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TNA Impact 1/13/2011 Review

Posted in Wrestling Reviews by Jack at 09:53, Jan 15 2011

By: Bob Colling from http://wrestlingrecaps.wordpress.com/
(Over 770 shows reviewed including, WWE, TNA, ROH, WCW, ECW and other independent companies!)

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
Date: 1/13/2011
From: Orlando, FL
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Taz

A video highlighting what happened at TNA Genesis is aired. Mr. Anderson was able to defeat Matt Morgan and won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from Jeff Hardy. Morgan helped Mr. Anderson win the championship. Immortal has every championship except for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Anderson says the championship he has is not the real TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

?The One that Got Away?

Outside, Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett have arrived to the building. Karen is Kurt?s ex-wife.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Anderson music hits and Anderson makes his way down to the ring. Anderson says that he busted his ass for six and half years on the independent scene to get a job with a major wrestling company (WWE). Anderson mentions that he beat ten former World Champions and was set to become a next world champion. Anderson believes that HHH went to the bosses and was told he was too funny. Anderson notes all the things he was told not to do and he does them here in TNA. Anderson got a phone call from Eric Bischoff who told him he would be allowed to be himself. Anderson credits Bischoff, Hogan and Russo for allowing him to be the Asshole that he is today. Anderson thanks the fans for their support. Anderson calls out Matt Morgan because Anderson needs to thank him as well. Morgan comes out and Anderson thanks him. Morgan says that Anderson is only the champion because Morgan let himself down. Morgan has been wondering when he will get another shot at the championship. Morgan talks about busting his ass for nine years. Morgan has been trying to become the best giant in wrestling history. Morgan warns Anderson that he is coming for the championship and believes that 2011 is the year of the Blueprint. Morgan tells Anderson he earned championship and shakes Anderson?s hand before leaving the ring. Eric Bischoff comes out and tells Anderson that no one cares about Anderson?s history. Bischoff tells Anderson that he wouldn?t be here in TNA without himself, Hogan and Ric Flair. Immortal will not deal with Anderson as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Bischoff brings up February 3rd, 2011 which will see Jeff Hardy get a rematch against Mr. Anderson on Impact. Anderson gets in Bischoff?s face until Jeff Hardy appears on the jumbo screen and tells Anderson that the family made a mistake and that Anderson was not the better man. Hardy believes the championship will be his. RVD enters the scene and attacks Jeff until Matt Hardy runs over and RVD is double teamed. Mr. Anderson leaves the ring and saves RVD by working on Jeff Hardy. The rest of Immortal runs over to help out the Hardy Boys. The babyfaces are left lying backstage to end the segment.

Mike Tenay and Taz hype up the main event which will see the Hardy Boys square off against RVD and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Anderson.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is with Karen Angle as they enter Immortal?s locker room. Karen is ready to confront Kurt Angle later tonight.

Backstage, MCMG say they are going to regain the tag team titles!

Opening Contest: TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money Inc. defeated the Motor City Machine Guns to retain the titles: All four men brawl in the ring with the champs getting the upper hand. The Guns battle back with clotheslines in the corner and toss Beer Money to the floor. Stereo misdirection dives to the floor onto the champs. Guns connect with a series of dropkicks until Roode trips Sabin. Storm knee lifts Sabin and keeps control with several right hands. Roode tags in and works on Sabin with right hands. Roode tosses Sabin hard back first into the corner and gets a near fall. Double shoulder blocks on Sabin and deliver a couple knee drops for a near fall. Storm keeps Sabin on the mat with a chin lock but that doesn?t last long. Sabin gets to his feet and battles out of the hold. Sabin leaps off the ropes and collides with Storm as they both attempted cross body blocks. Roode and Shelley tag in with Shelley getting the upper hand with right hands and chops. Shelley connects with a running bulldog/clothesline combo. Shelley heads to the top rope and knocks Storm off the apron. Sabin kicks Storm off and Shelley double stomps Roode for a two count! Guns nail the champions with several shots in the corner to keep control. Double kick on Roode and the Guns connect with a big splash/neck breaker combo for a near fall. Storm plants Sabin with an elevated DDT! Storm grabs Shelley from the middle rope and attempts a Splash Mountain Bomb but Shelley lands on his feet. Storm hits the 8 second ride on Shelley and Roode splashes Shelley from the top rope for a near fall. Beer Money try for the DWI but Shelley gets out of it and the Guns connect with a missile dropkick/face jam combo on Roode. Shelley accidentally super kicks Sabin and the champs hit Shelley with the DWI to retain the championships. **3/4

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is pacing around thinking.

Outside, Kurt Angle has arrived to the building.

Backstage, Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam are flipping out over what happened with Immortal earlier on. Anderson says they need some tools, so he grabs a chair and a 2×4. They go to find themselves Immortal!

