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3rd Annual IYH Wrestling Awards Ballot

Posted in Misc Stuff by Jack at 07:25, Jan 02 2010

Fill this out, pick your top 1-3 in each category. Feel free to pick only one, or up to 3 in order of preference. Send it to me here or email it to jackisbackbrother@hotmail.com

Overall Wrestler Of The Year: All around best wrestler of the year.

WWE wrestler: Best wrestler of WWE.

TNA wrestler: Best wrestler of TNA.

Indy wrestler: Best wrestler of ROH or your favorite Indy.

Tag Team of the Year: Best tag team.

Hell Yeah: Best in ring performer to watch.

Match of the year:

PPV of the year: Best all around PPV.

Female wrestler of the year: Best female wrestler.

Commentator: Best play by play or color commentator.

Non wrestler: Best non wrestler or commentator, such as managers, valets, GM's, backstage announcers etc.

Rookie: Best new comer.

Most improved: Most improved wrestler from previous years.

Worst wrestler: Worst wrestler of the year.

I love that guy: Your personal favorite, regardless of why.

I hate that dude: Your least favorite person in wrestling, regardless of why.

Best Face: Best "good guy".

Best heel: Best at being the bad guy.

Best promo: Best talker in the business.

overated: Most overated person, other may love em but you think they suck ass.

Underated: Who doesn't get enough credit ?

Biggest news event: Biggest news in wrestling in 2009.

Biggest Flop: Wrestler, event, storyline that was meant to be big but was a bomb.

Please Come Back: Who isn't around that you want to see back in 2010.

Please go away: Who needs to retire.

Best angle: Favorite storyline.

Worst angle: Worst storyline.

Deserves Better: Who gets the crappiest angles or is buried that shouldn't be ?

Promotion of the year: Favorite wrestling company.

Most embarrassing: Who or what makes you want to turn the channel when someone else walks in on you watching wrestling ?

Holy Shit!: Moment, in or out of the ring, that caused you to lose your mind.

Guilty Pleasure: Maybe he sucks, or it was a dumb as hell angle but my God, you love it anyway.

Look out for: Who will make a big name for themself in 2010 !!!

Favorite DVD:

Personal award: Make up your own award

Decade Awards

Wrestler of the Decade:

Diva of the Decade:

Tag Team of the Decade:

Match of the Decade:

Commentator of the Decade:

Most Memorable Moment of the Decade:

IYH Interview of the Decade:

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