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The Draft!!!

Posted in Audio Archive by Oneinchbiceps at 15:48, Jun 15 2016

Time for another edition of the greatest wrestling audio show that ever existed! Join President Clinton Juju Bee Jack E Jones and Oneinchbiceps for a very special edition of IYH!

It's the Draft!! Listen to Team Icon of the Bees and Team Prez Goat as they pick all the WWE superstars for their own personal Draft. The line was drawn, who has the superior roster! You'll just have to listen to find out.

Also went over all the current topics in wrestling world.

- Lights went out on Impact.
- AJ Styles vs John Cena!
- Monday Night Raw.

Listen now! If you don't now it might be to late!

IYH_160614.mp3 Download

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