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Sting on not going to WWE

Posted in News by Jack at 05:19, Feb 05 2012

Sting talked to Kiss-FM about not going to WWE, Wrestlemania and Undertaker.

Question - Wrestlers he'd like to face that he hasn't yet: "I'd have to say the top one... Undertaker. I think wrestling fans have wanted to see Sting vs. Undertaker for years. I think between his gimmick and mine, it could be pretty cool. We could do some pretty cool stuff."

Question - If he regrets never going to WWE: "Yes and no. Who wouldn't want to say that they've done at least one WrestleMania? I'm not going to lie to you, I wish I had done one of those. I've had great conversations with him [Vince McMahon] over the years and been real close on three or four different occasions. There was always a need met or desire of mine met with WCW or with TNA, so I stayed."

Question - The last time he almost jumped to WWE: "Last year... we were very, very close."

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