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Interview Recap - Homicide

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 08:15, May 25 2011

Written by: Bob Colling from http://wrestlingrecaps.wordpress.com/
(Wrestling Recaps has over 1,200 reviews that include television shows, pay per views, and house shows!)

Homicide Interview Recap:
Written by: Bob Colling from http://wrestlingrecaps.wordpress.com/
(Wrestling Recaps has over 1,200 reviews that include television shows, pay per views, and house shows!)

Jack welcomes Homicide to the show after he was on hold as the hosts were previously talking to Jameson. Homicide jokes with Jack that he hates people from Boston and isn?t sure if he can spell Massachusetts

Homicide recently wrestled in Plymouth, MA with Ring of Honor and talks about a group of fans holding a flag during the show that Homicide didn?t appreciate seeing.

The new independent company, UWF is brought up. Homicide truly believes that the Urban Wrestling Federation concept is a good one and will be liked by hip hop fans and wrestling fans. He says that the company is like wrestling meeting Boys in the Hood the movie. He mentions guys involved in the company like Ruckus and Ricky Ortiz. There will also be several rappers involved in the project.

Jack asks what style of wrestling Homicide enjoys watching the most. He says he likes watching all styles and mentions watching the AWA, Lucha Libra and AAA. Homicide also compares UWF again to Extreme Championship Wrestling. He hopes that the people give the product a chance.

Homicide was a big fan of ECW when it was around. He believes that UWF will become what ECW was in terms of starting a revolution. Jack asked if he had ever tried to be part of ECW, he states that politics played a role in not being part of the company.

Joel calls in to ask about Homicide?s tag team partner Hernandez. He first talks about his matches with Samoa Joe and eventually compares Joe?s agility with Hernandez?s. He doesn?t know what Joe is up to now ?but I hope he is in TNA and is the World Champion because he deserves it.? Homicide agrees that Joe was a great champion in TNA and feels that TNA dropped the ball with him. He thinks Joe should be part of the group like Sting and Hogan.

Joel also asks about the differences between the independents and mainstream. Homicide says that the independent companies allow freedom while televised wrestling is completely different. He says it?s like going to Hollywood to get acting classes and says he is a horrible actor. He eventually got used to wrestling in TNA.

Jack asks which of the two he prefers. Homicide says he prefers to make money! He also wants to be a part of history and that is what Urban Wrestling Federation is.

OIB asks how disappointed Homicide was when LAX disbanded. He was very disappointed and talks about how great a tag team the Hollywood Blondes were, but they were broken up too soon. He believes that LAX was a gimmick that not a lot of people have seen. He hopes that LAX is back on primetime television, but makes sure to state that this doesn?t mean he is coming back to TNA by any means. He points out they are the first Latino NWA World Tag Team Champions.

He believes the people in TNA didn?t like the way he talked because he talks like he is from the hood. He is the type of guy who freestyles his promos and doesn?t follow scripts. He mentions how he doesn?t like doing promos.

Jared calls in to ask Homicide a question, which is will Low Ki be part of UWF. Homicide says he is trying to get Low Ki to be part of the company but he is doing his own thing right now.

Yolanda asks a question. She asks if Homicide would be offended to take a move called ?my dick explodes.? He isn?t offended by anything and notes his finisher move is Cop Killa. Homicide would like to see Julius Smokes and Konnan on commentary for UWF.

El Santo Loco calls in to praise Homicide?s work with Konnan and Hernandez. Homicide plans on going back to AAA very soon as he has been talking to his friend Konnan. Loco says he wants to see Homicide kick Jack Evans ass! When asked about someone he would want to wrestle, Homicide responds he would like to wrestle Eddie Kingston. Guess what? He just so happens to be wrestling Kingston in UWF.

Nikhil asks how did TNA change when Bischoff and Hogan came in. Homicide believes they had a different vision that didn?t have Homicide in it. ?I?m not going to lie, but I miss TNA and I miss the boys.? He also mentions that there are some he doesn?t care for.

Jack asks what Homicide thinks about Jon Moxley. He is reminded of CM Punk circa 2002 and was honored to work Jon in Evolve. He wishes him good luck and says that he will be waiting for Jon if it doesn?t work out in New York! ?I?m not a hater. I just hate people who make more than money then me.?

Homicide goes into a story about how his probation officer wanted Homicide to change the name of his finisher from Cop Killa to something else. Luckily, in TNA, Mike Tenay gave him the name Gringo Killer. However, Homicide doesn?t know which one was worse!

Homicide will be aligned with Uncle Murder, Slyck Wagner Brown, Lowlife Louie and several others.

Homicide likes to have the crowd decide whether or not he is a good or bad guy.

It is very important to Homicide to be part of something from the beginning like ROH. He enjoys being part history and talks about being part of JAPW from the very beginning.

When talking about UWF, Homicide notes that people should finish school and mentions that a lot of the rappers have degrees.

Nikhil also asks if Homicide was in TNA when Dixie gave her speech to the roster. He says that there were a lot of speeches, but says he likes Dixie Carter. He remembers a speech that Carter gave that the company was about being a family and ?blah, blah, blah.?

Jack asks about what happened in the Terror Dome match on Impact. Homicide tells a story about Corino breaking his shoulder because he broke his ear drum. So, he has had a bum shoulder for several years. His shoulder became dislocated while climbing the cage and believes that a guy like Chuck Norris couldn?t even do it! Guys like Kaz, Lethal and Daniels have told him it?s not the easiest thing they have ever done. ?I fucked up, basically.? He believes that moment was the beginning of the end of his TNA career. He was supposed to feud with Jeff Hardy but the company changed their mind a few days later.

Jim Cornette was more of an advisor for LAX and says he respects Cornette a great deal for continuing to help the young guys to this day.

Jack thanks Homicide for coming on.

For more information on the June 3rd taping of UWF First Blood at the Ballroom, go to www.urbanwrestlingfederation.com

Also, check out Ring of Honor, another company that Homicide wrestles for on a regular basis at www.rohwrestling.com

And lastly, Homicide is a JAPW original, so, go to www.japw.net for more information on Jersey All Pro Wrestling!

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