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Interview Recap - New Jack

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 00:19, Apr 24 2012

by Vic Schiavone

Recap of New Jack on In Your Head Wrestling Radio, 04/18/2012 for full audio visit www.IYHwrestling.com

Disclaimer: This recap does not do justice to the original interview, as it is one of the funniest I’ve heard in a long, long time.

Hosts Jack E. Jones and One Inch Biceps welcomed The Original Gangsta New Jack to IYH Wrestling Radio for his third appearance.

New Jack opened the show by talking about an appearance on a rival wrestling radio show the previous night and what a couple of marks hosted it. He talked about how one of the guys on the show identified himself as an “Indy Professional Wrestler” and that he had no respect for most Indy wrestlers because they don’t train like they should. He said that he was one of the few wrestlers who never went to major fed and made a name for himself, even though it wasn’t the greatest name in the world and that people either appreciated him for being hardcore or would never consider getting in the ring with him

New Jack then talked up the big Extreme Reunion show on April 28, managing to mention “ECW” twelve times even though he said he wasn’t supposed to. He talked about that he was in better shape for this show than he had been in his whole life and that it was like looking forward to a family reunion. Jack E. pointed out that most of the seats for Extreme Reunion were gone and New Jack talked about this was proof of how all the experts (who said that nobody wants to see these guys anymore) were full of crap.

New Jack then hit a few topics in rapid succession:

· Balls Mahoney - New Jack says Balls has legit heat with him for him insulting Balls’ woman and for posting a video where Balls threw up on some fans. He also told an interesting story involving Balls and a ring rat and why he no longer will wrestle a match with someone who bleeds.

· Tammy Sytch - New Jack said that yes, Tammy tried to get him to kill her cop boyfriend.

· Marlena (Terri Runnels) - New Jack said that he did have an affair with Marlena but he had no intention of distributing any pictures because he couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to see them.

· Mustafa - New Jack said he and Mustafa are cool and he’s looking forward to working with him at Extreme Reunion.

· Abdullah the Butcher - New Jack that he and Abdullah are cool even though Abdullah started a false rumor about New Jack having HIV.

· Bubba the Love Sponge - This was a great story. New Jack told that he went on Bubba’s radio show but was afraid it was a set up because Bubba wanted to get back at him for knocking out Brian Knobbs (who is a friend of Bubba and Hulk Hogan). Bubba brought up New Jack stabbing William Jason Lane and New Jack pulled out a knife during the interview. After that New Jack said Bubba got really humble.

· Mass Transit - New Jack said that after the match Mass Transit asked him if he thought he had a job and New Jack said he told him that if he didn’t bleed to death he might.

· William Jason Lane - New Jack (who didn’t mention Lane’s name) said that he stabbed Lane because Lane punched New Jack in the face twice and he had been doing cocaine and drinking.

New Jack then went back to the topic of the Extreme Reunion show. Jack E. asked New Jack who he thought the old wrestlers from ECW were remembered so fondly and New Jack said it was because the ECW guys had fun and the fans really cared for the wrestlers. New Jack said to not expect what people saw in ECW from Extreme Reunion, but expect to see the personalities you saw. He said that the wrestlers may be a little slower and less agile, but the people in Philadelphia would sell out a building to watch the old ECW wrestlers eat ice cream because they knew that they would put on a good show.
When asked if he would stick around for the long-term if this show leads to a new promotion, New Jack said he would stick around to help the younger guys
because there is a real problem today with guys who can wrestle but can’t cut a promo to save their lives.

New Jack then addressed the Internet fans who think he is some kind of thug by saying he basically leads a normal life and to not judge him because you don’t know him.

Jack E. then took a call from Noel in Philadelphia, who said that he would be at Extreme Reunion. New Jack told him to find him during the event and that he would get a picture of him and Noel dropping their pants together. New Jack said that Noel was an example of the kind of fans he has created, and that he embraces them and has a good time with them.

The interview ended at this point. Jack E. thanked New Jack for being on the show.

For all of your Extreme Reunion needs visit www.extremereunion.net

Like I said, this recap doesn’t do this interview justice. It was a full sixty minutes that went by in nothing flat. To get the full feel of it, go to


and give it a listen.

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