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Veterans vs. Young Guys

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 09:21, Nov 19 2008

...learn to know when it's your turn!
by Caitlin "Slave for Petey"

Seriously I'm getting tiered of this bickering back and forth because it's the same crap week after week. Sting is complaining that the young guys in the back show no respect to the vets yet they don't do as they preach. Although for me I'm on the fence about this because I'm the one to give more respect then most would. Those who's paved the road already deserve credit and respect.


They grew up in the era where the guys wanted nothing to do with the younger guys and taught them little to nothing. They wanted to hold onto their spot as long as possible and wanted the young guys who what they felt knew nothing about the business. I understand where they are coming from because yes they did pay their dues they deserve it. But there's only so much you can do before people get tiered and bored and say the ''Hell with it!'' But if they don't learn to share with the young guys then there won't be a company they worked so hard to build.


These are the guys who go out night in and night out busting their ass trying to make a name for themselves...to try and put on the best damn show they can. They are willing to risk life and limb to make the company the best they can. Guy's like Eric Young and Petey Williams look up to guys like Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart and others because they grew up watching them they wanted to be just like them. They end up keeping their mouth shut backstage because they don't want to upset ''Upper Management'' in fear they will go no where but down and out. Then they lash out when they go no where because the vets can't learn when to step aside.

I don't like when guys like Sting do nothing but demand more money when they do damn little. Sting only shows up for tappings and PPV's when he's needed and that's all. TNA had to pay him more than the $6K he was ALREADY making to show up to the Fan Fest. He must have forgot that if it wasn't for us he would have that big fat pay check. Then there's guys like Team 3D and Kevin Nash who still get paid big money yet they actually work for it. They help the young guys backstage try to get over they TRY to make them look good. Stop worrying about how much damn money you'll make because we might just leave you then what will you do when we won't shell our money out to you?

-- Can-Am Hero -- Slave To Petey -- Caitlin --

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