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TNA Impact 4/12/2010 Recap

Posted in Wrestling Reviews by Jack at 07:21, Apr 14 2010

Reporting: Bob Colling from http://chroniclesoftna.bravejournal.com/
(past TNA recaps dating back from 6/19/2002 to 2/19/2003 are at the above link with more to come!)

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
Date: April 12th, 2010
From: Orlando, Florida
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Tazz
Reporting: Bob Colling from http://chroniclesoftna.bravejournal.com/
(past TNA recaps dating back from 6/19/2002 to 2/19/2003 are at the above link with more to come!)

Jeff Jarrett makes his way out to the ring, with music. Jarrett talks about founding TNA almost eight years ago. Jarrett tells us what TNA stands for. Jarrett is going to act on kicking Sting?s ass and exits the ring. Jarrett walks to the backstage area and heads up the rafters. Jarrett is yelling where Sting is. Sting ends up showing up on the rafters but is attacked by Jarrett. Jarrett sends Sting down the steps as the fans chant TNA. Sting manages to poke Jarrett in the eyes and chokes Jarrett. Jarrett fights back with right hands and Sting stumbles down the steps. They eventually battle their way to the entrance ramp where Jarrett continues to deliver right hands. Jarrett punches Sting into the ring and the fans are strongly behind Jarrett. Jarrett wants an answer from Sting but the lights go out. When they return Sting has a baseball bat and hits Jarrett several times with the bat. Sting rams the bat right into the chest of Jarrett and Jarrett is laid out. Jeff Hardy runs down to the ring, along with RVD and Abyss. Sting bails to the floor as Jarrett is checked on by his teammates.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Team Flair. Flair puts over his team as being the focus of TNA. Flair asks JB if he saw what Sting did to Jarrett. Flair says that he hates the guts of Hulk Hogan. Robert Roode chimes in and cuts a promo about his match with Jeff Hardy tonight. Roode says that Hardy will never, ever fly again. Desmond Wolfe talks about taking out Abyss last week. Desmond says that tonight he will tame Abyss tonight and that the ring will be ours. Chelsea says that it will be hers. Wolfe agrees. Styles says that he will end Dinero and beat the living piss out of him. Styles says he can do nothing about it, and like it.

Mike Tenay and Tazz run down the show. Angelina Love takes on Velvet Sky in a Leather and Lace match. D?Angelo Dinero and Abyss take on TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles and Desmond Wolfe.

Team 3-D and Jesse Neal make their way out. Brother Ray grabs a microphone and says that Hogan is pissed off just as much they are. Ray says that it will be a six man tag match against the Band. It will also be a street fight!


Opening Contest: The Band defeated Team 3-D/Jesse Neal in a street fight: Team 3-D and Neal are working on the Band with kendo sticks and trash cans. Neal with a cross body on Waltman and several right hands. Ray with a kendo stick to the back of Hall. Neal with a trash can shot to the head of Waltman. Ray with a trash can shot to the head of Hall. Nash is met with a trash can lid shot from Devon. Hall is crawling up the ramp and is met with a kendo stick shot from Ray. Ray smacks a kendo stick against a trash can lid on the groin of Waltman. Neal with several kendo stick shots on Waltman and this himself in the face. Waltman tosses a trash can into the head of Neal. Ray smacks a kendo stick into a trash can wrapped around the head of Nash. Devon hits Hall with a trash can lid several times. Ray leaps of the ring steps and hits Nash with a trash can on the floor. Team 3-D hit the What?s Up on Hall. Team 3-D get a table and set it up in the ring. Ray avoids a spin kick from Waltman and knocks Waltman down with a right hand. Ray with a backdrop on Waltman and places him on the table. Bubba the Love Sponge comes out and distracts Ray. Waltman hits Ray, who is on the middle rope, and manages to hit the X-Factor through the table. **
After the match, The Band and Bubba the Love Sponge stand tall in the ring. Eric Young runs down with a hockey stick and clears house. Young grabs a microphone and issues a challenge Kevin Nash to a match at Lockdown. Young says he is going to get righteous.


Backstage, Christy Hemme catches up with Hulk Hogan. Hogan promises that Team Hogan will be at Lockdown and they will prevail. Hogan sees Bischoff talking to Flair and waits for Bischoff behind a curtain. Hogan wants to talk to Bischoff in his office. Bischoff hopes that Hogan isn?t jumping to conclusions.

