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TNA Impact 4/19/2010 Recap

Posted in News by Jack at 02:30, Apr 20 2010

Reporting: Bob Colling from http://chroniclesoftna.bravejournal.com/
(past TNA recaps dating back from 6/19/2002 to 2/19/2003 are at the above link with more to come!)

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
Date: April 19th, 2010
From: Orlando, Florida
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Tazz
Reporting: Bob Colling from http://chroniclesoftna.bravejournal.com/
(past TNA recaps dating back from 6/19/2002 to 2/19/2003 are at the above link with more to come!)

Footage from TNA Lockdown last night is shown. AJ Styles retained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and Team Hogan won the Lethal Lockdown. Eric Bischoff showed his loyalty to Hulk Hogan.

?What we all fight for?

TNA opening video

Mike Tenay and Tazz welcome everyone to the program.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles makes his way down to the ring. Styles has a microphone and is greeted with ?AJ sucks? chant. Styles says that due to his victory party last night, Ric Flair will be late tonight. Styles begins to put himself over as being the best wrestler in the world after beating D?Angelo Dinero last night. Styles says that he defeated Dinero all by himself. Styles says that Dinero is good, but he isn?t good enough. Styles mentions Sting, Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle as they aren?t better than Dinero either. Styles says that he is the best no matter where they go or what shows they do. Styles says that he isn?t slowing down anytime soon. Rob Van Dam makes his way down to the ring and gets a good reception from the crowd. RVD points out to Styles that he is getting a crowd reception. RVD says that maybe Styles was the best in TNA, at a different time. RVD believes the times have changed. RVD knows that Styles is used to getting all the attention. RVD has never been quite impressed with Styles, as much as the fans have been. RVD also points out that he hasn?t been seeing what Styles has been seeing in himself. RVD puts over TNA as a place all the wrestlers want to be. RVD asks how could Styles think that he deserves the top stop over guys like himself. Jeff Hardy?s music hits and Hardy comes out to a good reception. Hardy makes fun of Styles small head and for having a big head. Hardy states that the movement has begun. Hardy is here to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Hulk Hogan makes his way out to the ring. Hogan says that this is the exact reason why everyone is talking about TNA. Hogan says its all about the title Styles currently holds. Hogan tells the boys in the back to up their game as they are raising the bar in TNA. Hogan says that the championship means women and big paychecks. Hogan mentions that Styles has a target on his back. Hogan asks RVD and Hardy is they want it bad enough to fight to see who is the best between them. Hardy and RVD slap hands and Hogan books RVD against Jeff Hardy. The winner will get a title shot against AJ Styles! Styles is not happy about that and says that Hogan needs to consult him on this type of things. Hogan tells Styles that he didn?t say anything about TNA Sacrifice for the title shot. The winner will face AJ Styles here tonight!

Backstage, Ric Flair arrives to the building and is told about Styles being booked in a title match tonight. Flair is furious and can?t believe it.


Opening Contest: The Beautiful People defeated ODB/Daffney to retain the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Daffney trips Sky down and knocks Lacey off the apron. Daffney with a face buster on Sky and chases Lacey. Sky works on Daffney in the corner and throws Daffney down. Lacey with a back handspring elbow drop. Sky with a few stomps on Daffney and gets a near fall. Daffney hits Sky in the midsection as she leaps off the middle rope. Daffney kicks Sky away and tags in ODB. ODB with several clotheslines and a Thez Press on Sky. ODB with a splash on Sky in the corner and a fall away slam. ODB rolls Sky up but the referee is distracted. Madison Rayne sprays something in ODB face and Sky rolls ODB up for the win. *¼

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is outside a locker-room where Styles is upset about his match. Flair is banned from ringside for the contest. Flair says that last night was a disaster and he knows that Styles will beat either RVD and Hardy tonight. Flair wants a rematch between Team Hogan and Team Flair. Flair is demanding a rematch tonight. Flair is giving Team Hogan five minutes


Abyss and Jeff Jarrett make their way down to the ring. Abyss says that they heard about the challenge that Flair made. Abyss says the war between Team Hogan and Team Flair ended when they beat their asses lat night. Abyss would have no problem continuing the beat down but RVD and Jeff Hardy are competing tonight already. Ric Flair makes his way down to the ring with Beer Money Inc, Sting and Desmond Wolfe. Flair tells Abyss to kiss his ass and says he doesn?t take any crap from Abyss. Team Flair head to the ring to brawl with Jarrett and Abyss. Sting slowly makes his way down to the ring and eventually hits Jarrett and Abyss with a baseball bat. Beer Money are working on Jarrett in the corner. Rob Terry makes his way down to the ring and takes Wolfe and Beer Money down and out to the ring. Terry messes up a military press slam but sends Wolfe onto Sting, eventually. Flair tells Jarrett that he is a dead man. Eric Bischoff shows up from behind and says that Flair will get his rematch tonight. Team Hogan will have Rob Terry, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss and a fourth man. Bischoff can?t wait to see Team Flair get their asses kicked once again.


