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MY WORLD: April 11th

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 19:51, Apr 11 2006

By: Justin Bailey

Hello everyone, and let me welcome all of you to the first edition of My World. I will be writing weekly columns about current happenings in WWE and TNA and my take on it all. After all, I have been following the wrestling business for a good 18 years now, basically, ever since I could remember. So, I have much insight and knowledge
about this industry. Enough with the introduction, so let?s get to it!

We have new World Tag Team Champions in Kenny and Mikey of The Spirit Squad. Having Big Show and Kane as World Tag Team Champions was getting stale, but we could go into a whole ordeal about the tag team division in WWE these days. The only thing about the Spirit Squad is it?s hard to pick apart who?s who in the stable. Look at that, a stable. The only stable in WWE, if you don?t count MNM, who is my eyes is really a tag team with a manager, and not a stable so much. Now, with Kenny and Mikey as the new champs, who?s next in line for a title shot? Val Venis and Viscera? No, Val is going to have surgery, and he will be out for around two months. What about Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch? No, they got split up for no reason and put on Heat every week. Which, by the way, Goldust and Snitsky tagged on Heat this week. There?s another random tag team put together. Carlito and
Chris Masters? No, they split on RAW this past Monday as well. Which brings me to my next topic.

I thought Carlito and Masters would become new World Tag Team Champions at WrestleMania, along with a lot of other people. You would have "the two young studs" as champions, and it would eventually lead to them splitting anyways. I guess WWE just wanted to get straight to the point if that, and go ahead and get the feud going. I expect we?ll have Carlito vs. Chris Masters added to Backlash. I really like Carlito. He has done something probably no one will repeat again. He became U.S. Champion his debut night on SmackDown!, and he became Intercontinental Champion his first night on RAW. I was thinking he would add to that resume, and win the World Tag Team Titles at his debut WrestleMania performance, but that didn?t happen as previously discussed. Carlito?s got a great future ahead of him, being a second-generation wrestler, and his nice charisma. Masters, I has
a good chance of being a big player down the line in the main event mix. His size will carry him, because his talent won?t. He?s not as bad as Dalip Singh, who debuted last week on SmackDown!, but hopefully he can pick up his in-ring in a big way.

Gotta love Mickie James, right? The new Women?s Champion has taken the obsessive character to another level. Victoria was one thing back when she came and feuded with Trish. People are really getting behind her character, which is great. All we need now is actual depth in the women?s division. It felt like we saw Trish vs. Victoria twenty times on tv in the last year. I?m not sure who Mickie will feud with after Trish. Mickie, Trish, and Victoria are the only three that can wrestle in that company right now.

I am curious to see where they are going with the Chavo Guerrero quitting angle. He got everyone behind him on RAW to win the Intercontinental Title from Shelton
Benjamin, even though I had a feeling it just wasn?t going to happen. One possible idea would be to have Chavo go over to SmackDown! and feud with JBL over the U.S. Title, and end up winning it. Chavo would make a great IC or U.S. Champion.

We have a Triple Threat set for Backlash between John Cena, Triple H, and Edge for the WWE Title. It?s nice to have a Pay Per View after a WrestleMania have a main event that will not be a repeat of a WrestleMania main event. All signs are pointing to Triple H picking up the title here and heading into ECW One Night Stand, and dropping it to the new "Mr. Money In The Bank," Rob Van Dam. Which very well could happen. At this point, I don?t care how it gets done. I just want to see RVD as WWE Champion, and finally, get his due. It?s looking like it?ll be happening in the near future. I also see Edge becoming Champion sometime again. Maybe not soon, but he?ll be champion again. He created quite the buzz back in January when he
first won the title.

Jamal is back as Umaga, aka, Headshrinker 2006. I?m not crazy about him, but Armando Alejandro Estrada was pretty decent on the mic. It reminded me of Muhammad Hassan and Daivari. I was more of a fan of Daivari in that pairing. If you thought that was bad, then we got Dalip Singh take down The Undertaker on SmackDown! with a karate chop. Another big guy who is going to be hard to watch in the ring, oh, and on SmackDown! Are they trying to make us watch? Just seems like we get characters worse and worse on the show. In the last six months, we?ve seen Boogeyman, Animal as a heel, Tatanka, and Finley all on the show. I compare the show to a circus in that aspect. I ignore what I can and try to focus on the good parts of the show, but you can only ignore so much.

Speaking of better parts on SmackDown! MNM, Paul London, and Brian Kendrick. A match that should have taken place at WrestleMania, but
be that as it may, I?ll move on. These four put on a hot match last Friday as expected, and ended with a tease like I knew would happen. MNM is one of the best tag teams we?ve seen in a while, and I want London and Kendrick to be tag champs. London and Kendrick work well together, and are just all out bump machines, especially London.

It?s looking like the Boogeyman/Booker T feud is going to continue...greeeat. It was sad enough Booker had to job out to the guy at Mania, but just end this, and let Booker actually wrestle and feud with someone with more than someone who brings to the table a punch, kick, and pumphandle slam.

JBL is going to be one of the best heels to hold the U.S. Title. He?s perfect for the heel role to hold the U.S. Title. The supposed pro-American in his own eyes that thinks he represents everything great in the U.S., when everyone thoroughly hates him. I expect him to have a lengthy run with
the title.

