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TNA Impact 3/15/2010 Recap

Posted in Wrestling Reviews by Jack at 06:09, Mar 16 2010

By: Bob Colling of http://chroniclesoftna.proboards.com/

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
Date: March 15th, 2010
From: Orlando, Florida
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Tazz
Reporting: Bob Colling from http://chroniclesoftna.bravejournal.com/
(past TNA recaps dating back from 6/19/2002 to 2/129/2003 are at the above link with more to come!)

A video highlighting last weeks show and the heel turn by Sting is highlighted. Rob Van Dam?s debut is also shown, as is the beat down by Sting. Desmond Wolfe attacking Hogan and Abyss is shown. As is, Jeff Hardy showing up.

?Hogan?s Heroes?

Abyss, Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam show up to the arena in a hummer. Abyss was driving.

TNA opening video

TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles and Ric Flair make their way down to the ring to start the show. Styles calls Abyss a scary looking, but stupid wrestler. Styles asks Abyss if he thinks a ring is going to help him this Sunday at Destination X. Styles mentions some classic matches with Abyss. Styles says that Abyss pushed him to his limit. However, the result has always been the same with Styles up and Abyss down. Styles does not believe in the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. He also doesn?t believe in magical rings. He believes he is the best wrestler in the world. He also believes that he is a ?gift from god? and that Abyss is going to find out first hand. Flair grabs the microphone and says that he can not be under control like Styles. Flair throws down his jacket and points at his forehead that is kind of bleeding. Flair punches himself and he starts to bleed. The blood goes into his left eye and it looks kind of weird. Flair says that he hates Jeff Hardy. Hardy?s music hits and Hardy makes his way out to a seemingly dubbed reaction. Flair asks Hardy who he thinks he is. Styles calls Hardy a nobody and says that he hasn?t done anything. Styles tells Hardy he has done nothing here in TNA. Styles gets in Hardy?s face and some paint gets on his nose. Styles challenges Hardy to a match tonight. Styles is kind of having a hard time acting like Flair tonight. Hardy has a microphone and says ?it will be a breeze?. Flair tells Hardy to get high off some paint to get out here tonight. Hardy says he is going to be flying high on the backs of his creatures of the night and lets out a weird yell.

Backstage, Mick Foley enters Eric Bischoff?s office. Foley apologizes for last wee. Bischoff is going to change everything and says tonight they are going to shave Foley?s head and beard.


Mike Tenay and Tazz welcome us back and hype up the Hardy vs. Styles dream match. They also promote a Hogan/Sting showdown and Foley getting his hard shaven.

A video showing a attacked by the Nasty Boys on Jesse Neal is shown. Sags power bombs Neal through a table with food on it. Jimmy Hart is laughing the whole time.

Brian Knobs says they were suppose to have a six man tag match but it will be a handicap match and laughs. Team 3-D come down and set a table up on the entrance ramp. Bubba tells them this isn?t going to be a handicap match as they have a partner. Brother Runt runs down and gets a mild reaction from the crowd.

Opening Contest: The Nasty Boys/Jimmy Hart defeated Team 3-D/Brother Runt: Sags and D-Von start the contest. Sags with a knee and right hands to control the match. D-Von with a shoulder block and tags in Runt. Runt with a double axe handle but is stopped by Sags moments later. Runt with a few running head rams to knock Sags and Knobs down briefly. Sags sends Runt into Knobs for the Pity City. Sags with a scoop slam on Runt and tags in Knobs. Knobs sends Runt head first into the turnbuckle. Hart gets the tag and gets a few stomps in. Hart has a belt and misses a whip. Ray comes in and cleans house with right hands. Sags is sent into Knobs in the corner and they are splashed by Ray. Runt leaps onto Sags on the floor. Ray knocks Knobs down with a elbow shot. Hart is distracting the referee which allows knobs to hit Ray with the motorcycle helmet and Hart pins Ray to win the match. ½*
After the match, the Nasty Boys and Hart beat down Team 3-D and Runt with a belt. Jesse Neal runs down and cleans house with bruised ribs. Team 3-D and Neal drive Sags through the table with the 3-D.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Angelina Love. Hemme asks how Love feels that her former friends are the tag team champions. Love is mad and issues a open challenge to any of the Beautiful People to a match. Love doesn?t care who accepts as she believes they are trying to be like her.


Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Sean Waltman and Scott Hall. Waltman says that they have been kicked out of better places. Hall isn?t worried about anything and says that they are going to get it done. Hall says they will be the next big money players in TNA. Kevin Nash and Eric Young walk over and has a wad of cash. Nash wants Hall I the ring for five minutes. Nash will give him 25K, Hall accepts.

A video showing the beat down by Kurt Angle on Anderson is shown from last week.

Second Contest: Kurt Angle/D?Angelo Dinero defeated Mr. Anderson/Desmond Wolfe: Angle and W with Wolfe start the contest with neither man getting a clear cut advantage in the first few moments. Anderson refuses a tag early on form Wolfe. Angle with a hip toss on Wolfe and follows up with a hammerlock. Anderson tags in once Angle is being controlled and gets a few shots in. Anderson drives Angle into the corner and tags in Wolfe who gets a few shots in of his own. Angle with several right hands but runs into a big boot. Angle quickly takes Wolfe down with a overhead belly to belly suplex. Dinero gets the tag and Dinero hobbles taking Wolfe down with several shots. Dinero with a backdrop and plays to the crowd. Dinero with a series of elbow shot and uppercuts Anderson. Dinero with a STO on Wolfe but only gets a near fall. Angle with the Angle Slam on Anderson. Wolfe reverses and drives Angle down with a hammerlock DDT. Wolfe goes for the figure four on Dinero but is rolled up and Dinero gets the three. **½
After the match. Wolfe attacks Dinero and works on the ankle before sending Dinero over the top on the entrance ramp. Wolfe with a uppercut on the ramp way. Anderson drives Angle down with the Mic Check in the ring. Wolfe and Dinero are brawling to the backstage area. Anderson has the warrior medal and cuts the forehead of Angle. Anderson gets a microphone from the ceiling and taunts Angle directly in his face. Angle is dripping blood. Anderson says that this is Angle?s fate at Destination X this Sunday. Anderson hits Angle with the microphone several times.


Backstage, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam have entered the office of Hulk Hogan. Hogan tells Hardy to take care of Styles tonight. Also, Abyss will be the special enforcer tonight for his match. Hogan tells RVD he knows what to do to make it fun tonight. RVD likes it. Eric Bischoff walks into Hogan?s office and says that Styles and RVD are on the same page, it appears. Bischoff thinks it was brilliant to bring in Hardy and RVD. Bischoff feels that Hogan could of at least told him about what is going on. Hogan says that Bischoff has been busy with Foley and Jarrett and apologizes. Bischoff says that it is time to make it clear who are in charge. Bischoff leaves and Hogan says ?that was weird?.

The Beautiful People come out and says that Love has one of them tonight. Velvet Sky announces a one night deal member to their group, Daffney.

Third Contest: Angelina Love defeated Daffney via DQ: Daffney attacks Love from behind and locks in a chin lock as the Beautiful People slowly make their way down to the ring. Daffney grabs a tool box and grabs a hammer. Daffney goes to hit Love but the referee prevents that from happening. Love takes Daffney down with several right hands. The Beautiful People come down and attack Love causing the DQ. ½*
After the match, Daffney rams Love head first into the side of the entrance ramp. Daffney grabs the ugly stick as Love is sent back into the ring. Tara runs down through the crowd and takes everyone out with right hands. Tara with the Widows Peak on Madison Rayne. Tara stares at Daffney who is on the ramp Daffney just walks away with a angry look on her face.


The same video shown earlier is shown. The one with the heel turn by Sting and everything else.