Backstage, Matt Morgan is talking with Shannon Moore. Morgan says that TNA Management is forcing them to defend the tag titles against Team 3-D next week. Morgan says we need a partner. Moore asks if Morgan is saying his ego is a person as well. Moore says that he needs to get mentally ready for his TNA X-Division Championship match next week. Moore tells Morgan he can kiss his ass.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan puts over Eric Bischoff and says that he will never doubt Eric Bischoff ever again after turning on Ric Flair. Hogan is still on a high from Lockdown. Hogan puts over the eight man tag team match. Hogan asks if ?he? will be here tonight. Bischoff assures Hogan that he will be here, and will be intense. Bischoff has a new ranking system for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship which will be debuted next week. Bischoff?s assistant comes over and Bischoff tells her to get his ranking system papers.

Backstage, RVD is talking about facing his friend tonight. RVD is going to prove that he is the whole f?n show.

Second Contest: Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy to face AJ Styles later tonight: RVD and Hardy shake hands as the bell sounds. They feel each other out to begin the contest. RVD with a knee but Hardy comes back with a hammerlock and goes for the Twist of Fate but RVD gets out of the hold. TNA goes to commercial. RVD has Hardy on the floor and places Hardy on the guard railing. RVD leaps off the apron with a spin kick to the back of Hardy! RVD?s cut has been reopened as he hit?s a slingshot leg drop on Hardy who is on the ring apron. RVD with a cross body off the top rope for a near fall. RVD with several kicks to the knee of Hardy. Hardy with a dropkick to the knee of RVD and RVD goes face first into the middle turnbuckle. Hardy with a double leg drop and a clothesline for a near fall. Hardy hits RVD with a clothesline as RVD does a roll through for a near fall. RVD and Hardy trade right hands. Hardy blocks a double leg kick and hit?s a double leg drop into a pin for a near fall. Hardy goes up top and is stopped by RVD. RVD crotches Hardy on the ropes and delivers a kick to the head. RVD leaps off the top rope and nails Hardy with a side kick sending Hardy to the floor. RVD with a leg drop and a rolling thunder splash for a near fall. Hardy rams RVD into the corner and misses a dropkick attempt in the corner. RVD with a split legged moonsault for a two count! RVD with several boots on Hardy. Hardy with a sit out front suplex and goes up top. Hardy is stopped with a spin kick by RVD. Hardy knocks RVD off the apron and misses the Swanton Bomb. RVD quickly goes up top and hits the Five Star Frog Splash to win the match. ***¼


Backstage, RVD and Jeff Hardy are talking and Hardy shows RVD respect saying that he was honored to face him. RVD knows that he has Hardy?s support and will now be focusing on AJ Styles. Hardy says it will be a breeze if RVD can still bring it like he did earlier.

Backstage, Abyss is rallying up Jeff Jarrett and Rob Terry. Abyss thanks Rob Terry for having their back tonight. Abyss puts over Terry for being a freak. Terry says that he is hear to step up and that people know that he is a freak. Terry says they will be destroyed by him. Abyss mentions that they don?t know who their partner is but he trusts Bischoff and Hogan.

A video hyping up the recent actions by Sting.


