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Foley to TNA: doomed to fail?

Posted in Xtremeview by Jack at 09:25, Sep 12 2008

First off I want to start this off by saying I am a HUGE Mick Foley fan. No matter what character he was portraying I always thought he stood out over the majority of the other talent. Mostly because Foley unlike a lot of other guys had his own look, style, and obviously could cut one hell of a promo. Meeting him once at an autograph signing was a highlight for me but as much as I love to see Mick perform it pains me to say. TNA signing Mick Foley will be doomed to fail!

Over the past four years two things have been made very clear to me by results. President Bush is a complete idiot, and signing big name talent doesn?t mean big results. I don?t care how you slice this argument just because you sign a big name star does not mean he will draw you ratings. Case in point Sting, Kevin Nash, Rhino, Team 3D, Booker T, Christian Cage, and perhaps the biggest of all Kurt Angle have signed with TNA. What did this accomplish? Absolutely nothing! Ratings continue at the usual 1.0 range, Buy rates have been the same, and pretty much everything has been the same. Why is that you ask? Simply, at the end of the day if you don?t use a big name right then he?s no longer a big name.

Which is the biggest question of all here how will TNA use Mick Foley? Mick Foley retired from fulltime competition in 2000 and outside of a few matches here and there he hasn?t performed on a big time level since losing to Ric Flair at Summerslam 2006. Also Mick Foley himself has admitted he only has a few matches left in him so is he willing to waste them on a pointless TNA feud? Also considering most people wouldn?t trust TNA Creative to book a dinner date let alone a major wrestling storyline I have very little hope we could see some great feud develop that would make fans want to see Mick in TNA that is for sure. Also the question of who Foley would wrestle is a big question because at this point who could have a serious feud with Foley on television. Almost every TNA character is a blithering idiot or a goofy moron.

Also with talk of backstage roles it really makes one wonder is TNA signing Mick Foley because he can add to the program or are they signing Mick Foley because he?s Mick Foley the former WWE superstar? Can Foley out of a wrestling role really add anything to that company? We?ve seen Commissioner Foley and while it was entertaining in WWE I don?t see how an authority role really makes any difference to the program. Will Foley just end up like Bob Backlund back in 2007 were he became nothing more then a goofy guy standing in the background? Also I?ve read he might become a commentator which while he couldn?t be any worst then West or Tenay?s usual crap fest is that really the best way to use Mick Foley? So again your left asking what is there to do with Mick Foley in TNA?

It?s very obvious if used right Foley can add a lot to that company however what does TNA really add to Mick Foley? In his last book Hardcore Diaries he talked about his almost jump to the company in 2005 before resigning with the WWE and admitted himself he really couldn?t be much more then a shot in the arm for the company and that was before about 10 more WWE matches 4 of which were Gruesome Hardcore matches. So 3 years later what does Mick really stand to gain out of this company other then a pay check? Maybe if TNA creative wasn?t so inept in basic logical ideas he could create a major storyline, have one big match, and prove to Vince McMahon he doesn?t need the WWE to be recognized. However that?s all on the shoulders of TNA creative which I?ve stated many times throughout this column are idiots and can?t be trusted with this type of job. So while Mick Foley may have done what he felt was right remember at the end of the day some of Mick?s most loyal fans are questioning this decision and probably will be as long as it goes. Don?t believe that? Check out his comments on his own Myspace.

Luckily for Foley his TNA contract is reportedly a short term agreement which could mean he?s one and done with this company. However who knows maybe TNA will get lucky and the 1.2 TV rating they are hoping for will happen. While it?s laughable that a company is hoping for a 1.2 rating at this point maybe they can reach it. Maybe Foley will help breath some much needed life into this dead company. However what happens will be interesting but it seems like this has another big name failure written all over it! So TNA the ball is in your court time to use it correctly.

That?s all for this time and Feedback is welcomed.

Jason ?Xtremefalls? Simmons

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