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Ask X #5

Posted in Ask X by Jack at 16:50, Feb 22 2009

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Here we are again with week 5 of Ask X, I want to say thanks to everyone for contributing questions. You guys are the reason this is a success. What a week it has been in wrestling. Sonjay Dutt left TNA, I see ROH in his future, or he might go back to his old home promotion of CZW and help revitalize their roster. WWE left Colt Cabana go as well, we all know a ROH return is coming hopefully he'll get their belt as he was and is one of the most underrated talents in the business. With that, let's get on with the column

Norrin is leading off this week, with WrestleMania and WWE Hall of Fame questions.

Norrin: Please speak about what was (in your opinion) the greatest storyline with the most successful resolution to culminate at a WrestleMania, and also speak about the worst.

A: okay, in my opinion I feel like a lot of the recent WrestleMania main events haven't been fully resolved after WM as they tend to have a rematch the next night on Raw or at the next PPV. With that, it's hard to say that the most successful storyline resolution would have to be Hogan Vs. Andre at WM III. The match gave everybody what they wanted to see, and people wanted to see Hogan pin Andre and you really can't argue 93,000+ fans going to the building to see the match, we can sit here and argue whether it was really 78,000 paid and 20,000+ papered, it doesn't matter the show set records, and it is still one of the most complete WM cards WWE ever had and in the build up it rested on the shoulders of Hogan Vs. Andre, it ended the way it was supposed to happen (which is something that doesn't normally happen now). Now as far as worst storyline columniation in WM history. I'm going with WM V, and hear me out on this. But in the real world if someone was putting his friends woman before his friend, that's cause for a fight, and that guy would be a traitor. So how is it in WWE Hogan was the good guy? If it was me the perfect culmination would've been Savage winning, and proving that Hogan was a traitor and he did have lustful eyes for Elizabeth. Hell even at 5 years old I knew Hogan was in the wrong. Hogan winning that match was great in that it sent everyone home happy, but Hogan was the heel in that storyline.

The World Wrestling Entertainmant Hall of Fame, as we all know, was put into full gear as a blatant money maker for WrestleMania weekend. Regardless of the reasons of it's origins, do you feel as time has passed and more professional wrestling legends have been honored and inducted that the WWE Hall of Fame has in some ways become legitimate?

A: Yeah I do think it has become legit. I know a lot of people will say that it isn't legit until Bruno is inducted, but let's look at this realistically. WWE has made the offer to Bruno to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, Bruno chooses to not be there. Don't blame WWE and their Hall of Fame because Bruno is close minded. Before, the Bruno fans come after me, Bruno has refused to evolve with the business, it is that simple, and I'm saying that growing up in a family that loved Bruno. Now, WWE has made the offer to people who truly do deserve to be in the HOF. This year's lineup cements that, with not just Terry Funk getting inducted but Dory Funk as well. Add in the entire Von Erich Family, the WWE HOF has the credentials to be looked at as the legitimate Pro Wrestling Hall Of Fame.

Over the years many wrestling superstars have been embraced and have been at odds with WWE and Vince McMahon. Some have even been at both ends of that spectrum. Who are some of the performers who you look at who are no longer in the good graces with World Wrestling Entertainment and you say,"never say never,"? Who are the ones who you can almost certainly say,"never," to? And more specifically, is there any hope for Randy Savage?

A: Benoit is a never, we can get that outta the way, as much as I liked the man's work in the ring, he killed his wife and son you can't ignore that when you go back and look at his work. I think there is indeed hope for Savage, and I'm not saying that as a life long Randy Savage fan, I'm saying that as a person who appreciates hard workers. Savage has always been consistent in his matches, promos, and everything else. With him being so prominently featured in the Saturday Night's Main Event DVD release (highly recommend it), and that he is a getting a three disc best of DVD, that according to all reports is going to be strictly matches, gives me a feeling that the bridge is soon going to be repaired. I think one day we will see Owen Hart in the HOF, and I think Bruno will also be in one day as well. The Ultimate Warrior might be a never, but that depends on him.

PhuckYou is batting second this week, with questions concerning Owen Hart, and who would be on my top 50 list.

PhuckYou: Had Owen Hart not botched the tombstone on Austin at Summerslam..... Would Austin still have an impact on the wrestling world today, and how so???

A: There is no doubt that Austin would've had the same impact. Austin's popularity and how big he was going to be was undeniable. I believe he would've been bigger had he not been injured because the road was going to lead to an Austin/Bret feud. That feud would've put Austin over better than his title win over HBK and the first few months of Austin vs. McMahon.

When you rank your all-time list (that being in ring work, combined with drawing power)....... Where would you rank Gergeous George??? Not the chick who did porn, but the main draw of the 50's......... Would guys like George, Lou Thesz, Sammartino, The Strangler, or Bobo Brazil crack your top 10???

A: well since I couldn't do this with out coming up with some type of list it did a top 25 and here it is. Now I know many will argue me putting John Cena in my top 10, but considering that a) I'm not a fan of his, but I do respect his work and b) he's selling more merchandise in his prime than Hogan was in his prime, it's hard to deny Cena that position especially when he is still going to be very good and popular for the next few years.

