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Japanese Hardcore Wrestling X PPV Review

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 21:24, Jan 22 2006

By Slartibardfast

Can it be time for another show already? It seems like just yesterday they were cleaning up the broken glass, and stitching everyone back together. I guess the old saying is true, there?s no rest for the Death Match wrestler. Buck Woodward and Eric Gargulo once again host the tenth installment of this series, and they continue to work well together. After ten shows, you would think Eric?s jokes would get better, and Buck would find something to do with his hands, but why break with tradition now?

Match 1: Big Japan Pro Wrestling Barbed Wire and 9 Inch Nails Board Death Match - Honma vs. Yamakawa

This contest features two table top sized boards covered in barbed wire propped up in opposite corners of the ring, another barbed wire board on the floor just outside of the ring, and a third board covered with exposed 9 inch nails, (it looked like on of those Indian bed of nails people lay on to show how that they are immune to pain), also on the floor outside of the ring. Though I though this would be a simple spot fest, with the participants constantly flirting with the board of nails, I was presently surprised to find a fairly good match here. They worked a nice mix of both wrestling and hardcore styles, including a brawl through the crowd, some high flying, a little chain wresting and of course their ringside props. In the end it wasn?t the power bomb through the barbed wire board, onto the bed of nails that sealed the victory for Honnma; instead it was his elbow strike that secured him the win. This was solid match that had a little something for everyone, and was a good start to the PPV.

Match 2: Neo Ladies Wrestling ? Chaparita Asari vs. Kyoko

This is standard non-hardcore match featuring the quick high flyer Asari against the powerhouse Kyoko. This match followed the traditional pattern with the bigger Kyoko dominating the match with her power moves with Asari hitting some desperate high spots to stay alive. Though there was nothing new to be found in this contest, it was a good match and in the end, Asari managed to hit three successive Sky Twister Presses from the top rope to secure the win. The level of skill exhibited by both women shows that they are indeed wrestlers, not eye candy in tights. You don?t need to be a fan of women?s wrestling to enjoy this one, if you like wrestling you will like this match.

Match 3: Big Japan Pro Wrestling Falls count Anywhere Street Fight Death Match ? Mad Man Pondo vs. Necro Butcher

Yes that?s right, two Americans wrestling on a Japanese PPV, it is a small world after all. This match marks the return of my favorite name in wrestling: Necro Butcher. Sadly for Necro, he would be the one getting butchered in this match, as he fell victim to several knife attacks throughout the night. There?s no wrestling to be found here, just chair swinging, knife wielding, and staple gunning, including the dreaded lip stapled to the turnbuckle attack. Despite Necro?s huricanrana through the chairs, through the table, and onto the floor, it wasn?t enough to stop Pondo as he secures the win with an STF on Necro?s injured leg.

Match 4: Toryumon X UWA Welterweight World Championship Ishimori vs. Minamino

Ok, first things first. Apparently Queer Eye for the Straight Guy has made it to Japan, as Minamino was dressed in what can only be described as a gay Flamingo dances outfit. This was a technically sound, but uninspiring match. The guys hit all of their spots and worked well together, but there was nothing here you can?t see on TNA every week. The end of the match teaches us to not take gay Flamingo dancers lightly as Minamino hits a death valley bomb from the top rope to get the three count.

Match 5: Dynamic Dream Team KO-D Open Weight Championship ? Kudo vs. Sanshiro

This match pits the smaller kickboxing Kudo against the larger powerhouse Sanshiro. This match was filled with technical wrestling from start to finish. Kudo moved quickly and relied heavily on his trademark kicks, while Sanshiro would slow the pace down with this power moves and wear down holds. The match got a little boring in the middle but greatly redeemed itself towards the end, with both men picking up the pace, and leaving the audience guessing as to when the finish would come. A huge clothesline from Sanshiro, gave him the win, despite a last minute kick fest from Kudo.

Match 6: Big Japan Pro Wrestling Florescent Light Tube Death Match ? Ito, Abdullah the Kobayashi, and Dalsuke Sekimoto vs. Bad Boy Hido, Kasai, and Sasaki

This was supposed to be a 6 man tag match which allowed the use of light tubes, but the first 10 minutes of the match the men paired of into groups of two and battled everywhere except in the ring. Things then settled down, and all the participants returned to the ring and the tag match began. As one would expect, this match was filled with chair, bat, and light tube strikes, and as such the blood flowed early and often. The match itself was a typical, but good hardcore match. Sekimoto took the brunt of much of the carnage that was dished out, but in the end he secured the victory with a German souffl?.

This was a good PPV, which despite its title featured more wrestling than hardcore. If you hunger for cringe inducing action and lakes of blood pooled in the ring, then this show is not for you. If you want solid wrestling, with a few hardcore matches thrown in, this is the show to watch.

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