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Ask X #1

Posted in Ask X by Jack at 16:32, Jan 24 2009

by Jason X

Don't forget to send in your questions for the next installment. Please leave some feedback.

Alright, welcome to the first article of Ask X. Where I'll be doing my best to answer your wrestling related questions. This week's article is brought to you by Throwdown's 2nd full length album "You Can't Be Blood To Be Family" and a glass of apple juice. So on we go with the questions

Our first two questions come from PhuckYou, and he is curious about the Mysterious Egg from survivor series 1990 build up, and the ranking of the NWA promotions

Why did the WWF invest so much TV time with the "magical egg" that hatched at Survivor Series......When the payoff was Hector Guerrero in a chicken suit??

I believe general consensus at the time was that the egg was probably going to unveil who Dibiase's mystery partner was, but I'm not sure on that. I also did extra research and I truthfully could not find any definite answer to this.

In your opinion, rank the NWA promotions from the 80's (Georgia, Mid South, Mid Atlantic, Texas, Florida, Portland, Mexico....)

I'll base my list only on the success of the promotion?plus I'm only covering the North American territories, because I would have to list leagues like the Korean Wrestling Association, Which I'm sure few of us have never heard much of or even seen any footage of. Also if I was to add the Japanese promotions it would make the list a little more complicated as both AJPW and NJPW were in and out NWA affiliation throughout the 1980's

1. Mid-Atlantic (over all the most successful out of the bunch as they end up taking over all the other NWA territories)

2. Georgia (up until the buyout to Vince from the Brisco's this would've been number one, but when Vince bought their air time and then sold it to Crockett, the Georgia territory just became the first NWA promotion Mid-Atlantic took over)

3. World Class (great wrestling, great atmosphere, but too many real life incidents took away, and Fritz's lack of desire to push towards expansion doomed them)

4. Mid-South (would be higher but they dropped out of the NWA in 1982, and went off on their own, which would become in my opinion one of the best wrestling promotions in the 1980 the UWF)

5. WWC (Puerto Rico's longest running promotion, had many NWA title matches there throughout the 1980's and was immensely successful both in Puerto Rico, but also got covered here in the states in the Apter Mags and so on)

6. EMLL (Mexico's oldest promotion, now currently known as CMLL, was home to many of Lucha's biggest starts, and was home to Konnan before he formed AAA)

7. Portland

8. Florida (Portland and Florida were both a toss up for me as I have read tons about them, but I have only seen a few things from them, but Portland ran straight from the 1960's to 1992, whereas Florida closed and started up for about a year in 1989, so my nod goes to Portland and the more successful promotion)

9. St. Louis (up until the 80's it was the Mecca of the NWA, then Bob Geigel took over, and began to ruin the good name of the NWA, let's be thankful Crockett took over)

10. Central States (Harley Race's promotion was home to Masa Chono on his first tour of the states, also it was where Marty Janetty got his start, also home to Butch Reed, Slick, Mr. Pogo, and Mr. Hughes.)

11. Stampede (they were an NWA territory for most of their late 70's-early 80's success)

The Next set of questions come from the Taylor Made Man of the 90's TerryTaylor?I'm curious would he be offended if I created a special chicken wing sauce called the red rooster? His questions are about how wrestlers styles affect their career and can newer wrestlers refuse to take a move they feel is too dangerous

Do you think a wrestlers style, extends or shortens his shelf life? As an example, do you think a smaller wrestler, should always wrestle the high risk, high flying, and more dangerous style? Or is it safer to try and make as a smaller guy, with a mat based style. Also if you want to count Hard-Core as a style, how much does that shorten ones career? And in all cases, is the more risky style worth it?

Honestly, I really am against the stereotype of a smaller wrestler should always do high risk, style of wrestling. It does nothing to really differentiate guys on the roster. Dean Malenko is a great example of a small wrestler who didn't work a predominately high risk style, and he got over, was a multi-time champion in ECW, WCW, and WWE. With the Hardcore style it's really a toss up, because there are guys like Tommy Dreamer who can still physically go he may never have a 5 star match but he can still have a good match, but there are guys like Sabu who continue to limp through matches even though their body cannot continue to handle it. With that said look at the people who have really made a name for themselves here in the states and you see a lot of guys who didn't work a primarily risky style of wrestling. Triple H is a great example, especially his ladder match with The Rock at SummerSlam 98, they told a story with their ladder match, whereas almost every ladder match since has been nothing more but a can you top this spot fest, and Edge became a bigger star when he himself stopped a lot of the high risk style. Also guys like Samoa Joe and CM Punk got noticed more for the fact that they could work a 60 minute match than they could they jump off of a ladder or could they do a 450 splash. So I would go with a less risky style is better overall for the wrestlers health and career

Does a wrestler ever have a chance to refuse taking a certain move. I know some WWE veterans are protected, but when just starting out, is it acceptable to not take some unknown guys top rope vertabreaker?

Well, it really depends on who the wrestler is working with. I know from the people I know on the indie circuit, that they make sure to protect each other as often as possible and will not do moves that the other isn't comfortable taking. So I really think it boils down to who the wrestler is working. I'm sure there are people who feel it is part of paying dues, but paying dues won't be paying medical bills if the person taking the move isn't comfortable and it get's messed up bad. In WWE I also believe it's which veteran you are working with, as there are guys like Taker, HBK, HHH, Edge, Matt Hardy and Regal who have been around for years and will make sure to protect younger wrestlers and help them improve I the ring (in HBK's and HHH's case they won't help them backstage), and on the other hand you have guys like JBL, and the recently fired Bob Holly who will go out of their way to stiff and sometimes hurt a younger opponent to make them pay dues. So again I got back to that it depends on who you are working a match with

Craig gives me the wonderful chance to book a future WWE card

How would you book wrestlemania 25?

