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Xtremeview : Goodbye ECW?

Posted in Xtremeview by Jack at 03:15, Aug 13 2010

Goodbye ECW?

Let me start this show off by saying anyone who is trying to defend TNA Hardcore Justice last night and took WWE to task for anything they did with the ECW brand. Let me say Fuck you! This is not a comment to defend the WWE or to say they did this or that. The fact is WWE made a lot of mistakes with the ECW brand that's unquestionable but even at its worst it couldn't even touch the stupidity and down right embarrassing show TNA wrestling put on last night. Only a few times over the years since I started watching wrestling which was in 1995 I have been embarrassed to be a wrestling fan. Namely the Katie Vick angle but you can now add this ECW Last Stand to that list. This show was not only embarrassing but down right pathetic and everyone from the fans, to the wrestlers, to the TNA management, and especially Dixie Carter should be embarrassed.

This show was a fucking train wreck from every aspect and anyone who wants to debate me on this please come to the In Your Head Message board and lets chat. Everything from the building, to the crowd, to the Production, to the wrestling was awful! Let me start this off by saying the reason I watched last night was I knew it was going to be bad. However lets just say TNA passed my expectations by a long shot. Tazz said at the beginning of the show that the work ethic would bleed out tonight well if that's and they were true renegades of the wrestling business. Better yet he said anyone who was hater could kiss his ass. Well Tazz there are enough Internet Marks already there.

Let me start this off with the production of this show. The entire arena for the majority of the night was covered in a blue light.......you read that right. Whatever moron whether it was Dreamer's idea, Dixie's, or some guy in production needs to be fired because that was retarded. It was just distracting and it looked like some half ass wresting rave party. Then the music for some of the wrestlers were just awful even by TNA standards. Chris Jericho used to joke about how his entrance music in WCW was just generic Basketball highlight music that Turner owned and trust me that whole show could have used some generic highlight music.

Then we get to the video packages which were just pathetic and I'm still today trying to figure out what were they trying to get over with these. You had ECW original talent like Tod Gordon, Blue Meanie, and Gary Wolfe shooting little video to say thank you to Dixie Carter and TNA. That's hardcore isn't it? Better yet doesn't it tell you that you took a sharp turn down bad idea street when the Blue Meanie has better things to do? Then you had Francine in total mom mode say a few things and probably the most important thing she said was this was all behind her now.........Maybe the rest of the show should have followed suit. Then you have the TNA stars remember videos where they were talking about ECW and it was pretty damn obvious the majority never saw ECW back in the day. However they were all quick to point out how TNA and ECW were so similar. Also as Jack has pointed out why is everyone in TNA a total mark? You have people playing Hogan and Flair and during the Pay Per View they show the TNA roster watching the show on a monitor in the back. That made them look like total tools!

However the highlight of these were three video packages in particular. That was two separate packages for Paul Heyman and Joey Styles. So TNA literally spent time to create a video to put over how great a WWE employee is and made a point to put over how great he was. Then you have the one for Paul Heyman putting over how great he was and how they offered him a invitation to show up and he didn't........Again guys that should of been your sign to just stay away like the plague. Along with 30 other signs prior to the event but that's besides the point. The final package which put this over the top in just total suckage was the memorial package for fallen ECW stars. Now usually when this is done you have a respectful moment and some photos and I don't know some actual names. This video however just said we miss you...........not really sure who they were mentioning but hey give TNA credit they some how failed to do a memorial video package.

Now lets talk about the announcing on this show because it was literally burying the same shit its trying to put over. Tenay and especially Tazz just knocked and insulted and were obnoxious throughout everything that was happening. I don't know how many times they said things about it not being legal to say and making fun of the many fake names because of the obvious copy right issues. Honestly I will say while the show was awful on its own I think Tazz moved it into a new level of crap. Then the ring announcer for some reason would stand in the center of the ring and wait for both wrestlers to enter then announce who they were. Making things just drag. Then better yet later in the night TNA had its second rape situation of the year when New Jack was trying to freak out So Cal Val and then told JB he'd make him his bitch..........riiiiiiiiiight.

Now lets go to the best part of the show the wrestling because if you want a handbook on how to have a shitty show this was it. Now before I start this I want to point out that there was one match on the card that was fine and I have nothing to really attack. That was CW Anderson vs. 2 Cold Scorpio who seem to be the only people who showed up in any type of shape to have an actual match on a pay per view. Now lets get to the other matches.

