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Talking Money June 18th

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 14:30, Jun 18 2006

Including Romeo Roselli of "The Hearthrobs" interview
By Tim Miller

Timothy ?T- Money? Miller
June 18, 2006

Talking Money!
Welcome back to Talking Money! This week I had the pleasure of getting a response from former WWE Superstar and one half of the tag team ?The Heart Throbs,? Romeo Roselli. This very busy man found the time in between matches to fill out my questions on topics from his partner, Antonio Thomas, to life in the WWE. Romeo just opened his official website at www.romeoroselli.com . Check it out for his schedule as well was more information on Romeo.


Name: Romeo Roselli

From: White Plains, New York

Age: 24

What Promotion(s) are you working for:
NEW (Northeast Wrestling ? New York, Connecticut)
TNT (Ward Family Promotions ? Virginia, Georgia, Texas)
WWC (World Wrestling Council ? Puerto Rico)
UWA (United Wrestling Association ? Tennessee)
CCW (Connecticut Championship Wrestling ? Connecticut)
WSU (Wrestling Superstars Unleashed ? New York)
MXW (Connecticut)
TRP (Top Rope Promotions ? Massachusetts)
UXW (Formerly USA Pro ? New York)
BTW (Big Time Wrestling ? Massachusetts)
NWS (National Wrestling Superstars ? Connecticut)
NWA Upstate (New York)
BWO (Best Wrestling Organization ? Rhode Island)
URW (Ultimate Ring Wars ? Massachusetts)
AOM (All Out Mayhem ? Maine)
EWA (Eastern Wrestling Alliance ? Massachusetts)


Movie: Rocky II
Music Artist: Linkin Park
Television Show: Seinfield
Food: Lasagna
Athlete/ Sports Team: LETS GO METS!!!


What is your finishing maneuver?

I?m using a couple different things at the moment and playing around with some other things as well. I don?t have a definite finishing move. I also like to grab the ropes and hold the tights a lot if you want to call that a move.

Why did you choose wrestling for a career?

I will use the clich?? and say that I did not choose wrestling, wrestling chose me. I was drawn to it the moment I first saw it on television, and was hooked every since.

If you were not wrestling, what would you be doing?

Probably still be in the entertainment and fitness industries.

Who were your heroes growing up?

I was/am a big baseball fan, so anybody who played for the Mets, especially Gary Carter and Gregg Jefferies. Then with wrestling I grew up in the Hogan era in the 80?s, so I was a Hulkamaniac. As time passed I admired and still do, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart.

What is your dream match?

To main event WrestleMania, that should be everyone?s dream match.

What is your relationship with tag team partner Antonio Thomas?

We get along well. We probably know each other better than anybody. Sure sometimes we have our disagreements and tiffs but who doesn?t. And really, for as much time as we?ve spent with each other and as much as we?ve gone through together, we really always seem to get along without much problems at all. I would almost go as far and compare him to a brother.

Who is your favorite opponent? What is your favorite match?

Everyone is different and everyone is a different type of challenge. I?ve had a great time working with legends like Tito Santana, Jerry Lawler, and Dr. Tom Pritchard, as well as working against current stars such as Antonio, Eddie Colon, Shane Helms, MNM, members from the Spirit Squad, and the list goes on and on.
As far as favorite match, every type of match is fun in its own way.

What has been your favorite all-time match?

I?ve had a few that stand out, but there really hasn?t been that one yet that stands above the rest, I?m still waiting for that one.

What is your greatest wrestling moment?

Probably when I was offered a WWE contract.

What do you want to accomplish in wrestling?

I want to wrestle as long as my body holds up, and make a comfortable living as a professional wrestler. There are definitely a lot more goals I have and want to accomplish, and I want to leave my mark on the wrestling world.

How did you train to enter wrestling? Who did you train with?

I attended a wrestling school run by Kevin Landry in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was a top student from Paul Roma?s school and eventually basically just took over running the classes. This was actually where I first met Antonio, so we do go way back from basically the very beginning. I later then moved to Louisville, Kentucky to train with the WWE developmental system OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling).

What was your first night in WWE like? What was it like working for WWE?

It was crazy. We got a call only a few days before and were told we were going to make our WWE television debut??..Live on RAW??..at Madison Square Garden. What an experience, it was awesome. As far as working for the company, it was a dream come true.

Explain your Eastern Wrestling Alliance Tag Team title win with Antonio.?
What were your emotions?

It was real cool. It was the first title I ever won on the independent scene. I felt good about myself and our team that EWA would have the trust in us to be known as the top team in the promotion.