D?Angelo Dinero makes his way down to the ring for a promo. Dinero is in the ring for some very important reasons. Dinero chats about Joe following Dinero outside the ring. Dinero says he was out making a difference in the world. Pope assures the fans that they can continue to follow him and they should follow him. Dinero forgives Joe but asks if Joe would be as forgiving if Pope were to get footage of Joe and his wife. Pope shows a picture of Joe and his wife which happened to be two animals having sex. Pope shows a picture of Joe?s wife giving birth, which is a pig feeding her babies. Samoa Joe ends up making his way down to the ring and is not in a joking mood. Joe slides into the ring and Pope bails to the floor. Joe insults Pope by saying that for a guy who is pimping, he runs like a little bitch. Joe doesn?t chase bitches. Joe calls Pope a fraud and a pretender. Joe says at some point when Pop least expects it, Joe will get his hands on Pope and will kill him!

Backstage, Mr. Anderson and RVD enter Beer Money Inc. locker room. Anderson and RVD attack Beer Money, which we don?t see as the door was closed. RVD and Anderson leave the room and begin to look for the Hardy Boys.

Backstage, Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff meet up with Beer Money Inc. and flip out over the attack. Flair tells Bischoff that if it?s a war they want, it?s a war they got!

A video promoting the Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett feud is aired

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is with Karen Jarrett. Jeff says that at Genesis it was an exhibition and that no one needed to get hurt but Angle did. Jarrett is going to retire his MMA boots tonight. Karen assures Jeff that she isn?t going to lose her temper. Kurt is seen walking to the ring and says ?I heard my ex-wife is here. I guess we have some catching up to do.?

Jeff Jarrett makes his way down to the ring with plenty of security by his side. Jarrett believes that tonight is a night for celebration. Tonight, we are celebrating the career of an undefeated MMA fighter. Jarrett notes that he has never been taken down or beaten during his career. Jarrett has nothing left to prove in his MMA career. Jarrett introduces his wife, Karen Jarrett. Well, that doesn?t happen. Instead, Kurt Angle comes out and attacks Jarrett?s security guys. Angle cleans house and corners Jarrett in the ring. Karen comes out screaming into a microphone and Jeff bails to the floor. Karen had sit at home for two years while Kurt ruined their relationship. Karen says that next week the entire world will hear her side of the story. Karen assures Kurt that it will be a night he never forgets.

Backstage, Kurt Angle is tossing stuff around in anger.

Backstage, Angelina Love doesn?t know what to do with her partner Winter. She was talking to Velvet Sky until Winter came over and took Love to ring.

Second Contest: TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions Angelina Love/Winter defeated Tara/TNA Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne to retain the titles: Long story short, Winter picks up the win for her team by forcing Tara to pass out to a sleeper hold, basically. NR

Backstage, the Hardy Boys are standing behind a fence. Matt says Anderson and RVD will get the Hardy Boys tonight. Jeff chimes in and calls their opponents ?former champion and a thief.? Matt finishes off the promo by saying that their bloodline is Immortal.

Third Contest: TNA Television Champion Abyss defeated Matt Morgan in a non-title match: Morgan with a few right hands and drops Abyss with a clothesline. Morgan blocks a big boot in the corner and nails Abyss with several back elbow strikes in the corner. Morgan delivers several head butts and stomps away on Abyss in the corner. Abyss stops Morgan in the corner with right hands in the corner. Morgan back elbows a charging Abyss but runs into a clothesline from Abyss. Abyss keeps control of the contest with a choke hold. Ric Flair gets a cheap shot in from the floor on Morgan. Abyss comes off the ropes but is met with a discus clothesline from Morgan. Morgan splashes Abyss in the corner a few times but Abyss attempts a choke slam. Morgan gets out of it and nails Abyss with the Carbon Footprint! Morgan covers but Flair tries to grab the referee, but fails. Morgan pins Abyss! *
After the match, Morgan grabs Flair but Rob Terry runs into the ring and attacks Morgan. Flair low blows Morgan and Immortal triple tea Morgan. Morgan is left lying in the ring.

Backstage, Crimson is choking Abyss with a chain. Crimson tells Abyss that ?they? are coming on February 3rd.

Mike Tenay and Taz talk about who ?they? are, again.

Backstage, Abyss enters Eric Bischoff?s locker room but is told to just stand in line since Bischoff is talking to the members of Immortal. Jeff and Matt leave the room for their main event contest. Abyss tells Bischoff about what Crimson said to him but Bischoff dismisses it as Abyss having flashbacks.

