. Less pressure, less eyes on you.

Ron talks about having some pressure when they put the spotlight on him right away in TNA. But he ran with it.

Ron talks about WWE knew he could do promos from his indy days. But they never gave him the opportunity.

Barbie asks some questions from the message board. CJ Styles asks when we will see him in the title hunt again. Ron says soon. And Toast Hogan asks if he prefers heavy weight or x division matches. He says he prefers Heavy Weight.

Ron thanks his fans, and we go into an independent rapper Duckman (http://www.thecaffeparadiso.com/ ) song, who will free style rap with Ron Killings in an upcoming episode of In Your Head.

The IYH crew were also joined by IYH fan Toast Hogan. As well as IYH fan
CJ Styles to talk about this week in wrestling. And the IYH Crew go over the TNA PPV Sacrifice.

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