Third Contest: Team Hogan defeated Team Flair: Pin falls do not count until all men are in the ring. Basically, a war games match without the cage. Jeff Jarrett and Sting are the first two men to compete. Sting sends Jarrett into a wall in the crowd as they have been brawling during a commercial. Sting has a steel chair and hits Jarrett across the back a couple of times. Sting sends Jarrett into the wall again and delivers right hands as they compete up the steps. Jarrett fights back with several right hands and sends Sting hard into the wall. Jarrett nails Sting with a chair across the back as well a couple of times. Jarrett is sent into the wall as Sting reverses a whip into the wall. Sting sends Jarrett back over the railing to the ringside area. Sting drops Jarrett across the guard railing and sends Jarrett into the ring. Sting stomps on the hands of Jarrett as there is one minute remaining in this session. Sting misses a Stinger Splash and is met with right hands from Jarrett. Jarrett with a clothesline off the ropes and they take each other out with a clothesline in the middle of the ring.
Desmond Wolfe comes out to give his team the advantage. Wolfe tags in and delivers a uppercut on Jarrett and sends Jarrett into the corner to continue to work on Jarrett. Jarrett blocks a suplex and takes Wolfe down with a hip toss. Jarrett leaps onto the back of Wolfe as he was across the middle rope. Wolfe with a thumb to the eye of Jarrett and goes for the Tower of London but Jarrett takes Wolfe down with a back suplex.
Rob Terry is up next to help Jarrett. Terry tags in and clotheslines Wolfe down several times. Terry with a back drop on Wolfe and several clotheslines on Sting. Orlando Jordan is at the top of the ramp for this match now. Terry with a front slam on Wolfe and follows up with a power slam as TNA goes to commercial.
Robert Roode and Abyss have entered the match during the commercial. Abyss splashes Roode in the corner and goes for a choke slam and connects! Abyss backdrops Roode down and plays to the crowd.
James Storm is the final member for Team Flair and hits Abyss off the apron and allows Roode to leap off the middle rope with a neck breaker. Beer Money work on the knee of Abyss as Storm delivers a few knees to the face of Abyss. Abyss with a side slam and both men are down. Jarrett with several right hands on Beer Money and Desmond Wolfe. Storm misses a diving attack in the corner and Jarrett clotheslines Roode and Wolfe down.
The final entrant for Team Hogan is the returning Samoa Joe. Joe is back to his old ring gear and tags in. Joe cleans house with several clotheslines a t-bone suplex on Storm. Joe with a kick on Sting in the corner. Joe slams Roode down and is really hyped up. Joe sets Roode up and plants Roode with the Muscle Buster to win the match.
After the match. Joe just leaves the ring and leaves his team members in the ring confused.

Ric Flair makes his way down but before he says anything, we go to commercial.


During the commercial, Ric Flair wants Abyss to fight him next week with his ring on the line! Abyss accepted.

Main Event: Rob Van Dam defeated AJ Styles to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Styles works on RVD before the bell with several right hands. Styles sends RVD to the floor and takes RVD out with a somersault dive over the top to the floor. TNA goes to a commercial. RVD with right hands but is stopped by a few elbows from RVD. RVD with a few right hands but is tripped by Styles as he comes off the ropes. Styles with a dropkick right to the face for a near fall. Styles with a back leg sweep and works on the left knee of RVD. Styles with a dragon screw leg whip and delivers a few more boots to the knee. RVD kicks Styles in the face and delivers a step over heel kick. RVD and Styles trade right hands and chops. RVD with a running clothesline several times and monkey flips Styles down. RVD with the rolling thunder but Styles kicks out at two. Styles locks in the figure four leg lock in the middle of the ring. RVD with a small package but Styles kicks out! Styles with a Pele kick and goes for the Styles Clash. RVD blocks it and backdrops Styles to the apron. RVD blocks a springboard dropkick with a power bomb in midair. RVD hit?s the Five Star Frog Splash and picks up the win and title! ***
After the match, red and yellow confetti comes down from the ceiling as RVD celebrates his title win. Jeff Hardy comes down and shows support for his friend. Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter and the locker room come down to support RVD. RVD is picked up by Team 3-D and RVD plays to the crowd.

End of show

My Take: Well, lets just say that was a very good show by TNA. Sure, there were only four matches but three of them were actually given a good amount of time to develop and be something great. Sure, you didn?t get all the people on the show, but when it is a good show who needs a lot of guys? D?Angelo Dinero should have been in the place that Rob Terry was, though. Terry just doesn?t have the ability to be working top matches. That?s just my opinion.

TNA gave out three pay per view caliber matches on free television. The end result will be the same rating, though. RVD is a great choice to be champion but I would have rather seen him win it on a pay per view. Make me pay to see something like that. It?s great to have RVD win on free television, for more exposure I guess. RVD is a bigger name than AJ Styles there is no doubt about that.

Flair/Abyss next week should be interesting. Again, Flair?s first official match with TNA is being used on a TAPED Impact show. Clearly, TNA will be doing anything they can to get a decent rating every Monday. Considering that WWE had some travel issues for RAW, it seemed like a good decision to put on a lot of top quality matches. I just hope it isn?t a weekly thing now, or you will run out of fresh matches.

Samoa Joe appears to be back to his old ways. He had his old trunks on and his old intensity. If TNA books Joe as the monster he was several years ago, I could get behind Joe once again. The crowd reception for Joe though didn?t seem to be that big to me. I think they were expecting a bigger name.

Matt Morgan is doing his egoistical gimmick nicely, in my opinion. Their really isn?t much to comment on this week since the same ten guys were used on the show. But, this was easily the best Impact for the year 2010. Nicely done.

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