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ROH's UK Tour (Liverpool) Saturday 12th August 2006

Posted in News by Jack at 21:36, Aug 15 2006

by Oliver Newman

My name is Oliver Newman, I am writing a report on the Ring of Honor (Saturday 12th August 2006 in Liverpool, England) show. Ring of Honor was formed in 2002 and now four years later the first trip to England has taken place. I shall be writing a report about ROH's Fanslam (12:30pm and 4:30pm) and ROH's main show (6:00pm and 10:00pm).

Ring of Honor Fanslam

We arrived at Liverpool Olympia, where the fanslam was taking place at 12:30pm. Cary Silkin was waiting outside greeting fans. After 5 minutes of chatting with fans in the queue, the fans chanted ROH! ROH! ROH! which was taped for the release of this show on dvd. We entered ROH fanslam and met a couple of fans by the name of Chud and Jamie who stated to be my non Wrestling friend 'This show will be awesome'.

After 5-10 minutes walking around checking out ROH merchandise (10 pounds for T-shirts and dvds). ROH gave the fans the opportunity to ask questions to:

- Gabe Sapolsky (ROH booker)
- Colt Cabana (ROH Wrestler)
- Claudio Castagnoli (CZW Wrestler)
- Jimmy Rave (ROH Wrestler with his manager Prince Nana)
- ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson and ROH Pure Champion Nigel McGuinness.

ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky was asked a series of questions about Ring of Honor.

What was your goal when forming Ring Of Honor?

Sapolsky responds: We wanted ROH to be an alternative form of Wrestling, more for die hard fans than casual fans and we were trying to fill the gap in the Wrestling world that ECW and WCW left when they folded (in 2001).

Why choose England to host these ROH shows?

Sapolsky responds: The fans made it possible for these shows, so we thank them for their support, without them none of this would be possible.

ROH Wrestler Colt Cabana and CZW Wrestler Claudio Castagnoli were then asked a series of questions

To Colt Cabana: Was there a time when you ever felt like quitting the Wrestling business?

Cabana responds: Like everything in life it takes great dedication to be a success in the Wrestling industry. Of course there have been times when I haven't been able to pay the rent and had to sleep in cars which were difficult but it has been my dream to be pro Wrestler since I was three years old. I am grateful that instead of being in an office (9 to 5) and hating my life, I am doing something I love which is also my dream job.

To Claudio Castagnoli: How much did your pink suit cost? (Claudio was wearing a pink suit)

Castagnoli ignored the question so Cabana responded for him two pounds a fan then shouted out from Oxfam, another fan shouted out I will give you one pound fifty pence now and the rest later.

To Colt Cabana: How does the European style of Wrestling differ from the American style?

Cabana responds: The European style of Wrestling is based more on technique. With some European style matches based on rounds (much like Boxing matches), the pace is more methodical and test of a person's endurance (to last how many rounds the match goes on for). The American style of Wrestling is faster paced, hard hitting, and could end in the blink of an eye.

To Claudio Castagnoli: How does the style differ between Ring of Honor and Combat Zone Wrestling?

Castagnoli responds: I don't care I will wrestle anybody, anywhere in any environment because I have knowledge of all techniques involved in pro Wrestling.

Unfortunately we weren't present during Jimmy Rave and Prince Nana's question and answer session.

ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson and ROH Pure Champion Nigel McGuiness when the last people to be asked a series of questions

To Bryan Danielson:Who is the better Wrestler Paul London or James Gibson?

Danielson responds: Paul London beat me, James Gibson didn't.

To Nigel McGuinness: I am having my first match September 3rd and I was wondering if you could give me any advice?

McGuinness responds: Enjoy it, realise it is only your first match and try and gain as much experience from that point on as possible.

