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FTW September Slam

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 10:42, Sep 14 2011

FTW September Slam 9.10.11 Live Review
Ronkonkoma, NY

by Taso the Greek

I went to FTW's "September Slam" this Saturday. I have been to their previous show, and since I was on the island picking up a pay-check, plus their last show was actually a lot of fun, regardless of what I might have written in my last live results recap, I decided to drive to Ronkonkoma. September Slam here we go! I got their very early, so I went to get pizza. There is nothing near this place. I went in 15 minutes before bell time. This might be the last time I go to a wrestling show by myself. I ask people if someone is sitting somewhere and everyone I ask looks at me like I am retarded. I should have gotten front row for the extra 5$ because general admission is for fat, lazy people. Real wrestling fans like me sit in the front row. After changing seats 3 times, the show started. I was in a nice aisle seat, where I had a clear shot of the ring but then this skinny asshole stood up the whole show taking pictures. It was highly annoying. Even some nasty remarks from the people around me throughout the show did not dissuade this emo reverie from sitting down. They had no problem throwing shit at the ring and saying some of the stupidest or sickest shit throughout the show, but no one told this skinny fat ass to sit the fuck down.

Louden Noxious aka Gavin Loudspeaker was the announcer. He's pretty good. That's the second show in a row they had him as the ring announcer.

Javi Air & Azrieal defeat Justin Toxic & Bandido Jr.

Javi Air, Azrieal, and Bandido Jr. wrestle around the east coast all the time. I have no problem with that, but they are tag teams in one promotion, then wrestling against each other in another, tag champs in another, and constantly trading wins and losses. They are good for opening match guys to get the crowd going, which they certainly did. Alot of the girls like Azrieal, or maybe I was sitting next to the one girl that like d him a lot. I don't know, but people were certainly loud for this opening bout. The aformentioned three did some great dives out of the ring a few minutes into the match, and then Justin Toxic wrestled a bit, he was OK. Bandido Jr. was wearing his mask here, he doesn't wear it in other promitons like CZW. he was pretty good. Azrieal got the pin and the win.

Tina San Antonio over Barbie in a good match

Tina San Antonio was an effective face, I thought this was the best match I have seen her wrestle live.

The Nigerian Nightmares w/ Stephon Theodore Benson vs. Beer'd Life vs. Jay Lover & Tommy Budz (c) vs. Gods of Destruction - Tag Title Match

A small but loud section of the crowd cheered for the Nigerian Nightmares, and so did I, as they are at least a very entertaining tag teeam. They are unique, a special attraction.

Beer'd Life are two guys who look like over-sized hobbits in purple Kool-Aid man t-shirts. I saw them in the pre-show Battle Royal last show. The fan are pretty mean to these guys. The Gods of Destruction, I don't really think they are very interesting. I barely know their names.

I like Jay Lover and Tommy Budz, the BQE. Jay Lover is a good talent and worker. He gets the crowd into it. Beer'd Life were eliminated first, and then the GoD. Jay Lover got hit by a nasty assisted elevated leg drop from the Nigerian Nightmares, and the titles changed hands. Afterwards, Grim Reefer came out. he was hot. he is the leader of the BQE. he got mad at Jay Lover and then Tommy Budz turned on his tag partner and beat him up. I like Grim Reefer, he looks like a real scumbag off the street. Jay Lover gets thrown out of the BQE. If I were FTW I would keep the Nightmares as champs and keep them strong. They are fun to see live.

Beer'd life eliminated first
GoDs eliminated second
Nightmares pin Jay Lover with a assisted falling elbow drop, the Nigerian Nightmares are the new champions.

Mick Foley did a surprise appearence and plugged his stand up, and then they did a joke with Balls Mahoney

Gen X Title: Wes Draven defeats Earl Cooter (c) & Justin Credible to become new Gen X champ.
Draven canadian Destroyer on Earl Cooter.

Justin Credible looks pretty good. Here is where the show took a bad turn. This is a tough match to get behind. I like everyone in it but it wasn't a hot match, as funny and stupid as Earl Cooter might be, as good as he is in his role, he isn't that hated. Not by me. The crowd hates him pretty badly. Wes Draven is OK, but here the babyface got a lot of jeers from the assholes in the crowd, who were getting more and more annoying. They were throwing paper airplanes and being obnoxious, and it was funny at first but then it got stupid. Even with the title on the line, this match wasn't as good as I had hoped. It didn't have the heat I had hoped either. I'd like to see Wes Draven vs the guys who have been opening the show, like Azrieal or Bandido Jr., and give him a few wins.

Jimmy Jact cash defeats Grim Reefer to get a shot at the World FTW Hardcore title
Balls causes Reefer to lose

Jact gave props to Grim Reefer and asked him to make fun of the fans. Reefer cracked jokes at the fans. Then Cash attacked him. I wasn't very into the match for whatever reason. It was hard to concentrate with people yelling idiotic shit throughout the show. They went to the outside. It got rough but nothing crazy. Both guys are former FTW Hardcore Heavyweight Champions. Balls Mahoney came out to watch the match, then he hit Reefer with a chair to distract him, and Jimmy Jact Cash hit a move off the top rope(??) for the win. Cash moves to the title match versus Balls Mahoney.