With the roster now and figuring in the apparent return of Christian Cage to WWE this is how I would have it look. Also I'm going on record as saying that Christian is the guy behind all of the Jeff Hardy attacks.

WWE title ? Edge Vs. Triple H (a returning Christian Cage will cost Jeff the title at Royal Rumble)

World Title ? Cena Vs. Jericho


Jeff Hardy Vs. Christian Cage

ECW Title ? Tommy Dreamer Vs. Jack Swagger

Money in the bank ? Punk, Kendrick, Rhodes, Manu, R-Truth, Miz

That's all I have at this point?I really have no clue where to go with Orton or Taker

My friend Spec_Sun has a question about the ladies this week, although next week's question from him will have a very long answer

Is there a chance that Mickie James will go out with me?

you can try Spec?From what I hear she's been single for quite awhile.

Norrin has a question about our boy Vinnie Mac

Is Vince McMahon good for wrestling or just good for Vince?

Awesome open ended question?truth be told half of us wouldn't be wrestling fans if it wasn't for Vince, all this bullshit about how "I watched this more than WWE" or "I became a fan in the 80's but because of the NWA not WWE" is a joke. Wrestling truthfully wouldn't be where it is if it wasn't for Vince, the only people who were truly close to competing with him aren't around because of their own personal short falls. With that said we can't kid ourselves, Vince tends to gear the shows towards what he wants. That's why we see tons of guys who are 6'5'+ and are muscleheads who have no talent. 1) it's what made Vince his money 2) it's what he thinks the general public buys as a wrestler and 3) it's his company. For all the times we wanted to see Jericho, Punk, Hardy or Edge, and he would push Cena, Batista, and so on and so forth, is because he believes that is what will sell tickets. So it's really a toss up, as he did wonders for the business, but he also alienates a lot of diehard fans from WWE.

HillbillyZombie wants to know about a proposed TV show that was once going to star Hacksaw Jim Duggan being a Judge that later was to feature Brian Knobbs in the same role

I thought Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Brian Knobbs were supposed to get their own Judge Shows. Whatever happened to those projects? Are they still going to be produced? If so what channel? because I would watch both every day!

okay, now as far as I know, Duggan left the fledgling show when he signed his WWE contract which is where Knobbs comes into play. I have found the website for the show, but I don't know if it has been picked up in syndication or what, but here is the address there is a video of the pilot on there?and I'm pretty sure once you watch it you'll understand why it probably was never aired. http://www.trailercourtjustice.com/index.html

A World Without ECW? I Love Lacey is curious about it

If there was never an ECW would WCW and WWE have achieved the same level of success in the 90's?

I don't think they would have, the idea of a wrestling world without the original ECW is interesting, because there would certainly never be a Monday night war like we saw. Nor do I think Vince would've gone into the creative and financial struggle that he went through. Nor would he have seen guys like Eddie, Jericho, and so on. Hell Mick Foley may never have been a WWE World Champion, because he wouldn't have had ECW to reinvigorate his career and get notice by WWE. This question is comparable to the idea of what if Hogan never went to WWE in 83. There are so many things that may never have happened. But I really feel that without ECW's influence on pro wrestling there wouldn't have been a late 90's wrestling boom. Let's think about the things that ECW introduce and brought back to American Wrestling Scene in the 1990's

· Blood

· Violence

· Hot Half Naked Chicks

· Passionate Fans

· Matches That Would Go Longer Than 5 minutes

· Blurred the Lines Between Good and Bad

· Brought Reality Back To Wrestling

· Intelligent Storylines

· Presented it as Wrestling, Not Entertainment

· And so on

Without those things Wrestling would've been stuck in a lull that they were just starting to hit by 1992.

The man who is the Host of In You Head wants to know who I would think the Mysterious Benefactor should have been

Who should DDP's mysterious benefactor have been?

Well they should've drawn it out a few more months and make it Ted Dibiase, and he was doing it to get DDP join the nWo, and be with his friends Hall and Nash. That would've been much more interesting, and it also would've given the nWo more of a reason to go after Page, then when he just gave Hall a Diamond Cutter as a way of saying no. The could've had Dibiase come and introduce him as the most underrated free agent in wrestling, talk about how he wine'd him and dine'd him to get him to join the nWo, only to have DDP pledge his allegiance to WCW. It would've been a huge face pop, and it might have given WCW more a shot in the arm when it came to the fans buying into them as the babyfaces in the feud.

With that I'll leave this week with my good, bad, and weird wrestling videos from you tube this week.

The Good:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvN0utGSeJo - A rare clip of the PPV countdown show to WrestleMania 2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuZOGUiAVtE - The night the World Class Banner Came Down
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uEItmSP2mg - The Chris Hero Vs. Human Tornado feud in PWG

The Bad:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOO35RnynAk - Lou Thesz Interviews Paul Christy and Bunny Love in Spike Hubers PAWA promotion
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0ZfVR8rgaU - From the mid 80's California Championship Wrestling promotion (a personal favorite of mine when it comes to bad wrestling)

The Weird:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6T7NU2UQU8 - Mondo Guerrero VS. The Shark

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XvyWztqv6Q - Pinoy Wrestling?

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