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Hall of Fame Class of 2008 - Krusher Koxx

Posted in IYH Fan Hall Of Fame by Jack at 00:47, Dec 25 2008

We are proud to induct the sixth member of the class of 2008 IYH Fan Hall of Fame...Krusher Koxx.

For his loyalty and support of the IYH franchise we present him with this great honor. Krusher is a long time fan of IYH, the show as well as the message board. Krusher's abrasive no nonsense attitude can be seen first hand on the IYH board, chat room and on his rare call ins. Krusher's finest hour most likely came in his infamous call to IYH guest Mr. Terrific. Many might not realize this but Krusher's association to IYH predates the show itself. Krusher was once tag team partners with IYH money mark Hugh Mongus as the famous Hugh Mongus Koxx team. Rumor has it during their inter-gender tag title reign there wasn't a woman who wouldn't go down immediately when she found herself confronted by Hugh Mongus Koxx. For a short period the group joined with Jack as the infamous 6 man team Hugh Mongus Koxx Jack N. Off. Krusher is a full supporter of IYH during the AW message board battles, along with reviewing books for IYH and even taking part in a shoot interview. Krusher was also appointed the official enforcer of the IYH kingdom.

Jack, Oneinchbiceps and Barbie Richards welcome Krusher Koxx into the IYH Fan Hall of Fame.

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