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Posted in News by Tyler at 00:50, Jul 22 2011

At about 9pm eastern we'll be locking the IYH Proboards while maintenance is performed. In the meantime you can (hopefully) still use the Chat Room for tonight's TNA show. You can also post replies to this website post if you'd like to ask questions or just talk amongst yourselves. I'll be updating this page with progress throughout the night.

Don't forget, please back up any important private messages you might have on the forum.

Boards are now locked!

We could be looking at 12 hours before reopening. Roughly. Very roughly. Definitely between 12 hours and a week.

I'd like to say everything is going smoothly! But it's been the opposite of that. A crash meant having to start the script all over again. Hopefully that was just a freak occurance.

I'm going to leave this thing running and head off to bed now, to likely get zero sleep while I worry about it crashing again.

Good morning. The script is still running. Hopefully not long to go now.

9am. We just hit the 12-hour mark. A few hours were missed because of the crash. I have no idea what time the new board will be ready. Let's take a wild guess at... 3pm eastern. Yes.

1pm. Woohoo! Exporting the data has completed, the old board is now fully backed up That was the longest and scariest part. The remaining tasks are: renumber posts, import the data to the new board, resync everything, run some small update scripts, adjust board settings, test and check everything, then send everyone their new login info. My estimate of 3pm is looking way too optimistic. Think I'm going to give up on the whole estimate thing.

2:20pm all data has been imported to the new forum. Everything going great so far.

3:20pm just waiting on the reindexing to finish. Painfully slow. Will be another hour or two yet.

4:10pm OK we're now sending out your new passwords for the new board. They are being sent as private messages to your accounts on the old Proboards forum. If you don't have yours yet, just wait patiently, they are being sent one at a time and it can take several hours to get through the whole memberlist. In the PM is also a link to the new board. If you have any problems, post a reply here and tell me your Proboards username.

5:15pm, here's the link to the new board http://iyhwrestling.com/board - remember to check your Proboards account for the PM containing your new password. PMs are still being sent out one at a time so give it a few hours.

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