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Mystery Prize

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 07:45, Jul 22 2010

Jack and the Inch-daddy talked to callers for over 3 hours and gave away a mysterious prize at the end of the show, check it out. Topics include:
- Full WWE MITB PPV review
- Buff Bagwell's retirement
- Jai's return to the show crawling on his hands and knees
- Invasion angles galore
- NXT vs Cena Brigade
- NXT Season 2
- Jay Lethal's push following his win over Flair
- TNA Impact
- Kevin Nash's recent comments
- Brian Kendrick's push
- Abyss beating his meat
- The ECW invasion of TNA
- "The Riot Makers"
- A heel Cena ?
- Randy Orton's progress as a face
- Diva news
- Tara returning to TNA
- Knockout division's current state
- Exfoliating with loofahs
- Tons more !!!

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