Bobby Cruise who was conducting the question and answer session then stated the rules for tonight's match:

- The match will take place under ROH Pure Title rules, meaning you have three rope breaks during the match.
- The titles can change hands on Disqualification (DQ), Count out, Pinfall and Submission.
- The match will have no time limit
- In the event of a double DQ, or double count out the match will be restarted as their will be a Winner and a new unified ROH World Champion

End of fanslam.

We left fanslam and while outside waiting for the show to start we met Steven Gauntley (Owner of 1PW), he was there watching Ring of Honor's debut show in England.

Ring Of Honor show

Colt Cabana v Jonny Storm v Spud v Matt Sydal (4 Corner Survival)

4 corner survival rules:

- Two Wrestlers start the match
- Tags can be made at any point
- Once a Wrestler leaves the ring another one can enter without being tagged.
- The match ends in a pinfall or submission

A good match to kick off ROH's debut show in England, on their first UK Tour. This match had elements of comedy in it as Colt Cabana was trying to and successfully entertained the crowd. Making him a clear fan favourite as chants of 'Colt Cabana' sounded through the arena. After around 10 minutes of non stop action, the match ended when with Spud down on the mat, Sydal ascended the turnbuckle and hit with his signature move the Sydal star press for the 1,2,3.

Winner: Matt Sydal

Chris Hero in the UK!!

Chris Hero entered through the fans and picked up the microphone 'ROH's debut show in the UK and you idiots didn't think I would be here, I am here to ruin this show. Cabana after hearing this headed back to the ring and a fight ensured between him and Hero, Cabana got the better of Hero and Hero left as he came through the fans.

Grudge Match
Davey Richards v Jimmy Rave


Davey Richards pinned Jimmy Rave on his ROH debut (3rd June 2006 at ROH Destiny). In the rematch Richards made Rave tap out making it Richards 2-0 Rave this is the third match and it is taking place in Liverpool, England on ROH's debut show.

The match:

After around 20 minutes of world class action where Richards lived up to hype that surrounded his previous ROH match v Kenta. In a very good match, which was match of the night thus far (two matches in). Richards hit a sick spike driver for the 1,2,3. Davey Richards had gained his third victory over Jimmy Rave. This was the match where the fans chanted 'Past your bedtime' at some kids in the audience.

Winner: Davey Richards

Grudge Match
BJ Whitmer v Claudio Castagnoli


This match was born out of CZW v ROH feud. Claudio after being a fan favourite in ROH turned his back on the company to join forces with his mentor Chris Hero and Combat Zone Wrestling. Whitmer was an innocent bystander until he was attacked by CZW Wrestlers. Even though ROH ended up winning the feud, Whitmer wants to beat Castagnoli once and for all.

The match:

The match lasted about 10 minutes. This match started out with some nice technical wrestling but once they left the ring it turned into an all out brawl, with fighting in the crowd and around the ringside area. The match did return to the ring and was ended abruptly as Whitmer caught Castagnoli in a quick pin for the 1,2,3.

Winner: BJ Whitmer

Chris Hero returns to join with Castagnoli for the beat down of Whitmer until Cabana returns to even the odds and challenges Hero to a match.

Chris Hero v Colt Cabana

The match lasted around about 10 minutes. This match also started with some good technical Wrestling, with Chris Hero hitting some of his favourite moves including the crevate neckbreaker of the top rope. Much like the previous ROH v CZW match, this match turned into a fight. The ending of the match came when Cabana reversed a crevate into the Colt 45 for the 1,2,3.

Winner: Colt Cabana

ROH World Tag Title No1 Contendership
Doug Williams & Jody Flesich v Team Noah (Suwa and Go Shiozaki)

The match lasted around 20 minutes. After a good match, featuring some good old school tag team Wrestling and back and forth action. The match ended when Williams reversed Shiozaki's attempt at a roll up and hit his signature move the chaos theory for the 1,2,3.

Winners and New No1 Contenders for ROH World Tag Team Titles: Doug Williams and Jody Fleisch

Post Match:

Suwa attacks Shiozaki with his Kendo stick until Williams and Fleisch intervene and the fans show appreciation to the three men.