Main Event: the Hardy Boys defeated TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Anderson/Rob Van Dam: Anderson is still bleeding from the attack earlier in the night. Anderson and RVD run up the aisle way to attack the Hardy?s before they reach the ringside area. Anderson and Jeff brawl with Jeff sending Anderson face first into the ring steps. RVD works on Matt in the corner with right hands. RVD kicks Matt down to the canvas while Anderson kicks Jeff in the corner briefly. RVD and Matt start off the match legally. Matt sends RVD into the corner and hammers away on RVD with right hands. RVD battles back with a flurry of right hands as well. RVD monkey flips Matt across the ring and tags out to Anderson. Anderson rams Matt into the corner head first and clotheslines Matt in the corner. Anderson covers but only gets a near fall on Matt. Matt back elbows Anderson as the champ comes off the ropes. Jeff tags in and delivers several shots to Anderson?s open wound. RVD gets the sneak tag in but Jeff bails to the floor and Matt tags in. Matt drives RVD down with a headlock neck breaker but misses a top rope moonsault. RVD barely connects with a split legged moonsault. Jeff pulls Matt to the floor but RVD leaps over the top and takes both men out with a cross body as Impact goes to commercial! RVD continues to work on Matt in the corner with right hands. Matt runs into a big boot in the corner from RVD but is able to trip RVD off the middle rope for a near fall. Jeff tags in and RVD is double teamed in the corner briefly. Jeff connects with a front suplex but only gets a near fall on the pin attempt. Matt tags back into the contest and hammer away on RVD. Matt drives RVD down to the mat with the Side Effect but only gets a near fall! Matt prevents RVD from tagging out and gets a near fall. RVD kicks Matt in the face and crawls towards his corner. RVD tags out to Anderson but Jeff tags in as well. Anderson connects with a series of clotheslines and a swinging neck breaker for a two count. Anderson plants Jeff with the Mic Check but Matt breaks up the pin attempt at two. Matt attempts the Twist of Hate but Anderson shoves Matt away. Anderson accidentally clotheslines the referee to the floor. Beer Money runs down to the ring and attack the baby faces while the referee is knocked out on the floor. Roode catapults Anderson into DDT from Storm! Storm super kicks RVD on the floor. Matt hits the Twist of Hate on Anderson and Jeff heads to the top rope. Jeff leaps off connecting with the Swanton Bomb and pins Anderson to win the contest. *3/4
After the match, Immortal comes down to the ring where they attack Anderson and RVD some more. Bischoff is happy about the outcome as he stands at the top of the aisle way. Immortal celebrates to close out the show.

End of show

My Take: I like Mr. Anderson as the TNA World Champion. I?ve always kind of like Anderson and his personality. His ring work may need some work but I think he is a good choice to be champion since Jeff has some legal issues. Anyway, I?m surprised Anderson didn?t get rid of Immortal version of the world championship. I know I would have gotten back the real championship. But, oh well. I?m not interested in a Matt Morgan vs. Mr. Anderson feud for the championship. A short term feud on the under card is fine, but a lengthy feud over the top title is something I am not currently interested in. I thought the opening segment served its purpose. No harm, no foul.

The tag team title match was a solid bout, but they didn?t seem to go all out for the match. That isn?t a problem with me, but it is not one of their classic matches like they had in 2010. It seems to me that TNA is hinting at a split for Shelley and Sabin. I don?t like that idea. Reports have them going back to the X-Division. Why can?t they be both a tag team and singles wrestlers?

I?m assuming that Pope is now supposed to be the heel in his feud with Joe? I get that impression because Joe hasn?t been acting heelish. Their segment was pretty much the same thing from last week, but there was more humor this week.

Karen Jarrett being brought in for the Jeff vs. Kurt feud makes that a whole lot more interesting to me. The segment was pretty basic and nothing eventful really happened. Next week is going to be a big week for the feud. Hopefully they execute it properly.

Morgan/Abyss was a boring contest. Not surprised to see Morgan get the win considering he is clearly getting pushed heavily.

The main event was disappointing. Matt seemed to be lost in the ring a few times and didn?t look all that great to me. I?ll assume that it was the ring rust and that within a few weeks Matt will be back into his form and produce better outings. The win for Jeff does a good job to build up for Jeff vs. Anderson on February 3rd.

Lastly, TNA is doing another ?they? angle? According to reports, this could mean the return of the Main Event Mafia. If I remember correctly, weren?t MEM doing the same thing Immortal is currently doing? So, a group that was trying to take over TNA two years ago is now going to try and save the company? That just seems odd to me. Plus, I really don?t want to see the return of Kevin Nash and Sting. TNA needs to get younger, not older.

Overall, I find it pretty sad that in two hours we get only four matches. Over on WWE Superstars, which is a one hour program, they put on three matches. I think that is pretty funny for all the wrong reasons. This week?s show saw a solid tag title bout, a fine opening interview segment and whole bunch of other talking. Thumbs down for this week?s Impact.

Thanks for reading.

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