Hulk Hogan?s music hits and Hogan makes his way down to the ring. Hogan talks about what happened last week and says it was worse then a train wreck. Hogan says that nothing new happened last week. Hogan he can?t get the image out of his head of his friend Abyss screaming ?Why Sting Why?? Hogan wants Sting to come out to the ring. Hogan wants to know why Sting would stab TNA in the back. Sting appears up in the rafters and Hogan says that Sting is afraid to face him. We see Sting walk the whole way to the ring, which he is taking his sweet time. Sting eventually comes down and is attacked by RVD in the crowd. RVD chokes Sting on the ramp way. RVD with a leaping side kick off the ramp. RVD sends Sting into the ring post and delivers several more right hands. RVD leaps off the steps and delivers another kick. RVD again sends Sting into the ring post head first. Sting has his bat but drops it as RVD continues his attack. Hogan has the bat and waits for Sting to get up in the ring. Eric Bischoff comes out and tells Hogan to not do it. Bischoff says this isn?t the right thing to do. Sting is smirking at what Bischoff is doing. Bischoff tells Hogan that he isn?t a wrestler anymore. Security takes Sting to the backstage area. Bischoff reminds Hogan that he made a promise to his daughter (who we see and is ?upset? at what is going on). Bischoff tells Hogan to be done with it and leaves the ring.

Mike Tenay and Tazz proceed to talk about what we just saw. Hogan goes over to Brooke and hugs her.

Backstage, Hernandez walks into Jeff Jarrett and says what happened last week was bogus. Hernandez wants to help Jarrett take care of Beer Money. Bischoff over heard what was said and stops that from happening. Bischoff books Hernandez in a handicap match against Beer Money. Jarrett wants Bischoff to stop punishing others for his issues with Jarrett. Bischoff books Jarrett as the referee for the match. Bischoff tells Jarrett that if he screws up, he will be fired. Bischoff is sick of what Jarrett is doing.


Fourth Contest: Kevin Nash fought Scott Hall to a no contest: Well, Hall doesn?t really have gear on, at least I hope he doesn?t consider that gear. there is a referee, so this is a actual match. Hall throws the toothpick at Nash. Nash with a knee and several right hands to control Hall. Nash with a few shots to the back of Hall. Hall with a few right hands of his own and yanks on the arm of Nash for a few moments. Nash with a short arm clothesline to knock Hall down. Nash with a series of knee lifts in the corner. Nash follows up with several back elbows. Waltman comes out and chop blocks the knee of Nash. Hall and Waltman handcuff Nash to the middle rope and beat down Nash for a few moments. Eric Young runs down and takes out Waltman and Hall with right hands. However, the numbers catch up with him and is planted with the X-Factor by Pac. DUD
After the match, Hall and Waltman just take the 25K.


Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Beer Money Inc. Robert Roode says that all they wanted was a opportunity to show what they had to offer. However, they have been pushed aside like a couple of rookies. Roode puts themselves over as the greatest act going in TNA. James Storm says that Eric Bischoff gave them the chance to kick some ass and they give them another chance to kick ass against Hernandez. Storm says that they are sick and tired of being the nice guys and playing to the crowd.

Fifth Contest: Beer Money Inc. defeated TNA World Tag Team Champion Hernandez in a handicap match: Hernandez is double teamed as he enters the ring. Beer Money stomp away on Hernandez in the corner. Matt Morgan comes out but turns around and sits down at the announce table. Storm with a Russian leg sweep and Roode connects with a knee drop getting a near fall. Beer Money get in Jarrett face as they work on Hernandez. Morgan believes that Hernandez has gone into business for himself. Hernandez with a double clothesline taking both men down. Roode with several right hands but is met with a shoulder block from Hernandez. Hernandez splashes Storm and catches Roode coming off the middle rope. Hernandez blocks a double suplex and suplex both men down. Hernandez sets Roode up for the Border Toss on Roode but is met with a super kick from Storm. DWI on Hernandez and Jarrett is forced to count the three. Morgan left before the finish as he thought Hernandez had the match in hand. *¼
After the match, Beer Money demand to have their arms raised and eventually Jarrett raises their hands. Beer Money continue to beat down Hernandez. Jarrett is shoved down by Storm. Jarrett takes his referee shirt off and begins to deliver right hands on both Roode and Storm. Hernandez with a slingshot double clothesline. Beer Money walk up the ramp.