Second Contest: Kazarian fought Shannon Moore to a time limit draw: They lock up and Kazarian backs Moore in the corner and shoves him. Moore takes Kazarian down with a go behind and places Kazarian in a wrist lock. Kazarian with a headlock and takes Moore down. Kazarian pulls on the Mohawk of Moore to gain the advantage, and is getting booed. Moore works on the arm of Kazarian with elbow smashes. Kazarian with a hammerlock but is taken down with a snap mare from Moore. Moore with a series of arm drags and works on the arm once again. Moore with another arm drag and continues to yank on the arm of Kazarian. Moore with a atomic drop and a connects with a leg drop for a near fall. Moore with right hands and shoulder blocks in the corner. Moore with a cross body off the middle rope for a near fall. Kazarian avoids a running attack and Moore leaps over the top and falls to the floor. Kazarian with a few forearm shots and sends Moore back first into the ring apron. Kazarian with a slingshot leg drop back in the ring but only gets a two count. Douglas Williams shows up at the top of the ramp. Kazarian with a suplex with a bridge for a near fall. Douglas Williams is now on commentary. Kazarian with a front face lock but Moore battles out of the hold. Kazarian with a gut buster and gets a near fall again. Kazarian with a snap suplex for a near fall. Moore with a right hand and a botches a wheelbarrow bulldog attempt. Moore with a running clothesline, spinning heel kick and a dropkick. Moore misses a baseball slide attempt on the floor. Moore goes to the middle turnbuckle and takes Kazarian out with a moonsault onto the floor! Moore with a hurricanrana off the top but can?t put Kazarian away. Kazarian with a straight jacket electric chair slam for a near fall. Kazarian dropkicks Moore on the top turnbuckle. Kazarian attempts a back suplex but is elbowed off. Moore with the Whisper in the Wind and nearly wins the match. Kazarian with a roll up out of the corner and they begin to trade a series of roll ups. The bell rings as the time has run out for the match. **½
After the match, Douglas Williams has a microphone. Williams asks if that is what they do after a fight. Williams mocks that they ?kissed and made up? by shaking hands. Kazarian and Moore chase after Williams to the back.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Velvet Sky. Sky says that the match with Angelina Love will not be for the TNA Knockouts Championship. Sky says that the Beautiful People will be facing Angelina and Tara for the championship. The Knockout Tag Team Championships are also on the line, but Sky makes it clear that her team will not be losing the tag team titles.


Backstage, Hulk Hogan is talking to Eric Bischoff. Hogan is talking about all the bad things that Bischoff has been doing over the past several weeks. Bischoff isn?t going to apologize for being himself. Hogan isn?t looking for an apology and just wants to know what he is doing with Flair. Bischoff says that Team Hogan has been getting their ass kicked. So, Bischoff has been keeping his friends close but his enemies even closer. Bischoff leaves saying that Hogan should know what he is all about. Jay Lethal enters the locker room and says he is going to change the ?Be a Man Hulk? song to ?Be A Man Ric Flair?. Lethal shake hands with Hogan as he goes to look for Hogan?s ring tights.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love. Love says that this is a big joke anyway, as he would have chosen a wrestling match. Love came to TNA to prove that she is the best. Tara comes over and is upset with the way that Love won her title belt. Tara uses the SAME LINE that Bischoff used about friends and enemies. Tara and Love get in each others face to end the segment.


Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Abyss and D?Angelo Dinero. Dinero says that Lockdown will be the defining moment for his career. He will find out whether or not he has it to be a champion. Dinero will be pimpin and jiving at Lockdown. Abyss chimes in and cuts a promo on Desmond Wolfe saying that Wolfe will have to do more to put him out. Abyss gives Hulk Hogan his word that he will not let Hogan down.

Before the next match, Velvet Sky says this isn?t going to be a Leather and Lace match but instead it will be a match where Angelina Love will have her arms handcuffed behind her back and Sky will whip her butt.


Third Contest: Velvet Sky fought Angelina Love to a non contest in a I Quit match: Love manages to work on Sky with several boots in the corner. Sky grabs the Knockout Championship and nails Love right in the head. Sky grabs a microphone and says that the match is now a I Quit match. Sky beats down on a defenseless Love and chokes her with Love?s own hair! Sky wants Love to quit, but Love is refusing to give up. Sky rams Love?s head into the mat several times. Sky whips Love with her whip a few times as well. Love continues to refuse to give up. Sky rams Love head first into the turnbuckle padding and grabs the microphone. Sky suggests to strip her naked to make her quit. Love continues to refuse to give up as Madison Rayne and Lacey Von Erich to run down and beat down Love. Tara runs down and chases off Sky and Rayne. Lacey is hit in the boob, and she sells it. *
After the match, Tara frees Love from having her arms handcuffed behind her. Tara looks at Love and turns her back on Love as she wanted to shake hands.

