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Raoul's Corner Issue 1

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 01:51, Feb 26 2006

By Raoul Duke

Writing pieces for InYourHeadOnline.com? I've really hit the big time! For those of you that don't know me, my name is Raoul Duke, and I've been listening to IYH since about September of last year. This, however, is my first column for IYH. I'm hoping it isn't my last, but I guess I'll wait and see what happens. I'm not sure if this will be a weekly, monthly or even yearly thing. It really just depends if I feel I could contribute something to what is already a kick-ass site. Also, if you've just stumbled across IYHonline.com, and haven't listened before, I advise you to come back to this column once you've listened to this week's edition of IYH. Once again Jack, Incher and The Voice came through with another awesome show. Bill Watts generally seemed like a nice guy, and it was a pleasure to listen to the man share his thoughts on wrestling.

Okay, enough ass-kissing.

I guess the biggest news this week is that this years Wrestlemania main event will be occupied by John Cena and Triple H, who will be going at it for the WWE title. This is actually a match I've been looking forward to for a long time. I know that a major proportion of the IWC probably disagrees with me, but I really do feel that The Game's earned his spot this year. A real big negative though, is that Edge had his well deserved Title reign cut short. But if Foley can do for Edge, what he did for Orton two years ago, then the future still looks bright and orange for the Rated R* superstar. My only hope is that Edge can ditch Lita, and go back to his "You screwed me" gimmick. I know this won't happen, considering how much legit heat she really does get.

Some other big Wrestlemania news is that on the Smackdown! side of things,
it'll be Orton vs. Mysterio vs. Angle for the World Heavyweight Title, and I really like the way they've booked this. It keeps Mysterio in the picture, but throws Orton into the mix. Either men can win the title, but for Angle to retain would be a disaster in my opinion. Angle does deserve a lot of credit though. Even though I don't like him, he's done wonders for Smackdown since jumping. Smackdown's roster had taken a beating last year, with the sad unfortunate passing of Eddie Guerrero, Christian leaving and injuries to big players on the roster. But Angle certainly showed he's a team player by jumping from the A show, to the B show, and that he has a lot of passion for the WWE.

For the last piece of WM news, is that of the MITB match now announced for WM. So who can you put in the match? Carlito's announcement on RAW surely tells that once again, it will be strictly for RAW guys, but is that really the right move? Last years MITB had a lot of upper card talent, and this year it isn't the case. So unless they plan on throwing in the likes of Rob Conway and Val Venis into the match, it'll be smart to make it inter-promotional. So, who to put in? Carlito's pretty much cemented his place in the match. Now that Rob Van Dam's chance for the title has gone, I'm sure he'll follow. Now there are plenty of possibilities for the 3rd guy, Trevor Murdoch, Lance Cade, and Shelton Benjamin all spring to mind. But the most logical idea for me is that of Chavo Guerrero. The guy's over, and I'm sure could work well in the match. I just pray they don't stick Kane or Big Show in there. For the Smackdown entrants, it really all depends. Do they want to put some of the older guys in there, or have the new, younger guys go in?

I'd prefer the latter.

Now for a quick part on TNA.

Thank God they took the belt of Jarrett! Finally, a smart move by TNA!
I'm sure Christian will make a great champion. Any random WWE fan that happens
to be home on a Saturday night, turns over to Spike TV and sees Christian holding
the belt, they're going to be interested in this new product. He's young, recognizable,has good in-ring ability, great on the stick, and he's a guy who can carry the promotion. If TNA want to even dream of dethroning the WWE, he's one of the guys you want at the top. Very, very smart move by TNA. I'm also glad they haven't instantly thrown Jarrett back in, as he'll be involved in an 8 man tag match at Destination X, and is also looking to start a feud with Sting. This gives an opportunity to someone else in the title picture. I personally feel Christopher Daniels has done enough in the X Division to warrant a title shot.

Well that raps up my first official IYH column. I hope you enjoyed reading it,
as I enjoyed writing it. And of course, constructive criticism is appreciated.


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