Backstage, Bischoff has a smirk on his face as he is heading to the ring to shave off Foley?s hair and beard.


Eric Bischoff is standing in the ring and says that Jeff Jarrett?s ass is his next week. Bischoff says that it is time to clean things up this week. Bischoff calls out Mick Foley and mentions that he has been trying to make something out of Foley, but it is impossible. Mick Foley makes his way down to the ring. Foley sulks his way down to the ring as Bischoff has the razor. Foley sits down in the barber chair and Bischoff says that he is shaving Foley. Foley stops Bischoff and puts the Mr. Socko on Bischoff. Foley places Bischoff in the chair and Bischoff has passed out. Foley grabs the razor and shaves off Bischoff?s hair. Foley wakes Bischoff up and shows him what he has done. Bischoff flips out and covers his head. Bischoff isn?t happy and tries to put his hair back on his head.


A video going over what just happened is shown.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Shannon Moore. Moore says that this Sunday the X-Division will be showcased more than ever. Moore tells Williams that he represents the freaks, basically. Moore welcomes Williams to Glam Rock.

The Ultimate X structure has been set up. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are in the ring. Sabin says that their match wit Generation Me will be a night to remember. Sabin mentions that the winners are number one contenders to the TNA World Tag Team Championships. Sabin believes the pay per view will witness the rise of the Motor City Machine Guns. Sabin asks Generation Me what they are thinking trying to compete with them. Sabin wants to know what have Generation Me has ever gotten to earn this shot. Generation Me make their way down to the ring. Max reminds Sabin and Shelley that they beat them a couple of months ago. Shelley remembers that night and says that luck is always involved. Shelley says they are good, but not great. They are great, according to Shelley. MCMG are the Xbox to their Atari. Shelley makes it personal by mentioning Generation Me?s girlfriends. They brawl at this point with Brian Kendrick running down. Amazing Red runs down and takes Kendrick down with a cross body. Daniels runs down as well and takes Red down with a STO. Kazarian runs down with a ladder and throws the ladder right at Daniels! Kazarian is beaten down until Generation Me send the Guns to the floor and send them into the structure. Generation Me leap off the structure onto the Guns on the floor! Red and Kazarian work on Daniels and Kendrick. Red climbs up the ladder and takes Daniels, Sabin and Kendrick out with a somersault dive off the top of the ladder! Kazarian, Generation Me and Amazing Red stand tall in the ring.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Abyss. Abyss says that Destination X is the day he gets his hands on Styles. Abyss says that Flair and Styles have been trying to get the ring from him. Abyss believes Styles and Flair are jealous of him and says that they can not have his ring. Abyss is going to start taking things and it will start with Styles belt. Abyss asks Flair and Styles what are they going to do when Abyss runs wild on them.