Outside the building, Abyss is laid out. Christy Hemme is saying that all that was seen was a car speeding off.


Outside the building, Hulk Hogan is checking on Abyss.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA World Tag Team Champion Matt Morgan. Morgan is talking as if he is two people holding the belt. Morgan introduces his new tag team partner, Amazing Red! Morgan puts over Red as the fastest wrestler in the X-Division. Morgan wants Red to set up the Motor City Machine Guns for the Carbon Footprint. Red leaps up and high fives Morgan.

Fourth Contest: Matt Morgan/Amazing Red defeated Motor City Machine Guns to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championships: Morgan and Shelley start the contest. Morgan simply shoves Shelley down. Shelley with a few kicks but is knocked down by Morgan. Sabin is knocked down with a clothesline and connects with a side slam on Shelley. TNA goes to commercial during the match. Sabin with a shoulder block on Red. Red with a tilt a whirl head scissors and a spinning kick. Red with a dropkick on Shelley in the corner. Red is sent to the floor where Sabin delivers a nice kick to the face of Red which causes Red to flip on the outside. Sabin covers in the ring but Red kicks out. Red with a super kick but is stopped with a twisting vertical suplex from Sabin who blocked a cross body. Morgan tags himself into the match and takes Sabin down with a elbow. Morgan with several back elbows in the corner on Sabin. Morgan big boots Shelley and splashes Shelley in the corner. Morgan dropped Sabin face first in the corner as well. Morgan misses a splash in the corner and is met with a kick from Shelley on the apron. Morgan catches Shelley off the top but Sabin dropkicks Shelley onto Morgan for a near fall. Morgan is asking for a timeout. Red tags in and is met with a kick from Sabin. Sabin leaps off Shelley?s back to knock Morgan off the apron. Red with the Red Eye on Shelley. Morgan with a discus clothesline on Sabin. Red with the Code Red on Sabin to win the match. Morgan isn?t happy. **¼
After the match, Morgan low blows Red and says that the tag titles are his belts. Morgan with several back elbows in the corner. Morgan goes to big boot Red into the ring post, but Red is saved by Sabin and Shelley.

Outside the building, Christy Hemme says there is video showing what happened to Abyss. Apparently it is shocking footage.


Backstage, Christy Hemme says that Abyss will be okay. We see the video of what happened. Abyss is hit by a car which was clearly driven by Desmond Wolfe.

Fifth Contest: Jeff Hardy defeated Robert Roode: Roode backs Hardy into the corner and is met with a slap from Hardy. Roode with a shoulder block but is taken down with a hip toss. Roode shoves Hardy and is met with a slap from Hardy. Hardy with a arm drag and shoulder blocks Roode down. Hardy avoids a dropkick and delivers a double leg drop and a dropkick for a near fall. Roode avoids the Twist of Fate by bailing to the floor. Roode rams Hardy back first into the ring apron and sends Hardy into the ring steps. Roode stomps away on Hardy in the ring and scoop slams Hardy down. Roode comes off the middle rope connecting with a knee drop for a two count. Roode delivers a knee drop to the spin of Hardy and locks in a headlock. Hardy battles out and connects with a jaw breaker. Hardy with a spinning kick to knock Roode down to the mat. Hardy and Roode trade a series of right hands. Hardy with a running clothesline and a back elbow. Hardy with a sit out front suplex. Hardy with the Whisper in the Wind and gets a near fall. Roode blocks the Twist of Fate connecting with a spinning spine buster for a near fall. Hardy ducks a clothesline and connects with a Stunner. Hardy goes up top but is crotched by James Storm. Hardy shoves Roode off the middle rope and hits the Swanton Bomb to win the match. **¾
After the match, James Storm sends Hardy into the guard railing and ring post. Storm has a beer bottle and blows a fireball into the eyes of Hardy. Hardy isn?t really selling the fact that FIRE was blown into his FACE. RVD runs down and works on Storm until Roode controls RVD and is taken down with a neck breaker/power bomb combo move.


Backstage, we see Jeff Hardy being helped backstage. Tenay mentions that the censors would not allow the fireball to be seen on the program. However, you can check it out on the internet!

Mike Tenay and Tazz run down the card for TNA Lockdown this Sunday. The card is as follows:
AJ Styles vs. D?Angelo Dinero for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Team Flair vs. Team Hogan in Lethal Lockdown
Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle.