Your thoughts on working on WWE.com's Byte This program.? What were your
memories of that?

It is the last thing we did for the company and that?s how I?ll remember it.

Do you prefer being a face or a heel?


Word Association:

1) Vince McMahon: Powerful
2) Antonio Thomas: Been Through A Lot Together
3) WWE: Largest Wrestling Organization In The World
4) TNA: Growing
5) ECW: Glad To See It Back
6) William Regal: Experienced
7) Tajiri: Very Easy To Work With
Samoa Joe: Different In A Good Way
9) AJ Styles: Fun To Watch
10) Nick Dinsmore: Underrated
11) WWE's Creative Team: Have A Tough Job
12) Viscera: Awesome Guy
13) Triple H: As Good As He Says He Is
14) Ric Flair: Ageless
15) Christian Cage: Captain Charisma



Myspace: Not up yet but coming soon??..

Upcoming Events:

May 26 - Tope Rope Promotions - Fall River, MA
June 1 - NEW - Newburgh, NY
June 2 - NEW - Danbury, Connecticut
June 3 - Children's Benefit Show - Toms River, NJ
June 16 ? WFA ? Ludlow, MA
June 17 - CCW - Bridgeport, CT
June 18 - USA Pro - Seaford, NY
June 23 - Top Rope Promotions - Fall River, MA
June 24 - URW ? Somerset, MA
July 1 - Top Rope Promotions - New Bedford, MA?
July 8 - MWX - Wallingford, CT
July 14 - Big Time Wrestling - Lynn, Massachusetts
July 19 - Top Rope Promotions - Swansee, MA
July 22 - BWO - Providence, RI
July 29 - USA Pro - Bethpage, NY
August 5 - NWS - Norwich, CT
August 12 - BWO - Providence, RI
August 26 - NWA Upstate - Rochester, NY
September 9 - WFP (TNT) - Welch, VA
September 23 ? Powerhouse Wrestling ? Worcester, MA
October 13 - NEW - Danbury, CT
October 14 - WFP (TNT) - Portsmouth, VA
October 28 - WFP (TNT) - Waynesboro, VA
October 31 ? Halloween New York City Music Festival
November 4 - WFP (TNT) - Richmond, VA
November 10 - WFP (TNT) - Forth Worth, TX
November 11 - WFP (TNT) - Dallas, TX
December 2 - WFP (TNT) - Penn Laird, VA
December 9 - WFP (TNT) - Fredericksburg, VA

Any other comments for your fans:

Thanks to those that have supported me and whether anybody likes it or not, you have not seen the last of me, not by a long shot. I?m only 24 and my career is just getting started. This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, this is only the end, of the beginning.

Do you guys feel that Kurt Angle or the Big Show fit in at the new ECW? Let me know at tmoneydaman69@msn.com.

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T- Money?s Opinions
This week saw the debut of the ?new? Extreme Championship Wrestling. I had been looking forward to this, but was somewhat disappointed. It seemed like an hour of WWE hardcore. The show did not have an ECW feel to it. Everything seemed like it came from the mind of Mr. McMahon, not Paul Heyman. Heyman knows how to shock the audience and how to keep them involved in the show, and that was not how the show went. ?The Hardcore Icon? The Sandman seems like a joke through WWE?s eyes. He does not have the same effect without the ?Enter Sandman? theme, and hopefully WWE will push him in coming weeks. As far as ?The Zombie,? WWE needs to work on getting ?Gimmicks? out of ECW. This was only the first week of the new brand, and I hope I am wrong. Hopefully ECW will become the Hardcore, Blood Oozing, Weopon Swinging, Unpredictable riot that we all remember!

Jeff Jarrett, Sting, Christian Cage, Ron ?The Truth? Killings, and Abyss are the competitors in this Sunday?s TNA Slammiversary Pay Per View?s Main Event, The King of the Mountain match. Notice, the most over superstar in TNA is not involved in this match. The X- Division Champion Samoa Joe will take on the cocky, and confident ?Big Poppa Pump? this Sunday. This should show how ?bad? Samoa Joe really is. If he can overpower, and dominant Steiner, Joe should be in line to earn a shot at whoever will be the TNA Champion after Sunday. Samoa Joe has been undefeated for over a year, and has proved he is a very unique competitor. He weighs 290 pounds, with the power of Triple H and the speed of AJ Styles. He will prove this Sunday why he will soon be the TNA World Champion.

To contact Timothy ?T- Money? Miller:
E- Mail: tmoneydaman69@msn.com
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