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PWX Debut Review

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 07:07, Sep 16 2006

By Timothy Miller

Timothy Miller

Wrestling Returns to the EC.... New Alhambra Arena in South Philadelphia!

Blood, sweat, and tears. These three words summarize the results of past wrestling events that have taken place at the ?bingo hall? in South Philadelphia. June 24th was the day that the New Alhambra Arena lost the respect of true wrestling fans due to a mediocre show that did not live up to the reputation of the company. Ronnie Lang, head of Atlas Security, was also displeased by the event. In the best interest of the fans, Lang decided to debut a new organization that is dedicated to ?hardcore? wrestling fans. This was the origin of Pro Wrestling Xplosion which debuted on Wednesday September 13. The show had a much talented roster, as well as special treat to the ringside fans. Rows 1-3 were allowed in a half an hour early for a special meet and greet session with the wrestlers on the card. Fans could get pictures and autographs with the likes of Abyss and ?The Fallen Angel? Christopher Daniels that would lead into the inaugural show by PWX.

A debut show comes with a fair share of bumps in the road, that the company will learn from. The ring was a tad bit shabby, but the roster of talent and quality of the show might have made up for that little problem. Brother Ray could even be heard saying how pitiful the ring was, but competitors such as him made the show that much more entertaining. The next show should bring a better ring, due to the impact the talent brought to the promotion.

The show kicked off in a big way with two TNA X- Division standouts. ?The Fallen Angel? Christopher Daniels came out to take on young Jay Lethal. This match was very impressive from both ends. The ropes were flimsy but both competitors made the best of what they had available to them. Lethal even did a plancha from the apron into the ring by holding onto two of the ropes for leverage. Lethal also has very impressive feet, and kept up with the veteran favorite Christopher Daniels. Daniels picked up the victory in this very intense and crowd pleasing opening bout.

That match was followed by a show stealing six man tag match between three young studs in the wrestling business. Three of which should be signed to either TNA or WWE by now. TNA?s ?Original Playa from the Himilaya? Sonjay Dutt teamed up with CA Elliott and the very over Ruckus to take on new comer Altar Boy Luke and the fan favorite tag team of Jose and Joel Maximo, The SAT?s. The SAT?s were very impressive, and at a time when tag team divisions are in the toilet, they could fit right in either of the big companies. Ruckus is one of the most athletic, high flying competitors in the business. He would fit right in in TNA?s X- Division. Many risks were taken during this match, that were very crowd pleasing to the fans. CA Elliott and Alter Boy Luke should make more appearances in the PWX ring. The more experience they get, the more impressive they will be.

It was mystery match time next. Former TNA superstar Delirious ran around the ring, and went absolutely insane. His opponent was ROH standout Claudio Castagnoli. The fans fell in love with the crazy, absurd behavior of Delirious while many were bored with Claudio Castagnoli. Castagnoli is a very good technical wrestler who the fans will have to adjust to. He can have very good matches, and could carry a storyline for the company. The fans of Philadelphia need to know a little background on wrestlers, and Castagnoli got a bad rap getting thrown in there against Delirious. Both of these could become impact players if this company takes off.

A Chikara Six Man Tag Team Match was scheduled next. This match would have lucha libre rules, as it is a match based on the customs of Mexican wrestling. It was very entertaining and comical at times. Mike Quackenbash was very impressive as he led his teammates of Equinox and Shane Storm over Akuma, Ice Cream Jr., and Hydra. Hydra thought he had the build of a seven foot giant, while he had the body type of Screech from Saved by the Bell. Ice Cream Jr. was also entertaining. He had an ice cream cone sticking out the top of his mask, and just like Abyss gets his bag of tacks, Ice Cream gets his bag of sprinkles.

Abyss against Rhyno was scheduled next as these two monsters should bring the house down. BUT... out comes Team 3D... The Dudley Boyz. After a couple altercations with fans, and Brother Ray doing his catch phrases, Team 3D challenged ?The War Machine? and ?The Monster? to a tag team. A short lived match so the ending came when Abyss got gored by Rhyno into a table, who then turned around into 3D. Might have been the most over wrestlers in the building.

Davey Richards was unable to wrestle as scheduled due to an injury. Nicky Benz came out to bring a little bit of entertainment to the show. While trying to perform ?New York,? Benz was attacked by Arik Cannon who was the special opponent for the fan favorite Chris Hero. Hero has one of the most deadliest chops in the business. A great worker, who is very over with the fans, Hero got the win over Cannon. Hero is another wrestler on this card that is very underrated and should have a contract either in WWE or TNA.

The Hardcore Rules Match was scheduled match. It was scheduled to be Ian Rotten vs. Mana vs. New Jack, but that is not the match that the fans received. Due to an altercation with a fan in the arena, New Jack was arrested and unable to compete. So, the match was turned into a mixed tag match between Ian Rotten and ?Prime Time? Amy Lee against ?The Polynesian Warrior? Mana and Mickie Knuckles. This match features chairs, staple guns, and a lot of blood. Not just from the men. Mickie Knuckles was bleeding as well, especially after a big dropkick to the face from Ian Rotten. Ian Rotten and Amy Lee picked up the win in a bloodbath.

?The Phenomenal? AJ Styles then came out to a huge ovation to take on one half of the NWA Tag Team Champion?s ?Homicide.? These guys put on a good match, but nothing to the caliber of what these two can really put on. Homicide spent most of his time bickering with fans on the outside of the ring. The ending came from a modified sunset flip giving AJ Styles the victory.

Then, the Main Event of the evening. Eight years in the making came to this. ?The King of Old School? Steve Corino (along with Jack Victory) was set to take on Teddy Hart (along with Ruckus.) The match started as Corino slapped Hart square in the face, bloodying the young member of the Hart family. As his mouth filled with blood, Hart spewed blood all over Corino?s face. The match went very well, and exceeded expectations. Hart was very impressive, and is another one added to the list. He used to compete in TNA but could be a huge money maker in either company. The match ended in controversy as the referee said Hart tapped, when he absolutely did not. Hart went absolutely nuts, challenging Corino to a fight in the parking lot and lots of screaming back in forth. Order was restored, and the show came to an end.

The kinks were worked out, and will be remembered as PWX prepares for their next show in the near future. The show was stacked, and if the talent returns, fans will be happy they came. Check www.pwxplosion.com for more news and information on up coming shows for the company.

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