First you had a jumbled six man tag between the Full Blooded Italians of Tracy Smothers, Tony "Mamaluke" Luke, and Little Guido taking on just random team of Simon Diamond, Kid Kash, and Johnny Swinger. After a few minutes of so called action Tazz puts over how out of shape Simon Diamond is and Diamond soon grabs the microphone to declare a dance off. Yes you read that right a fucking dance off! Now lets get this straight because it is obvious that the majority who never actually watched ECW are confused on this. This is a spot Smothers would work back in ECW but usually never in the middle of a match. Anyway after a lame brawl and everyone getting taken out with Kid Kash's token big flip of the top rope spot the FBI eventually wins. Now was this match awful no but it was not good.

From there this show just took a dive that it never recovered from. We go to Steven Richards with Nova and the fake Blue Meanie yes you read that right they faked the Blue Meanie taking on PJ "Justin Credible" Polanco. This match was just a mess and had absolutely no structure to it. These guys just did a couple of weak spots that go no reaction and Nova and Fake Meanie were just useless. Worst then anything was Richards nailed his Superkick and got the pin only for Justin Credible to jump up and completely no sell the move five seconds later. Credible then hammered away on the Richards with a Singapore only for the lights to go out. Now usually this was used to signal a big surprise appearance of something special was to go down. However this night they literally did the same exact spot with the Sandman that they did on Impact a couple of days earlier. He showed up and hit Credible with the cane a couple of times and that was pretty much it. Well besides him tripping over himself and Credible a bunch of times and no reaction from the live crowd that was it.

Then we go to a three way dance with Rhino, Al Snow and Brother "Spike Dudley" Runt. Honestly this match was sloppy and to get to the point only got a reaction when Rhino or Snow would toss Spike Dudley around. Other then that again the match was poorly structure and just seemed to be moves for the sake of moves. It wasn't much to say it just was kind of shitty and there and Rhino took a win.

Then came probably the worst part of the show which never mind the worst is yet to come but this still sucked dick. Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney who they couldn't call that but whatever coming out and laying out an open challenge. Team 3D come out with Joel Gertner who if you poked with a stick he might actually pop. Joel I will say cut a funny promo really just looked completely out of shaped and would later during the run in with the gangsters blow a spot and you can hear Bubba calling for him twice to get into the ring. However that's jumping ahead because the match between Team 3D and Rotten and Mahoney was abysmal on every level. It was nothing but original brawling and hitting each other with shitty weapons and again a bunch of the ECW token spots from 15 years ago. That was never more apparent then when Mahoney was Power bombed through a flaming table by Team 3D. A spot that should be a big deal was met with a thunderous pin drop. No one cared because it was just pointless.

Then came out the Gangstas after Team 3D called themselves the best team ever. TNA played this stupid shitty generic crap as New Jack and Mustafa hit Team 3D with the usual token New Jack spots. However something strange happened. A couple of minutes of them hitting each other with cookie sheets that no one cared about they suddenly stopped. Why did they because The Gangstas, Team 3D, and Axl and Balls all decided to hug........yes you read that right they FUCKING HUGGED! Now that's hardcore buddy.........Tenay then said on commentary that was a tribute to Hardcore Tag Teams and all I can say to him is fuck off. Nothing says lets hug like a powerbomb through flaming fucking table. Why don't I just stab someone in the face and then shake there hand because it was all a big tribute to stabbing someone in the face....just embarrassing on every level.

Then we go into the first main event of the show where Tommy Dreamer took on Raven in the final battle with Mick Foley as a special referee. Well the usual Internet tools are trying to put this match over as being good but I'll say this. What doesn't say good about TNA doing a rehash of the Beyond the Mat debacle during the match? What am I talking about? Well Tommy Dreamer after being busted open by Raven he was brought over to his daughters and wife where he bleed near them and of course Dixie Carter was standing by. Eventually they all went to the back and they continued to trip over the token ECW spots they used to do and then it gets just retarded. After Dreamer gets the advantage Fake Blue Meanie and Nova come out and attack Dreamer which gets Mick Foley involved as he and Dreamer get rid of Nova and Fake Meanie. Then Foley pounds on Raven as a guy just randomly jumped into the ring and attacked Foley and Dreamer. Who was this guy? Lupus a guy who was one of Raven's followers in the original ECW. Now its being said that the guy wasn't even the original Lupus just a Team 3D trainee........You know I said earlier if Blue Meanie has better things to do but if fucking Lupus has better things to do it really is time to move on guys. Anyway Foley did the Barbwire Socko spot that he's done at every ECW reunion show so far and Raven eventually wins as Foley remember the guy who Raven assaulted and Foley hit back earlier counted down Dreamer.........yeah. Regardless this match was nothing more then garbage wrestling it wasn't creative it was just rehashed spots from 1997 and no reaction for any of the run ins.

