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Interview Recap - Big Mama

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 10:54, Jul 17 2011

By Nikhil Kalhan

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Jack and OneInchBiceps were joined by Big Mama, the former wife and valet of The Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant.
Jack asked why is she coming back to the wrestling world, at The NWA Legends Fanfest? Big Mama said she moved to Florida and took a break from wrestling, now she wants be with the fans and wrestling family. She had other business ventures such as a furniture store after she left the business. Her son told her to get back with her old friends, Baby Doll contacted her regarding the NWA Legends Fanfest. Big Mama recognized her old friends such as Tommy Young, Ron Garvin & Baby Doll. Greg Price (promoter of the Fanfest) told Babydoll he’d love to have Big Mama at the show and she decided she will come!

Jack asked if she had to be smarted up to the business. Big Mama said she sort of knew, but Jimmy told her right away what it was all about.
Jack asked if she is looking forward to seeing old faces? Big Mama said she cannot wait to see everyone, because they are like a family, people such as Jerry Lawler and Ted DiBiase and so many more will be there. She is also looking forward to seeing her fans. Jack asked did she keep in contact with everyone? Big Mama didn’t very much. She had a small run as a valet with Barry Darsow once, but it’s hard to keep up with friends in the wrestling business once you are out of it.
Linda phoned in from Kentucky, IYH reunites family as she was a long lost cousin of Big Mama. She asked if Big Mama and Boogie Woogie man would get together again? Big Mama said never say never and something she hasn’t thought about because she is so busy.
Jack asked if her and Nickla (Babydoll) were good friends back in the NWA? She said they lived in Charlotte during the time and Dusty gave them their names together. Dusty took one look at her and said she’d be Big Mama. Originally they feuded against one another. She got into the businesses because she used to take her kids and she enjoyed herself. She met Jimmy because she owned a nightclub, they were introduced as he didn’t smoke, drink or go partying. They met him and invited them to a wrestling show, and it was love at first sight. Big Mama knew she wanted to be his old lady as soon as she saw him.
Jack asked if the crowd did anything to them when they were a couple? Big Mama said so many stories she could tell us that would last us the whole night. Especially in Memphis, where the fans really hated them and would mess up their car etc. Jack asked if she had more fun being a face or heel? Big Mama said she enjoyed both. It was thrilling having the fans hate her so much. When they had there first child it relaxed more, so it was better to be a face then.
Jack asked whose idea was Miss Atlanta Lively in Starrcade 1985? Big Mama said she wasn’t sure whose idea it was. Jimmy told her news when he got home, he straightened things with her, they ribbed for a while to see who it was and then finally found out it was Ron Garvin when they started doing the promos. Big Mama said Ron Garvin didn’t seem to have a problem with it, and joked that maybe he’d wear the costume again for photos at Fanfest.
Brainz asked if her boobs are real? Big Mama said she has had breast reductions, because they caused back problems. Jack asked her thoughts on Ole Anderson? He was really nice to her, a great performer and a handsome man. Vann asked did she read Jimmy Valiants book? She read some of it but would never criticise it. She didn’t like why he didn’t include their life together. She was a important part of his life. Big Mama said she will be at the Hall of Heroes (dinner and induction ceremony at NWA Fanfest) wearing a incredible dress.
Jack thanked her for being on the show, she cannot wait for the fan fest and wants to give Jack and the OIB a hug and kiss.

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