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sOcKRoCk?s 2 cents

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 23:42, Mar 03 2006

German IYH Fan sOcKRoCk with his comments on this week in Wrestling

WTF is up with the return of the old mans ass? Vince when will you realize that NO ONE wants to see your old ass??? No one wants to relive other men?s face in your ass? Barb well, maybe? Well no one else on this planet. Moving on to bigger and better things, the money in the bank ladder match, most wrestling fans today just think things are getting stale. The quality of match of a ladder match between RVD and Shelton Benjamin is going to be awesome with some crazy ass bumps. The only odd ball for this match and maybe its downfall is Ric Flair. Great worker but not the best sellers of bumps for a ladder match. And who will get the Title shot Not Flair and RVD isn?t the WWE?s boy so who the hell could it be?. Shelton Benjamin! It?s the same thing with Edge? When a mid card caliber wrestler who I personally don?t think needs to main event a match just yet. Give the man some time Shelton needs a better push no a fat woman in wheel chair. Get him a better gimmick before you decide to get him over?. Nothing against Shelton he is one of the best in ring workers I?ve ever seen. Come on! But that?s my feelings for now.

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