Intermission: They had some food and drink, it was OK, a little expensive, but I had gorged on pizza earlier. I went to my car for a smoke. Justin Credible and Balls were signing autographs. Casey Karlisle was selling cookies. I should have talked to her. Intermission was over. I woul;d say there were 250-350 people at this show, rough guess.

Gary Reno, Jim Steele(?), and Myers(?) defeat Rockstar and two unknown guys.

The annoying wrestling fans got rowdy here, cheering for the worst guy in the ring, Myers, a totally young and indy looking kid, and pretty much boo'ed everyone else, but especially Rock Star. They crapped all over Rock Star to the point it was funny, and then to the point where the fans just sucked the enjoyment out of the match. gary reno and the faces got it together and kikced the shit out of thwir opponents to win the match. people cheered, it was a nice filler 6 man tag match. Rock Star came out with his valet, Nicoletta. She's nice looking.

So then at the end Grim Reefer came out with Tommy Budz and they kicked the shit out this Myers guy. The Myers guy had a squeaky voice and sounded like he had a speech impediment. As much as Reefer and Budz beat down Myers, the more he did stuff, like give them the finger. I thought at one point Reefer was going to beat him up for real.

Riddick Stone defeated Joey Ace with Diamond

Ace comes out with Diamod, who is pretty hot. he cuts a bad promo about taking out the new guy. Out comes the new guy, a very jacked up kid named Riddick Stone. They have a pretty decent match actually, Ace cheating a lot, but in the end Stone hit a spear for the win. He had a bloody mouth after the match.

Dan Barry & Ken Scampi defeated Big Jim Sullivan & Lenn Oddity (I think)

At the last show, Barry cut a promo if I remember correctly. They had a vignette on a screen here, and there is some bad blood between these tag teams. I have only followed FTW for 2 months so I don't know a lot about the angles. Barry and Scampi are something special up here. The assholes were chanting his name the whole match and throwing stuff at Big Jim Sullivan. I was hoping Sullivan would have kicked their asses. I think it was at this point that I got into it with one of the asshole, who had suddenly moved up to sit right next to me. One of these 'tards bumped into me about 4-5 times until I had enough, and we had words. I don't mind if people drink and want to have fun but not to ruin things for the people around them. And don't fucking bump into me 5 times without saying sorry. So duck these guys because they fucked this match for me. In the end, barry and Scampi beat the shit out of Big Jim Sullivan, dropping knees off the top rope onto a chair and "breaking his arm" as far as I can tell. I was too hot at these faggot losers sitting next to me, taking up what was once an aisle. FTW security can suck a dick.

Jimmy Jact cash defeated balls Mahoney for the FTW Hardcore Title

The main event was OK as it spilled to the outside and things got crazy. They brawled all over the place, Cash taking flying bumps into rows of chairs. Then the guys took turns suplexing each other into piles of chairs on the floor, just a few feet away from me. Cash won the match in the middle of the ring with some move I don't even remember. Balls might have gone through a table. It is also possible someone else during the night went through a table, but I can't remember that either. I was just disappointment that Cash won the title, as he is not a great talker, although he delivers in the hardcore matches about half the time. He also looks like a pretty big guy, he's no yardtard. He's a gorilla. But the title win was flat, even after all the brawling on the outside. I don't think anyone hates the guy that much. They would probably cheer for him if he were a face. Jay Lover hit the ring to save Balls and he cut a promo on Jimmy Jact Cash. Jimmy tried to come back with stuff but again, he isn't that great. Jay Lover versus Jimmy Jact Cash is scheduled for next month.

What can I say, the crowd was full of asshole who kinda took away from the show. The show was OK. It might have been worse with these assholes, it might have been better. I like loud and active crowds but not dip shits. What was worse, and the dip-shits pointed it out, was that the rest of the crowd was pretty quiet most of the night, But then, you couldn't say much when two guys are literally SCREAMING bloody Mary like they were at a cock fight. These fucking turds were total marks for themselves, which was too bad, but what do you expect. I said it in my last review of FTW, this is Long Island. It's a piece of shit, fuck the Hamptons. I'm from Brooklyn.

As far as FTW, it wasn't a terrible show. I hope they have a great line-up for their next show. It wouldn't change the fact I probably won't go, but I might. They would do better with trying to please the kids and their families, as there are many young people in the audience. I would say it is a tough crowd but if you present a sophisticated product, you will do better every time out. FTW is nice but I bet they can kick it up to another level. I would love it because I am not that far from that piece of shit stink hole, Long Island, and don't have to pay tolls. So kick it up a notch, FTW!

If you have any comments or hate mail send it to: idie1day@hotmail.com

"If ya smell my cock out in Brooklyn!"

Thanks for reading.

Taso the Greek for In Your Head Wrestling

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