Intermission: All three title matches still to come and ROH returns to the UK (2nd and 3rd March 2006) 2nd in Broxbourne and 3rd in Liverpool.

FWA Title
Chad Collyer v Robbie Brookside

The match went around 10 minutes. Although a slow starter, a match the fans found difficult to get into due to its slow methodical pace the action began to pick up as there were a series of reversals and some good technical Wrestling. The end of the match happened when Brookside hit a crossarm bomb while Collyer was sitting on the top rope and followed it up with a roll through pin for the 1,2,3.

Winner and Still FWA Champion: Robbie Brookside

ROH World Tag Titles
The Briscoes v Austin Aries & Roderick Strong


Austin Aries and Roderick Strong have been the men to beat in the ROH tag division since December 2005 (when they beat Sal Rinauro and Tony Mamaluke for the ROH World Tag Team Titles), they have fought of all challenges including defeating the Briscoes on two separate occasions at ROH Ring of Homicide and ROH Destiny in June 2006. As stated at rohwrestling.com forums this is The Briscoes last shot at the ROH World Tag Team Titles during Aries and Strong's title reign. There have been no ROH title changes since 2005 will this be first one?

The match:

This is the single greatest tag match I have ever seen (I have been a fan of pro Wrestling for 15 years) and although this phrase is overused a match of year candidate for sure. It was superb there were some incredible nearfalls on at least four possibly five occasions. After 30 plus minutes of incredible action that has to be seen to be believed. The ending came when Roderick Strong hit Mark Briscoe with a half nelson backbreaker and Austin Aries hit his signature move the 450 splash for the 1,2,3.

Winners and Still ROH World Tag Team Champions: Austin Aries and Roderick Strong.

ROH World Title merging with ROH Pure Title
Bryan Danielson v Nigel McGuinness


Bryan Danielson is arguably the best Wrestler in the World, having defeated James Gibson at Glory by Honor 4 for ROH World Title (17th September 2005). Danielson has taken on and beat all comers except Nigel McGuinness who beat him by Count out on April 29th 2006 (at ROH Night of Champions night 2). Danielson has since cancelled out that victory with a win on July 29th 2006. McGuinness has held the Pure Title since beating Samoa Joe at ROH Dragon gate invasion (27th August 2005). Making McGuinness the longest reigning champion since 2005. McGuinness has beat all comers that have been placed in front of him including Bryan Danielson

So this is the rubber match and one of the most important matches in ROH history as
there have been no Title changes in ROH since 2005 but there will be one in this match as the Titles (World and Pure) are being merged together tonight.

The match:

This was a great match and encapsulated everything that is great about Ring of Honor. Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuinness put on a clinic of technical Wrestling expertise before it turned into a fight, after the rope breaks were used by both men the action spilled to the floor where Danielson promptly ran McGuinness's head into the ring post four times busting McGuinness wide open, after returning to the ring McGuinness put up a valiant effort which seemed to anger Danielson who came forth with a barrage of elbows and the referee had no choice but to stop the match and award the newly merged ROH World Title to Bryan Danielson.

Winner and New Unified ROH World Champion: Bryan Danielson

Post Match:

Bryan Danielson picks up the microphone'Nigel you act tough in front of all these idiots but, that was the toughest match of my reign as ROH World Champion, how about we do this one more time in St. Paul Minnesota on August 25th' McGuinness responds 'If you want it (points to the fans) you have got it' The two men shake hands and leave the ring.

End of show.

Overall Thoughts:

This was a superb show, featuring one very good match Davey Richards v Jimmy Rave, a possible Match of the year candidate Austin Aries and Roderick Strong v The Briscoes and a great ROH World v Pure Title unification match Bryan Danielson v Nigel McGuinness. ROH delivered what they promised a great night of pro Wrestling, and I for one will be there when ROH returns to Liverpool in March 2007.

Thanks for reading,


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