Then we head to without a doubt the worst Main Event this year as Sabu took on Rob Van dam. I'll say this straight up Sabu looks like a cancer patient right now which is sad. The two really just stumbled through spots and Bill Alfonso was just pointless. I can literally tell you the whole lay out of this match up in a sentence. High Spot then you rest then you do another high spot and then you rest and then you go home. That was pretty much the whole match. Nothing they did was drawing any reaction what so ever and all you saw was a couple of guys stumble through token shit they did 15 years ago and no one cared. At the end of the day this shitfest just capped off by an awful main event and if TNA continues to allow Rob Van Dam to be RVD like he loves to point out he's going to go down as probably one of the biggest flops as World Champion ever!

So there you have a rundown of the matches and trust me when I say this it was embarrassing. You at best had a bunch of out of shape old men hitting each other with shit and having no direction in there match and awful structures. The worst part without a doubt is nothing they did drew a reaction which I will get too in a second but if your doing a match and nothing your doing is working then something should tell you to switch it up which no one did.

Now the crowd I just mentioned probably could have been avoided if TNA had any commonsense at all. Putting this in the Impact Zone with a crowd that is only going to pop for certain things have time and time again hurt TNA shows really just killed this whole event. The Impact Zone besides a couple of desperate attempts to seem like the original ECW was silent all night. They didn't pop for the majority of the talent or the run ins and I'm pretty sure half of them had no idea who most of these guys were. Which brings the question of why didn't TNA do this in an ECW arena such as the ECW Arena which they run next month or the Hammerstein Ball Room which again they run next month. Instead they did it in an event inside the same arena with a group of fans who didn't react to anything these guys were doing making a bad situation worst.

Then you had the end of the show which just put the turd on top of the melted ice cream. All of the ECW originals again came out and hugged and had beer and Tommy Dreamer grabbed the microphone. Dreamer then went on to again mention that this was his show and thanked the fans and the wrestlers for giving ECW one last night to shine. Better yet he then thanked Dixie Carter who they brought into the ring and put over. How ECWish to kiss the ass of a authority figure especially when Tazz said they were rebels.

That was the end of probably the worst Pay Per View in the last decade and no I'm not kidding. That event made December to Dismember seem tolerable and for all of though ECW guys who said they didn't get to finish out how they would of liked they just proved why. WWE fire them because none of them know what the hell there doing out there anymore and really spent 2 and half hours embarrassing themselves and you really have to wonder who this happened.

Well I know how it happened one because of the "fans" of ECW. Let me say this if there is one thing I'm completely sick of its people who watch Youtube and think they are some how really these original ECW fans. I'm sick of people who because the IWC pushes ECW as the greatest thing ever think that the promotion has never done anything wrong. For the past month and especially today I've seen some of the biggest Internet marks trip all over themselves trying to defend this awful piece of shit that was Hardcore Justice. If you looked at that event and thought it was a tribute to ECW or whatever then you obviously have no idea what the original ECW was.

Then you have biggest responsible person and that's Dixie Carter and she's either a complete moron or has been so worked she's absolutely clueless to what's going on. Honestly TNA should just change its name to ATM because that's all it is now. Its just a money tap for a bunch of guys from the 80's and 90's who can't get work anymore. If buyrates are so desperate that you need to run a show that was doomed from the start then you should probably decided to clean house instead of AGAIN looking for the quick fix. Dixie I hate to break this to you but you've been worked so a bunch of hasbeens can get a couple of more dollars before retirement and if you don't realize that your an idiot. This wasn't about one last run it was about one last pay check for the majority of these guys and if anyone doesn't believe that ask yourself this. What does Kid Kash, FBI, Nova, Sabu, The Gangstas, Balls Mahoney, and Axl Rotten or anyone else of the people on this show have going on? I don't think WWE is beating down any of there doors so guess what she was worked. To a point a lot of fans were probably worked too.

That's all I got this time and that's my opinion

Jason "Xtremefalls" Simmons.

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