A video hyping up the feud between Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle is shown.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with D?Angelo Dinero. Dinero says that his prayers are with Abyss. Dinero is cut off by Jay Lethal who calls JB ?Mean Gene? and Dinero ?Rev. Slick?. Lethal is going to be tag team partners with Dinero tonight. Dinero leaves with a smile on his face.


Dog the Bounty Hunter is shown in attendance for the show.

Backstage, Beer Money Inc. are beating down Jay Lethal. Storm hits Lethal with a chair right in the face. Lethal quickly fights back, and sends Roode into interview station set up. Storm smashes a beer bottle over Lethal?s head.

AJ Styles has a microphone and says that Dinero?s partner has a drinking problem thanks to Beer Money. Styles says this is a handicap match and calls for his partner Desmond Wolfe to come out. Wolfe comes out but is met with a chair shot from Hulk Hogan from behind.

Main Event: D?Angelo Dinero defeated TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles via DQ: Dinero works on Styles on the floor with several chops and right hands. Dinero sends Styles into the ring and plays to the crowd. Styles rakes Dinero?s eyes and delivers a spin kick to the back of the head and stomps away on Dinero. Dinero with a few quick jabs to control Styles. Ric Flair gets out of the wheelchair and this Dinero with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship to cause the DQ. ½*
After the match, Dinero is beaten down by Flair, Styles and Beer Money. Flair whips Dinero with his belt several times. Styles sends Dinero over the top to the floor. Hulk Hogan shows up once again and Flair is going nuts. The show comes to an end with Hogan looking down to the ring.

End of show.

My Take: I found a lot of things on tonight?s show that I simply didn?t like. They start off the show with Jarrett coming down to the ring, just to say he is going to go back to the backstage area to kick Sting?s ass. I didn?t get the point of that all. The whole segment just wasn?t all that great to me.

Do you think that TNA would ever mention their history? Remember when Robert Roode beat Jeff Hardy at Unbreakable 2005? If TNA were to mention that sort of thing, it would make it seem like perhaps Roode could win. Especially if he had done it before against the same guy.

The Band is always made out to be weak. They get their asses kicked but manage to win thanks to Bubba the Love Sponge? I hated that one big time. I also dislike having Team 3-D face The Band on short notice at Lockdown. Their really isn?t that major build up to be blown off in a cage match. Young/Nash is fine, but that will be a poor match I would suspect.

Kazarian/Moore got ten minutes to put on a match and it was a decent one at that. For the first several minutes it was a very slow match. So, if you like arm drags and hammerlocks and whatnot it was good for that moment. It picked up but it wasn?t a great match. Good for television standards I would say.

I didn?t like that TNA used the same cliché in two straight segments. It kind of shows you that the booking team just doesn?t have a lot of ideas if two angles are based around the same sort of premise. I?m talking about the Love/Tara and Bischoff/Hogan segments.

Why wouldn?t Velvet Sky go for the TNA Knockouts Championship in a singles match? It is much easier I would assume. Especially if she had Love have her arms handcuffed behind her. Easy win. But no, he is written to be made into a idiot and do a stupid non-title I Quit match. Just doesn?t make sense to me. Why would she use the open contact on that type of match?

I have been enjoying the new heel character of Matt Morgan. He is doing a good job of being self absorbing.

Really? We get a fireball and someone getting hit by a car and they are both okay?! Really? These guys are getting made out to be invincible. This stuff should have been happening several weeks ago to build up to the revenge at Lockdown. Not ?six days? before the event. I will laugh when both Abyss and Hardy do not have any bandages on their bodies and/or face. Hardy vs. Roode was a good television match as well. Not as good as Storm/RVD last week, but it was fine.

I was actually excited to see Lethal compete, but of course that doesn?t happen. Dinero gets beat down for the 1,000 time. Dinero should not win the belt at the pay per view. He hasn?t been booked the proper way to become the champion. Besides, considering all the big names on the roster does anyone really buy into Dinero as being the top baby face champion? I sure don?t.

Overall, I didn?t really enjoy the show. The writing just doesn?t make sense. It seems like Russo and company are trying to get all these major ideas rushed onto the show for some reason. Thus, they don?t make sense. The car angle and fireball should have been saved for next months pay per view. They would have some good build up to good matches. Also, TNA announced at least three or four matches for the pay per view. They waited until the last week heading into the pay per view to get a full card for the show. Genius.

Hope you enjoy Lockdown.

Thanks for reading.

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