The King of The Ring is back after a four-year absence. The bracket seems like we can see some nice matches to be coming our way. I see Lashley taking it. He?s the only guy in there that you can really push up to the next level. Orton?s suspended, Angle won?t get the title back from Mysterio, Hardy?s being semi-buried, Booker is feuding with a guy who "eats" worms, Henry I see not getting resigned when his contract is up this summer I believe, Finley is just a no, and Benoit is still feuding with JBL. I?m looking to see Lashley and Angle in the finals, and somehow, Lashley gets the win over Angle.

I like how Paul Burchill is getting a push, but the character, not so much. It?s ok to me. It?s not as horrible as other stuff, but you know it?s only going to take him so far. The guy?s got talent and he can at least make a name for himself with the tv time I assume.

One of
the big topics the past week is the suspension of Randy Orton. From what seems to be someone who has been stuck in kayfabe, being in character in and out of the ring, thinking he?s better than everyone, and so on. Nice note I came across is Orton?s 60th day, last day of suspension, is June 11. What?s June 11 also? ECW One Night Stand. Don?t see Orton getting involved in that PPV, but the draft I assume should being going on around that time. RAW?s the next night. Not saying anything for sure there. It?s just a thought.

TNA debuts in prime time this Thursday. This is the perfect day of the week to have a wrestling program. SmackDown! was successful on this day (at least in the past), even though the timeslot for TNA is three hours later. Everyone knows the Saturday night timeslot was a rough one as people are out and about on Saturday nights, along with competing with Madtv and Saturday Night Live, even though SNL is getting a bad
wrap these days with a lackluster cast. Another side to look at it either way is the great invention of Tivo or DVR. Personally, I like the Thursday night slot, because instead of having RAW on Monday night and waiting until Friday for SmackDown!, which isn?t a too promising show half the time, we will get TNA a day before that. It gives nice breaks in the week for wrestling. Everything won?t be so crammed on the weekends, like how you can have SmackDown! on Friday, iMPACT! on Saturday, a Pay Per View on Sunday, RAW on Monday, and then a three day break without wrestling. You get the picture.

I?ve enjoyed Christian Cage?s title run so far as NWA World Heavyweight Champion. He is a fresh champion. It?s like a breath of fresh air, like how Edge was champion in WWE, even though they dropped the ball there. One good thing about Christian is how he?s such a great bumper, and he can make nearly anyone look good in the ring. He?s gotten Monty Brown,
and now, Abyss to show for that.

Team 3-D have been in TNA for six months now. You would have thought the way they were brought in that they would have been World Tag Team Champions for months by now, but TNA has been playing it out and really milking their chase for the title nicely. Eventually they?ll get the titles off America?s Most Wanted. I would suspect so in the coming months.

One less than eventful part of each week?s show we see is the Konnan-"Bullet" Bob Armstrong feud. Everything good thing has a bad side. This is it for TNA. That?s the best way to look at it. No one wants to see a 66-year-old man wrestling, but it is what it is. I can put up with one bad thing. It beats multiple ones going on in WWE, with Boogeyman, Mark Henry, Umaga (debuted on RAW last Monday), and Dalip Singh (debuted on SmackDown! last Friday), and so on. I was happy to Hernandez come back and join LAX. Hernandez made a name for
himself in Houston (where I?m from), and it?s nice to see someone I saw begin in the indy?s make it to TNA.

I?m anticipating where the Triple Threat of TNA go from here. That being AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Samoa Joe. AJ has already been a Triple Crown Winner in TNA twice. I would suspect him to move back up to the main event mix. Five X-Division Title reigns is enough for that guy right now. Christopher Daniels had a nice six-month reign as X-Division Champion in 2005, and it?ll be nice to see him have another run with the title. He faces Joe thus Thursday, but he?ll retain, and move onto Lockdown against Jushin Thunder Liger as he was announced to be the next challenger to the X-Division Title announced on iMPACT! After this run with the title, "The Fallen Angel" is bound to move up into the main eventer mix. Then, we have "The Samoan Submission Machine" himself, Samoa Joe. He is paired with Sabu at Lockdown, which should be a
nice pairing in the Six Sides of Steel. I they should play out Joe never getting pin or submitting and keep him unbeaten until he becomes World Heavyweight Champion, which I suspect to happen within the next year. Joe is just unstoppable and has been booked nicely since his debut in TNA.

Let?s get to "the elephant in the room" so to speak, Scott Steiner. Scott is not in his prime, and has an odd looking chest these days (like someone punched him in the chest and imprint stayed). I?m fine with Scotty in TNA as long as the young, deserving talent get over like the way it should be. With Sting, it has been successful. If this were WCW, he?d be World Champion right now, just because of his name. Instead, with Sting now being in TNA for three months now, Alex Shelley and "Showtime" Eric Young have gotten over well. You got Shelley, with his great Paparazzi Productions shorts, and Young being paranoid as ever. You have got to especially love Eric.
He?s got a unique character and man, can the guy bump. Now, true, Sting has wrestled one match in his three-month run in TNA so far, but in one aspect, that?s a good thing. Sting?s not bad in the ring, but he doesn?t need to be wrestling every week, main eventing. That was one thing people were afraid was going to happen, but it hasn?t. It?s smart booking, welcome to TNA.

Well, that?ll do it for the first edition of My World by yours truly. Thanks to all who took time out to take a gander on my input of the way it is. Stayed tuned for next week.


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