Main Event: Jeff Hardy defeated TNA World Champion AJ Styles in a non-title match: After another series of commercials, the main event starts. Styles works on Hardy with a few shots in the corner. Styles runs into a double boot and is clotheslined down. Hardy slams Styles down and leaps off the middle rope with a leg drop getting a near fall. Styles backs Hardy into the corner and delivers several more shots. Hardy reverses and delivers a few shots of his own. Styles sends Hardy over the top to the floor. Abyss prevents Flair from attacking Hardy on the floor. Styles fakes the fans out by not diving over the top. Styles stomps away on Hardy as he enters the ring. Styles with a dropkick and gets a near fall. Styles works on the left knee of Hardy for a few moments. Styles drops down across the knee of Hardy a few times. Hardy kicks Styles over the top onto the entrance ramp. Styles drops Hardy throat first across the top rope. Styles with a chin lock but Hardy battles out. Hardy with a clothesline and both men are down. Hardy with a couple of forearm shots and a front suplex. Hardy with a double leg kick in the corner for a near fall. Styles with a eye rake and controls Hardy with a snap brain buster. Styles covers but Hardy manages to kick out. Hardy with the Whisper in the Wind and covers Styles but isn?t able to get the three. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Styles avoids and connects with the Pele kick! Hardy backdrops Styles onto the apron. Styles leaps off the top and connects with a cross body taking both Hardy and the referee out. Styles grab a chair on the floor but Abyss prevents Styles from using it. Styles misses a springboard 450 splash. Hardy with the Twist of Fate and the Swanton Bomb. Abyss slides in and counts the three. **½
After the match, Ric Flair enters and hits Hardy with a chair. Flair nails Abyss as well. Flair with a few chair shots on the entrance ramp but Abyss is hulking up. Abyss punches the chair away and grabs Flair. Abyss choke slams Flair on the ramp way which slightly breaks. Abyss points at Styles as Styles clutches his championship in the corner.

End of show

My Take: Well, I thought the Styles/Hardy segment came across bad. Styles just seemed awkward trying to go ?Flair crazy?. While Hardy just seemed kind of weird with what he was saying. I don?t follow WWE, so I don?t know if Hardy spoke that same way in WWE. Flair busting himself open and then getting blood in his eyes was rather humorous and took away from the serious attempt at the promo. Not a great start to the show, I thought.

I don?t care that Brother Runt (Spike Dudley) is back in TNA. Judging by the crowds reaction, they don?t care either. Runt isn?t going to offer anything to the company. He hasn?t changed a gimmick or anything from his previous run in TNA. The match wasn?t anything special. Knobs is just a joke at this point as he gets winded doing Pity City.

The tag team match seemed to have been picking up steam and getting good but then the match ended. I hate that. Give the ?big? matches some time, that is all I ask. It was a decent match, but it could have been a lot better if given a few more minutes.

If I had to guess, I would believe that Eric Bischoff is going to turn on Hogan for ?keeping him in the dark?.

I didn?t care for the Knockouts segment as it has been the same thing for about a month. Angelina Love getting beaten down. Big deal. Do something else, please.

RVD beating down Sting must have been a way to keep RVD strong from last weeks attempt. Again, it wasn?t that great of a segment as I found it actually boring. No need to see Sting walk the whole way to the ring. That was pointless. Bischoff turning on Hogan, to me, was made clear during this segment.

Hopefully, that isn?t Scott Hall?s actual ring gear or we will be seeing soccer, football and rugby coaches competing on TNA Impact soon. Not sure why their was a referee for a match that was apparently not a match? Hall doesn?t have a contract, but TNA sure is acting like he does. The referee was just their to hold the money, I guess.

Handicap match wasn?t anything good, really. It was decent for what it was, at best. Just a worthless segment that had me uninterested the whole time.

Another horrible segment between Bischoff and Foley. That is all I have to say about that.

A fine segment with all the X-Division wrestlers, I guess. Glad that their was actual hype up for the Generation Me/MCMG match this Sunday. A pretty good brawl and a nice spot by Red to get the crowd riled up for the main event.

The main event was fine. Nothing really happened to make it a great match or even a good match, really. I do not like the champion jobbing to a guy who will most likely be in jail in a few weeks. Styles continues to be made out to be weak. Abyss choke slamming Flair on the entrance ramp seemed like a poor attempt of a ECW angle or something. I believe their was clear padding coming from underneath the ramp way, so that took away any real shock from the spot.

Overall, this was a lackluster show. Nothing really had me interested in the show. Not a good way to head into your pay per view in six days.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for the delay, as i was exhausted from a long day and over slept!

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