Ric Flair
Hulk Hogan
Steve Austin
Bret Hart
Dusty Rhodes
Randy Savage
John Cena
Roddy Piper
Lou Thesz
Bruno Sammartino
Terry Funk
Jerry Lawler
Ricky Steamboat
Harley Race
Ted DiBiase
Gorgeous George
Kerry Von Erich
Kurt Angle
Eddie Guerrero
David Von Erich
Arn Anderson
Tully Blanchard
Magnum TA

I Love Lacey is batting third this week (sorry I'm in baseball overload this week) with questions about Portia Perez, and the legacy of ECW

I Love Lacey: Why is Portia Perez so ridiculously frickin' awesome?

A: I'll be honest I've never been a huge Portia Perez fan, I remember a former chikara ref that I am friends with telling me how great she was, then I saw her wrestle the Haze at a chikara show and I was not impressed, I've heard that she has gotten much better since then (this was 2006 when I saw her in chikara) but I haven't seen much of her. I prefer LuFisto when it comes to the Canadian female wrestlers. Candice LaRae is pretty underrated as well.

As someone who was a fan of the original ECW dose it cheapen the legacy to know that it was essentially a developmental for WWE and partially funded by Vince McMahon?

A: No it doesn't, it was shocking to hear that in the Rise and Fall DVD, but I can't say I was entirely surprised. When you look back why else would Brakkus been in ECW or Droz been in ECW. Furthermore, they never went out of their way to feud and call out WWE on their shows. Their war was with WCW. When you look back it's obvious something was worked out between Heyman and Vince, especially when you look at the joint ECW/WWE Raw episode. It was one of the best episodes of Raw in a long time when it aired. I think it cheapened their legacy when WWE started the Attitude era, because it was essentially ECW, but brought to the masses, it enabled new fans to write ECW off as a copy cat, that didn't help ECW's legacy. But fans like you and me, we know the real truth.

Spec Sun is batting clean up as he is a certified hoss. His question is about WWE PPV theme music.

Spec Sun: I'll make my questions simple this week.

If you could, who would you have perform the WrestleMania theme song in a given year?

A: I think Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue would've been an awesome theme song for WrestleMania V. With the current WrestleMania's anything from Hatebreed, Throwdown, Atreyu, Eighteen Visions, and any other current hardcore/metal band would have a good song that would capture the emotion of the event.

Also, should the E bring back the old classic themes for Survivor Series, SummerSlam, and Royal Rumble? I miss those a lot. We all grew up on them, and they added a sense of excitement to the event for me.

A: I'd love for them to do it, as I like you thought they added excitement to the show, but the used of current songs from current bands adds just as much to the shows as well. They just could pick some better songs or better bands.

Dennis Wanker is up 6th this week checking in with questions about the Intercontinental Champs, and the best and worst of WCW. Thanks Dennis for subscribing to my youtube account as well.

Dennis Wanker: don't think anyone has asked these, and if they have, I apologize...

In your opinion, who was/is the best Intercontinental Champ

A: I have to go with Randy Savage every match he had when defending the belt meant something, factor in that he defended that title a lot when he was champ WWE really went out of their way to make him a great champ. Of the 90's I'd have to go with Dustin Rhodes. And from the Modern Era, even though Jericho held the belt more than anyone. Rob Van Dam was the consummate IC Champ and when he did defend the belt it was always a good match. Those three were the top champs

Best and worst storyline in WCW

A: Their best storyline was also their worst. The nWo saga was great the first year of it, By the time the Sting/ Hogan match took place it was watered down, then they broke the group up into two factions, then they reformed, broke up and reformed. It became redundant. From 1996-2000 there was a version of the group. It was their best because it helped them beat WWE for 84 weeks in ratings. It was their worst because they kept going back to it when they lost their audience and watered it down every time.
Jack is up next in the line up with a question about an indy workers name

Jack: There is an Indy worker calling himself Jimmy Jack Funk, Jr. Why would someone do this ?

A: Well I know that his trainer George South is a stickler for the old school style, but I think it was the wrestler himself that came up with the name. And let's keep it that way as I know George South wouldn't come up with it. As for why I'm going to assume he wanted to have the last name Funk and didn't want to rip off Dory or Terry.

Last but not least this week is El Santo Loco

Santo: what's your favorite AAA in English episode of 2008

A: I like them all, it's helped me to keep up with AAA since I don't get Galavision anymore. Add in that Santo you are entertaining on the mic it makes it for that much more of an enjoyable show. I'm not a big Lucha fan either but you keep it interesting. Here's a quick shill for your show http://myspace.com/aaainenglish
Check it out when you guys get a chance

With that we are done for the week. I'm off to Cabela's for the day (fishing season starts soon and I'm going to start going again). Leave your comments on the message board or e-mail Jack. Also check out Santo's show as well. Show him some love.

Till next week

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